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Finished ep 1 of 7th Time Loop, which I've read the manga on. Pretty good so far but I still hate her hair. A lot of the hair, actually. But that's a nitpick at worst.


So I never did actually watch ROP but I'm watching the next best thing: criticism that well exceeds the length of the show itself as it tears the show apart bit by bit. And my God. I'm glad I never gave this show a chance. At least the costuming looks better than my initial impression. I'll eat my hat on that one. But Galadriel is fucking garbage. How dare they call this thing Galadriel. Fuck right off. And almost every character in this behaves so inconsistently beyond the point of sense. Why is Halbrand the best character here? Why does the ugly orc guy elicit more emotion from the viewer than, like, Nori or the elf-guy's girlfriend? MEH.

You guys sent me down the Wikipedia rabbit hole for this one and goddamn.

I haven't started much of the current season. Shangrila Frontier and Apothecary Diaries are both continuing from the Fall season. Both of them had banger openings and changed to inferior openings, which chars my grits.

Something in Shangrila Frontier's animation is different with the latest episode. The eyes are all "super cute" for some reason and it's weirding me out. Opening song went from S-tier to B-tier. My thoughts for this show (from Fall) are that it's solid but the pacing feels super slow sometimes. Spending several minutes hearing the rabbit sing wasn't a fun time. Sometimes I get the distinct feeling scenes are being dragged out. This show will come out good for people who skip out on it and then go binge it; but watching it week to week sometimes feels unsatisfying.

Apothecary Diaries quickly improved its own pacing problems about five episodes in. The opening song for this cour went from A-tier to C-tier (and, honestly, E-tier on several of the OP's visuals) and once the music changed, I didn't bother with the closing song at all. The content that matters is still pretty great.

For new stuff, I watched:

A Sign of Affection. Lovestory between guy and deaf girl. My only issue is that nearly every male character in this thing looks fruity as hell. It's super distracting. :lol: The story seems okay so far and the two leads seem really strong in terms of having likeable personalities that may keep me invested. Don't know how much I'll stick with this.

Solo Leveling. This thing is so hyped for whatever reason and this first episode was so stunted. It's not terrible, mind you. But this show is soooo desperate to show you its cool world and cool characters and cool unique world-building and cool female lead and it's, just, STOP. STOP IT.  Stop exposition dumping and showing me people who don't fucking matter right now and let the viewer learn about these things organically. The "weak" e-rank male lead meeting up with the group, going into the dungeon, and encountering death is a strong enough hook. I wanted more of that. I wanted a whole episode of this guy going into the dungeon and the result. This part was of the episode was fantastic and immersive and it was so annoying that the show blue-balled me (for lack of better wording, lol) super-hard: see these giant ants? see this important guy in the suit? see these cool s-rank adventurers? see this hot popular chick in the hat stopping a purse-snatching? WHO GIVES A FUCK ABOUT A PURSE SNATCHING WHEN THIS GUY AND HIS FRIENDS ARE GONNA DIE IN THIS DUNGEON? And it's not like this is a special 40-min+ episode. This ended too abruptly, which imo isn't okay for a first episode because it didn't successfully set up its premise. You have this type of cliffhanger later, not now. SAO is garbage but that one set up a fantastic first episode. This show is about this dude "solo-leveling" so show us how its gonna be about that. I have no source material familiarity. As a newb to this world, what the fuck is this all about? In this aspect, this utterly failed as a first episode selling the viewer on a concept. I'm confident this show will be carried by pure fan-wank and it does have good visuals and voice-acting. It also does succeed in making me tune in next week. But I'm still annoyed.  :P

Tales of Wedding Rings went about how I expected it to with the exception that I thought the two leads would have a more solid relationship. I thought they were already romantically involved but it's more "two kids who clearly love each other just friendzoning each other." Which was disappointing since them having a cute relationship was the one aspect I was expecting to like. (And they still have a nice relationship but, no, I don't believe they'd still be "just fwends" this entire time.) The show overall is not super offensive or terrible but something about the world these characters live in (Japan and wherever) feel super non-lived in and bland to me. I can't put my finger on why. Also, girl, put your tits away. At least while you're still in Japan. Her boobs hanging out was killing my immersion.

The first five trailers on joe's list are on mine as well. #6 didn't interest me and #7 I've never heard of.

And, also, may chell out these....

I'll admit it: I'm only interested in this because of Rose.

I don't think this one actually looks good. But I'm curious about if it is or isn't.

This one, too. I suspect I'll like the first episode and dump it as he has to find and "marry" other princesses.


Read the available manga of this one and looking forward to it.

What is this? A special or something? I liked the other Burn the Witch thing I saw enough to watch this. Even though I loathe the blond dude.

