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I can't read/hear the word Swiss and not think of this ad:

I can't remember when it used to air, but it was constant. It's just burnt into my psyche.

Yeah, Hell's Paradise is kind of a bummer. And the animation itself isn't bad, but I wouldn't call it good either. More like good enough. The original manga artwork was pretty nice, so it's hard not to notice.

Guardians 3 was pretty good. I felt real human emotion stir within my cold, dead heart at several points throughout the movie. If nothing else, it serves as a great sendoff for the MCU.

Because I don't know that any of the stuff on the horizon is going to be worth a whole hell of a lot.

First couple episodes of Unicorn: Warriors Eternal were pretty solid.

Disney+ did another batch of St*r WarzzZZ: Visions shorts, with a more international flavor this time around as there is only one Japan-produced segment. I think I voiced my distaste for the first batch earlier in this thread, so my expectations were substantially tempered going into these new entries.

I will say, there's definitely a lot more variety here, as there should be considering it's different stuff from around the world, and overall the visual quality was top notch with a few exceptions towards the end. The storytelling, on the other hand, was mostly what I'd call subpar.

1. About a former Sith who decided to give up on being bad and instead live as a bohemian? This one was CG going for an oil painted kind of look, pretty nice honestly. Good action, easy to follow. The resolution seemed to imply she would be some kind of "neutral" Force user... who knew that was an option? This one was okay, I won't knock it too hard.

2. Child laborers in a mining camp. Of course it manages to end up being about lightsabers and the conflict was absolute nonsense. Although I do really enjoy the animation in this one, and it's probably one of the better ones here.

3. Stop motion is weird now, because I'll admit that CG fakery has gotten to the point where I can't tell the difference. Which is this? I don't know. But it looks really nice either way. Indigenous Force-sensitive (But of course!) sisters fight back against Imperials plundering their homeland. Completely unnecessary backstory about how their mother died rendered in a 2D cave paint art style. This one was kind of bland.

4. This is the Aardman one. Looks amazing, their stuff always does. Absolute dogshit sitcom plot about a family racing competition. Painfully unfunny.

5. This one was really convoluted, and I really don't feel like going over all the specifics. Basically a "seer" decides that if she destroys the means by which they predict "bad" (As in dark side-influenced) events, they can help win the war against the Empire. Uh...? Just too stupid. Again, though, beautifully animated. More lightsaber action. Gotta have it, right?

6. Another one where the setup jumps through ridiculous hoops to establish a conflict. There's this super-lavish cabaret-type tower where Cirque du Soleil-like performances take place, but for some reason this is where the rank and file Stormtroopers go to chill out? They all have the hots for this one dancer chick who uses this to her advantage to gather intel on the Empire because -- SURPRISE -- she's a Rebel! Subplot about how her child was stolen from her when she was young, and you guessed it this fact ends up being very important! Nice to look at with an unfortunately goofy narrative.

7. They just straight-up injected Indian culture into St*r WarzzZZ for this one. Everybody just dresses and behaves like they're Indian people from India on Earth. I actually kind of like this one story-wise. Likeable protags and a cool design for the villain. Downside here is that the CG animation is a little wonky, particularly during the disjointed lightsaber duel. That's right, another one for the pile!

8. Miners again. What are they mining? Kyber crystals, naturally! Basically they dig a hole so deep they can't get back out and their Imperial overlords just leave them down there to die. They sing a song (or maybe it's just a chant?) that draws the attention of the nearby city folk, who magnanimously rescue the miners. This was an odd one, and probably the ugliest of the bunch. It had that kind of faux-anime look you'd find in shows like the Boondocks, which is weird because I think this was the one entry submitted by Japan.

9. Miners... again? Kyber crystals... again! Other than that though, I think this one's probably my favorite? It's done in the aforementioned is it?/isn't it? stop-motion style and it looks really good. The plot is pretty basic, so there's no point in going into any great detail. Cute characters, super-colorful, I wish more of them could have been like this one.

All in all, a better outing this time. None of them made me cringe or otherwise scoff in disgust like the first batch. I think if they decide to do another set they should probably coordinate better so as to avoid so much overlap in plot devices. Then again, it is St*r WarzzZZ... the source material is what it is.

I dropped Bad Girls and Magical Destroyers. They're just too fucking ugly to look at. :puke:

Skip 2 My Loaf gives me super Dress-Up Darling vibes, subtracting the thirst aspect, of course. Just the whole thing of characters overcoming their prejudices and learning to accept one another and all that... so good. So, so good.

It's a toss-up between that and Heavenly Delusion for my favorite of the Spring so far. I've been going back and forth on using romanized and localized titles for shows, I should probably just pick one.

Heavenly Delusion is one of those shows that just fires on all cylinders for me. Beautiful animation, likeable characters, solid action, mystery (I refuse to look up manga spoilers). Although, I'll probably end up going for the manga once the first batch of the anime concludes...

It's been kind of limp so far. And the fact that it goes on break after episode 13 doesn't help. I keep saying it gets better later, but maybe it actually won't have by the end of this block?

I was contemplating going to see Suzume, but apparently its screening was very limited in my area, so I missed out.

Bad Girls is a little odd, but I want to see where it goes. Magical Destroyers is just... shoddy-looking. I do appreciate its batshit OP and ED, though. Mashle also looks cheap, and they don't really seem to be doing anything interesting with it animation-wise. I'm current with the manga, so do I really need to re-experience the story if they're just going to phone it in? Probably not.

