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DJMax Respect V has once again swapped out their opening movie for a new one. It doesn't make much sense out of context, but it's still pretty to look at:

Merla doesn't really keep up with pop culture a whole lot these days.

Following up on what I just posted, En Sabah Nur appeared on some clickbait thumbnails on YouTube while Merla was watching random videos and I was all "Apocalypse, lol" and she was all "WHO?"  "Apocalypse. From X-Men.  You know who he is." "No, I don't. :mad:" She only remembered when she googled Apocalypse in XTAS but, yeah, X-Men's not on her mind these days.
I think X-Men '97 ended okay. I think my issues with the plot in the prior ep are still valid but the show handwaves it so hard that the viewer isn't stuck lingering on the non-sensical parts of it.  It redirects the viewer's attention and I liked that.  Basically the show saying "yeah, we can't explain so we won't try. We needed them all on the asteroid.  Look Sunspot and Rogue are friends with the others again.  Isn't that neat?"

I didn't care for the all of the cameos or for all of the Season 2 set-up. Like, I actually think it would've been fine if we never saw the displaced X-Men until the next season and the episode ended with Bishop telling Forge they were going through time to save the X-Men. I thought that was a strong end to the season.  But then they had to tease more.

Also the post-cred scene at the end with Gambit's card got cut off of the video I saw. I just thought that was funny. The scene's all over YouTube so whatever but I wouldn't have known to look for it if I hadn't read there was one.
Merla doesn't really keep up with pop culture a whole lot these days. She didn't know there was a new show and it's sort of my sisterly obligation to spoil something like Gambit dying so she doesn't waste her time. (Because she would see it that way.) Maybe when he actually comes back she'll care.
Tropical Paradise of Hard Shelled Fruits / Re: What Anime are you watching?
« Last post by jonhammstein on May 15, 2024, 12:43:29 PM »
The Fable and Loser Ranger are both on Disney+ in Canada and I'm surprised how much I've been enjoying them. Loser Ranger has an excellent intro/outro.

The pricing on these is wild. "I'd buy that for a dollar!" I remember my Grandpa checking out my comics and remarking that he only had to pay a nickel when he was a kid. Meanwhile, in 2024...

I didn't have a lot of stuff myself, but a friend of mine was a comic book collecting fiend. He had stacks upon stacks. I would go over there to read for free all the time. Think I saw most of Age of Apocalypse that way, but that would have been a little later, right? '95 or so.

Had Merla started out watching '97 and bounced as soon as Gambit ate it?
KonoSuba S3 is out this year. I saw the first couple episodes in an attempt to figure out why I intended to watch it again. Still working on figuring that shit out. Reincarnated Slime guy S3 is sort of in the same boat.

Elf Bride is nice just because they're both clueless but figuring it out while the rest of the world apparently is out to get them. We'll see where it goes.

I recently got into Mushoku Tensei and was surprised by it. Instead of being transported, the MC transmigrated after death and was reborn with his weird ass NEET memories. Despite the seedy undercurrent of lecherous old bastard in a 10 year old's body, it's been enjoyable. It helps that it looks better than a lot of other stuff out there.

The Level2 Cheat show is similar to other shows I liked, like Chilling in My 30s and Banished from the Hero's Party, but I'll be interested to see how it pans out when the guy basically has a pretty heavy harem a few eps in and isn't really challenged yet.

Dungeon Meshi remains entertaining, but it's taken a dark turn as of late.

I've only watched one episode of Mysterious Disappearances so far. It's mysterious all right, from the off-hand devolution of the MC in age to the fact she can stand up straight with those hooters of hers. But it looks like it might have somewhere it's aiming to go, so, again, we'll see.

I'm still picking up Loser Ranger, Windbreaker, Irregular at Magic School S3 and Misfit at Demon King School S3, but I haven't started watching them yet.
Wow! Did you actually get it when it came out? You only would have been 10 or 11, yeah?

I can just imagine Schmoo finding it tucked under your mattress and confronting you with it, "Why do you have this?!" :goddammit:

Nah, your mom's probably cooler than that. :laugh:

Either Merla bought it and gave it to me or I bought it as a back issue. In fact, looking at the years here, one of us had to have gotten it as a back issue. XTAS got both of us into the X-Men and that was 1992. We weren't buying before then. I got rid of most of my comics anyway so I don't have X-anything anymore.

And Merla actually collected Marvel comics first. It was never super extensive but she had a couple of boxes of stuff. She had the Scott/Jean wedding issue, she had issues of the Wolverine solo comic, and the 1993 Gambit mini. She also collected, like, X-caliber or something. One of those other x-teams. And the one with the gay Canadian? (Looked it up: Alpha Flight)

I loved Rogue so I liked to collect stuff with Rogue--like her solo run. But we never overlapped what we got so if she had it, I didn't get it and vice versa. I have no idea what she still owns if anything. I'm sure she got rid of most of them.

But as Merla's a true Gambit/Rogue shipper since 1992, she does still have that issue. It's actually hanging in her bedroom right now. It has been for years, possibly ever since she originally bought it.

And for the record, she has no interest in X-men 97 with a Rogue-less dead Gambit. You don't kill her man!
That second one reminds me so much of the Beast Wars Neo opening. Anime really loves to marry high-energy visuals with wistful/melancholy vocals. :laugh:

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