Crunchy's supposed to have this one, too, but I can only find the Spanish trailers. I've read the Lady Elise manwha and would like to watch it despite the cringe ending. The other show I know nothing about.

Not sure what platform this one's going to.

Fate Samurai/Remnant has a remarkable lack of pig-throwing.

I tried Reborn to Master the Blade: From Hero-King to Extraordinary Squire. This show went from an A-tier episode one to D-tier by episode 5/6. I lost track because I got bored and left the show running. The first few episodes are relatively solid. This show dies once it gets to Hogwarts. Sorry, "the Knights Academy" or where the fuck ever.

Appearance-wise, I don't care for girl's designs. Their fanservice idol-esque outfits are kinda ugly and their faces are weird with their flushed, shiny cheeks and their beak-mouths. It's a complaint, mind you, but not enough to make me drop the show at first.

The idea of a king being reincarnated to master the sword and being reborn as a cute girl is a good premise. And I liked the idea that he kept his divine blessing and works with it in a world where it's not really a thing. I think my biggest problem with the show overall is the betrayal of the premise. This guy died wanting to be reincarnated to master the sword. The fuck that's gotta do with being a squire and enrolling in school?

This show wants it both ways: it wants a Goku-type fighter who only cares about getting stronger and is single-minded to that purpose. And it also wants a cute OP bad-ass girl-fighter being pretty and/or bad-ass at everything and everyone swoons. The first is workable and the second is fucking cringe.

The idea that she can see people suffering and shrug and go "not my problem, bro.  Just here to train, bro."  Okay, fine. I get it. You're single-minded in becoming strong. But then the show decides she utterly devoted to protecting her dumb friend. And so the reincarnated king reborn to study the blade fritters time away at fucking not-Hogwarts stuffing her face full of food, playing dress-up, going to parties, hangin' with the gals, and bouncing her titties while everyone gushes over her. "Imma gonna spirit-gun so I don't mess up my dress, tee hee." FUCK YOU.

She can't locate her former kingdom in any books and doesn't care all that much. She sees a floating land in the sky and it never occurs to her that's probably her country. A guy got fried to a crisp and another guy wants to do something about it and she's all "here to fight, bro. 'xcuse me, on my way to Hogwarts." YUCK.

It's only good for people who want to see some stupid (covered) titties and fool themselves into thinking they're watching something with a story.

Tropical Paradise of Hard Shelled Fruits / Re: Happy Thanksgibbon!
« on: Nov 25, 2023, 11:43:32 PM »
Me, too, David Bowie.  Me, too.

Tropical Paradise of Hard Shelled Fruits / Happy Thanksgibbon!
« on: Nov 23, 2023, 11:49:57 AM »
My YouTube casting feature's been acting up on and off for about a month. I suspect due to updates or some shit because I'm noticing interface and casting visual changes. But whatever they're doing got paused for Thanksgiving. I suspect so they don't fuck over people watching movies and football. So Happy Thanksgiving. Gobble gobble.  :rawr:

Is there a story-reason why her outfit looks so fuckin' dirty? (I don't like Monica Rambeau's outfit either but at least it looks like she takes some 409 and a scrubbing brush to it.)

I played Slay the Princess. Kind of a choose your own adventure type thing. Seems like there's a load of different outcomes, but I feel like if I were to go back through it again, I'd just be trying to force alternate events by playing against character. Maybe I'll revisit it somewhere down the line.

I thought that game had been out a while but it occurs to me that it was probably a demo.

Has the manga ended? I googled and it doesn't appear that way. It looks like there was something written like an ending but it was just a hiatus.

Started Tonikawa and ten eps in I'm really enjoying it. I wasn't expecting to from the character designs or the concept but it's cute and wholesome.

Watched some of Saving 80,000 Gold in Another World for My Retirement since the author of the story is also apparently the same one behind that potion anime I'm watching. I'm not sure what the point of this is. It's not really funny, it's not a slice of life, it doesn't have an overall plot, it doesn't have much in the way of any action or adventure, and it's also not visually or musically appealing. She supposedly has a goal in mind to save up all of this gold to retire and it doesn't make sense to me. Trying to figure out why, it occurs to me from reading other impressions on this show:

-Her powers are OP. She can teleport between worlds (anywhere she's seen), she heals from anything, and she can read/speak all languages.
-She's young. She's lost her family but it's not like they left her destitute. She has a house and money to the point that she can save fat stacks in her safe at home.
-She's not approaching the movement of Earth-goods to fantasy-land in a smart way. Which should get her burned at the stake, to be frank. For example, trying to sell an entire necklace of pearls beyond the quality the fantasy-land can possibly produce. Or bottles of soap.