Only watched the first episodes of Tengoku Daimakyou and Skip to Loafer, but they've grabbed me so far. Really, really like the art in Skip.

Jigokuraku is solid, but having read all of it, it's kind of tough to get excited about the earlier portions. It gets so much better later on.

How about this one?

I didn't mind the first episode, but the premise is a little questionable to say the least.


There's a post-credits scene in that one, too! But would you have even known that then?

Not that it's anything noteworthy.

I rewatched Mario '93 tonight, because I've seen some people saying that the new one retroactively makes the old one a masterpiece by comparison, but it's still awful, just in different ways.

It's so inexplicably bizarre.

Donkey Kong and everything Donkey Kong-related shouldn't have even been in the movie. You're right that Luigi was barely in it, they shouldn't have been separated at the beginning, and the story should have focused on... you guessed it: The Super Mario BROTHERS.

It made a killing this weekend too, sadly reinforcing the notion that it's actually worth a fuck. No justice.

Preconceptions about D&D? Definitely. I mean, I fully expected it to suck. Also, I'd be interested to know what actual tabletop gamers think about it. Maybe they've got a bug up their collective ass over it? You know how some fandoms react when their "precious" is appropriated for mainstream use, and it's all, "We were here first!" and the like. Although it kind of feels like D&D has been "cool" for a minute or two already, so... I don't know.

Mario movie is loaded with "tried-and-true" pop songs. It's nauseating.

The weird thing is that's directed by the Teen Titans Go! guys... but it's just the most paint-by-numbers, inoffensive fluff imaginable. I really wonder if Nintendo put the brakes on anything that could have been considered too "out there". Purely speculation on my part, but the film plays it so straight and safe, it's baffling considering the dudes at the helm.

The Mario movie was fucking whatever. I don't even know what to say. Calling it a "movie" seems far more generous than it even deserves.

The D&D movie, on the other hand, was fucking amazing! Like, holy shit. When I saw its RT score, I was like are these critics for real? As it turns out, yes. Yes, they are. I know, it beggars belief.

And it's yet another new movie that seems to have failed to find an audience, and can probably be considered a box office bomb. Which is a tragedy, but trust that it is in fact a really damn good flick.

A lot of people have accused it of aping the Marvel cinematic style, and yeah, it's totally doing that. Thing is, in my estimation, it's easily the best "Marvel" movie since... Endgame? It takes the formula and makes it feel fresh again.

Okay, enough gushing.

So good, though.

I'm fucking shocked. It's better than the first one. It's WAAAAAAAAAAAAY better than Black Adam.

Bummer that it flopped so hard. Definitely deserved more attention than that third Ant-Man movie bleugh...

I wonder if the Blue Beetle film will suffer the same fate?

I think I replayed that section half a dozen times before I finally understood what they were trying to tell me. It wasn't an "Ah-ha!" moment for me, either. More of an "Oh, fuck off!" moment.

Oh yeah, that part really got on my nerves, so I just turned the volume all the way down...

I played a VN called Paranormasight that was pretty fucking good. Kind of a non-standard VN, there's a lot of dynamic camera stuff and light puzzle-solving, maybe a little closer to a point-and-click adventure game than most.

Loved the character designs across the board. Just beautiful, and all the various facial animations were especially great.

No voice work to speak of, but I actually didn't mind.

Oh it's that time again! Spring anime piiiiiiiiiiiicks:

I gotta say, I do appreciate when they stick "isekai" right there in the title so that I can immediately toss it on the junk pile.

There are actually A LOT of shows debuting this time around, so I'll probably end up checking out twice as many as I've added here, but these are the ones that really stood out to me.

He did a fair amount of voice stuff, too. The dude had a very singular set of pipes.

Lance Reddick is dead.

Rest in peace, you fucking legend.

Man, I can't find it now, but there was a pull quote from one critic along the lines of, "Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania is an awful film, but awful in a way that Marvel movies rarely are."

And I was like, "DAAAAAAAAAAAAMN!!!" :laugh:

Bill Murray was in it, but I couldn't tell you why. He's a fucking nothing character who has about 5 minutes of screen time, and then is implied to have died? I think? Just worthless.

I think Guardians 3 still has the potential to be good, owing entirely to James Gunn's involvement, IMHO.

But after that? Really starting to feel like the MCU is running on fumes.

And I seem to remember reading not long ago that dude what runs Disney was talking about cutting back on Marvel spending, so...

Quantumania is kind of fucking bad, y'all. Like, I don't even know what the idea was behind this one. Oof. Big fucking oof.

Even worse than Love & Thunder, I think. That one at least had some highs to contrast its many lows.  This new Ant-Man is all lows, all the time.

I'm honestly wondering if its box office will end up being less than Black Adam's, which would be a special kind of dire.

Yeah, I feel like more than a few Gundam shows have been like that over the years. Zero explanation for the status quo, you're just meant to accept that that's the way things are and go with it.

Right? Like the armorer was all out of breastplates that day. ::)


But seriously, I had heard a little bit about this, didn't really think much of it. Figured he'd get a slap on the wrist for a being an awkward weirdo with a woman he had been seeing, but supposedly there's a lot more to it than that.


Apparently he goes on the prowl for teenage girls on social media and shit? Big yikes.

I don't understand why they promoted the game exclusively with the male MC when the female is so much more appealing.

Or is character gender not a player choice and they actually co-exist within the story?

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