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I'm a smartass redhead - don't know why I never find a police box in my yard.  :mad:

I adore Lisbeth big time.  Read the movie.  Watch the book.  Whatever.  Pull up the poster for The Girl Who Played With Fire - holy fucking shit.... :streamoftears:

AIEEEEEEE!!!! A Megan Fox cameo!

Thank you all very much.  Let me just say:

I have the most wonderful husband in the world

I trust far too easily and will refrain from doing so from now on

I will never forget the lessons I've learned today

After 10 years I can say that you are all on this board better, more admirable individuals than you give yourselves credit for

Oxycodin is not the answer to all problems, but it does kill pain, and the worst pain is not always physical

Sunblock is amazing shit and I will post a picture this week to prove such  8)

Hi, Toe! :-*

For my birthday I want a cessation of the horrible blue funk that has overwhelmed me to the point of recluse status for the past few months.  I know it's a hell of my own making, but I'm ready for a mindwipe at this point.   :razz: And we now have six dogs.  :laugh:

In the bag or the mom?

Happy belated, Fiero!

Going through Doctor Who withdrawal, especially with two women to drool over this time. I find River Song beyond hot for some reason - not the actress playing her, the character.

The Breast Fairy can be a bitch, especially when she visits in the summer between school terms. :o

Can't believe his son is now a VA. Tempis Fugit!

We always cheer for the bulls during the Pamplona run.

Slow-cooked oatmeal with flax seeds.  None of that instant sugared confetti shit.  I'm bodybuilding again. Realized that with Eddie traveling so much I'd be quite in the poo if I had to transfer his mom from her chair to the car since she weighs over 200.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.  Devoured the books.  Fell in love with Lisbeth both in print and on screen, which is rare.  :love:

I bring up the rear with birthday wishes!  :happy:

That should make for some interesting misreadings.

Bet it could go up to eleven....

Damn, this cracked me up.  Too much Wooster & Jeeves.  Everything is funny.  This would be a good time to watch Leno.

Please tell me I'm not the only one who thought a chick was singing the first time hearing that song.  :-\

The World of Jeeves - P.G. Wodehouse

My brother's outside cat lives in the garage and hollers 'BAAAARN!" whenever he's taken to the vet.  I interpret that as a clear cry to be put back.  And don't forget the YouTube felines who say "Oh, long johnson" and "Hello!" amongst other things.

Better than socket sex?  Murry the Evil Skull used to swear by it.

We're finding all kinds of cheap Hammer and Vincent Price movies in bookstores - got the Witchfinder General (AKA The Conqueror Worm) the other day for $4.99.

As long s the leg lifting isn't followed by peeing in the bed it's all good.  As least talking, moving, etc. wards off my nemises - sleep paralysis.   :'(

Be on the lookout for Connie88, latest member with no info in the profile, and use these powers only for good.  With great powet comes great responsibility....

On one hand, I like to see how well an anime stays with the spirit of a good manga - on the other, the anime can either go off-track and totally screw the pooch for getting back to a manga-based storyline (looking atchoo, Claymore!) or get into the Department of Redundancy Department feel for hardcore fans by going line-for-line.

The 2012 movie featured massive uncontrollable floods.  All the small houses on our streets are being replaced by giant houses that take up most of the lot, hence more concrete and less water absorption during the next monsoon.  Houston is also woefully behind in updating flood control vs. development. Don't get me wrong; it's a great place to live if one has a 3-story pier & beam house on a hill.  :mad:

What I got was the thought of Derrick with one arm inspired the touching.

Art thou referring to the 4Chan board?

We see enough of that in the hood what with ancient flood control standards and new McMansions taking up a giant permeable landprint.  :goddammit:

Spanish "R" is much kinder than Gaelic "R", which is somewhere between a hiss and a purr.  If cats ever master human speech, they'll be speaking Gaelic.

Tropical Paradise of Hard Shelled Fruits / Re: Missing the point.
« on: Apr 06, 2010, 01:33:59 PM »
i.e. shooting up a mall and letting my attorney get me a sweet deal by claiming childhood trauma from being made to eat Space Food Sticks.  ;D

WTF with all these spam monkeys??  :finger:

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