Per the first two points above, it doesn't make sense that she'd be driven to retire. Yes, that money won't last forever and she could get stuck in the other world, so use those skills. The most obvious one being becoming a translator or some sort. The second most obvious is using her powers to acquire skills. Doesn't need a plane, a bus, or a car. She can look at a location and zap herself there. And she's so young that she faces few to any barriers. If this starred an 80-year old man or a 45-year old housewife or a burnt-out white collar worker in his 30's, those would be far more interesting approaches than a high school girl with her immediate needs taken care of and no responsibilities. It's not like she so much as has a pet to feed.

I realize her family's dead and that's sad. That she needs to deal with them being gone and that she recalls the advice of her dead brother (although her parents should get to chime in, too) is such a bittersweet moment from this show that actually carries the weight of human emotion. But this is also the only emotion in this show.

She should've had other struggles to really show her desperation at needing to save gold. Like her living situation drastically changing or the family leaving her with debt. Or her going to the other world being 100% random that it happens at any moment so she needs to be prepared with food and shelter. Why did she get healing powers? That had nothing to do with anything. And why wasn't her built-in Duolingo just exclusive to the fantasy world? She has too many advantages and is too well off (financially) that the premise feels super weak.

I heard the LN's better so I'm gonna assume it is and that the anime glossed over a lot of pertinent info.

Pluto seems good. Acting, direction, setting, colors, animation... It's so well done from the first episode I saw. But it's hard to feel invested knowing what Pluto is and what the story turns out to be. Honestly, you only really need to Google what he looks like to be put off, assuming you've never seen him before. What... what the fuck is THAT? :lol:

This is probably another case of this being a "me" problem and everyone else will enjoy the shit outta this. But to me, the Blade Runner-esque investigation with Gesicht that this begins with is super fucking brilliant. Immersive. Interesting with the idea of a robot investigator who seems so human. But that's not really what the story is: it's not some singular detective story and I can't get on board with it. And while Atom is an excellent concept (scientist in his grief recreating dead son as a powerful robot), I find Atom himself incredibly weak as character for me. To see him at the end looking up into the sky and remembering the fallen... meh. Honestly, it was supposed to be a somber moment and I'm kinda cracking up at it because I'm thinking "look at all of the better characters that didn't get to survive this thing."

I decided to try I Shall Survive Using Potions and watched the first three episodes. I was put off by the art but read a couple of opinions on it that liked it so I gave it a go. Overall, it's actually decent. The humor can be a tad cringey but the art is really the worst thing about it. At first it looks like it'll be chibi or something but, nah, it's mainly just this one chick who's been given the proportions of a child. And the weird thing is sometimes other characters will also have the wonky proportions, such as her two closest friends back on Earth. And then all of these other characters appear and some of them are a bit cartoony like she is while others are, just, uh, normal? Almost like a character designer missed a memo and was designing for a different show. If you can ignore the art, it's pretty okay. Although the comments from LN fans indicate it's left out some stuff.

I like The Apothecary Diaries but the presentation is off. Not visually or music-wise, but with the way it's directed. The distribution of the stories among the episodes feels off and any sense of dramatic tension is sucked away from all the moments where they should be present.

Firstly, each episode ends with a lead into the story of the next episode. Miss me with that shit, that's so annoying. That's what the teaser for the next episode is for. We already have a teaser. It's so unnecessary. And what does this show do in the very next episode? RECAP what they showed us at the end of the previous episode. ARGH. 

Also, I don't know if the LN presentation was different so possibly the anime is more loyal than the manga. I can only go by the manga I read. But the manga I read had a much better first few chapters than this show had first episodes. In the manga, she's immediately kidnapped and put into the palace. I enjoyed how the manga throws you into her situation with no background info then proceeds along with the story in unfolding different aspects about Maomao: how she grew up in a brothel, how she's a crazy apothecary that experimented on herself, etc. We the reader learn little by little about her but don't get the full picture on her life there until she **not a spoiler, really** goes back home.  It all felt very organic.

This show instead blows its load in the beginning by showing various members of Maomao's family and Maomao's life before the palace, destroying that sense of curiosity and mystique about the main character that was a strong aspect of the manga as a non-LN reader. I get the distinct feeling but was done to use up running time as the first episode concludes around the end of the manga's first chapter, which indicates to me they didn't have enough material for the entire episode.

That said, it brings me back around to my first criticism: this damn show gets into the story beat of the next chapter ANYWAY. In other words, what's the point in trying to make sure one chapter/story uses up a full episode of running time if you're gonna overlap them anyway?  Cut out her damn family from the beginning of the first episode since WE MEET THEM LATER and continue with the story. They could've easily have ended the first episode with her meeting the other ladies in waiting, then ended the second episode in the latter part of the "sleepwalker" scenario, and the third episode could've ended when she's examining Lady Rifa and makes her realization about her condition. This would accomplish the same thing as inclusion of the next episode's material AND we get through the story at a much more tolerable pace. There's more than enough material so it's not like they have to pace themselves.

I watched the S-rank adventurer one with girl and her dad. It's all right. If the whole show is this girl never seeing her father, it's gonna get super old super fast. By the end of episode one, the concept already felt stale.

Okay, I'm so glad to be wrong. Four episodes in and there's something somewhat resembling a plot. She even got to go home and see her dad. I was so worried this show was just gonna be eleven or whatever episodes of her not getting to see her dad. I'm relieved.

I'm off work this Thursday...got an appointment with the local powet/internet company to run fiber into my house. My long-held, seeming pipe dream of gigabit innerwebs in Podunk Holler should become reality in a few short days! Hopefully I can spend the rest of the day catching up with some shows and a bit of yardwork now that the outdoor temps are finally sane.


Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun...
I watched most of the first season, but I couldn't hang with it. Not that there was anything really bad about it.

That's very much this show.  There's nothing bad about it and it has some chuckle-worthy moments but there's also nothing stand-out. It's a kind, friendly shonen protagonist shonen-ing. It's a perfect "I'm on my cell phone but I want something decent in the background that doesn't make me angry" show.

I thought you would love zombies. Anyway, they've already zombified the franchise. May as well stick actual zombies in it.

Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun strikes me as something I would've really enjoyed thirty years ago. The character designs aren't amazing and the music's kinda annoying. If anything, it does make a good background show that I can have running while I'm browsing my phone or doing anything else. (I got through three eps this way.) I saw some manga art of this show and I liked the art but this show... it's so neon bright-looking at times that it's a turnoff color-wise. And not stylish-looking bright like Zom is but just annoyingly bright.

Bibliophile Princess. I was skeptical of this one.  It looked bland as shit but so did Heretical Last Boss Queen and Sleepy Princess and I loves those two. Nah. This's bland as shit. Fourteen minutes in and nothing's fucking happening other than the princess got engaged and met Irene, who I am to understand is bad or some shit. I don't know because I wasn't interested enough to find out because this show's fuckin' boring. I get it. She loves books. That don't mean I wanna see her sit down and open and close books; pick books off of shelves; get books as gifts; etc. That's boring. Four years literally pass by and NOTHING happens. Jeez. Like someone watched Beauty and the Beast and thought people looooove bookish heroines. Okay, but do you understand that other things happened in that movie? We didn't just watch Belle silently grab books, sit with books, choose books, and get books without other stuff and characterization happening concurrently. Shiiiiiit... This show thinks I wanna sit here and watch some bright-ass anime with washed-out colors where a dull-ass chick sits and reads.

I kinda watched Hulla Fulla Dance. The girls are cute but it's not very interesting. I just let it play in the background while I played Clash of Clans on my phone. Something happened in the film. It was dull.

I also tried a bit of Pompo: The Cinéphile. I started watching it dubbed and the singing at the beginning was soooo bad. :lol: Then there's this weird little girl who's, like, in charge or something talking about how another girl's gotta look sexy in the group's next film and we see that chick's bathing-suited tits and ass and I'm just... what the hell am I watching right now?  It seemed like it wanted to be funny and then there's this dude with bags under his eyes trying to pursue his film-making dreams but the little girl's in charge for some reason. It felt all over the place so I dumped it. Maybe I would've given it more of a chance if the singing in the beginning wasn't so bad. I suppose I could've switched to Japanese but I didn't care to. Nothing here pulled me in.

I also tried watching The Deer King because I've been curious about it but I stopped barely a minute in because it wasn't something I'm in the mood to watch. I'm looking for more light-hearted fare right now.

I've tried your way but I find I'd rather skip parts entirely than watch a show or movie quickly. I call this the "nothing of value was lost" method. And if I'm lucky to find a synopsis, I can read through it quickly and move on not worrying that I missed anything. Alternatively, a synopsis may help pinpoint the best place to skip to in a program.

I broke a couple of toes so I'm basically stuck being unable to do much of anything else other than sit in bed and watch YouTube and anime. I still work at home too although I have to go hybrid next year. So those circumstances and the Crunchyroll free trial that I deigned to actually keep for a little while are really the reasons why I'm consuming so much right now. I'm sort of catching up on stuff. Otherwise, I wouldn't be watching most of these shows. I will agree most of it is no good and you're not missing much. It's really hard to tell where age is a barrier and where the show is just bad, especially when so much material is about high schoolers and shows about high schoolers are so tired.

I watched Romantic Killer on Netflix. With more high schoolers in it. I liked it for the most part. But then an attempted r@pe and a psycho child-stalker make its way into this show in the last few episodes and it's, like, WHAT? I mean, all's well that end's well and it ends well, I suppose.  But, WHAT?  Those plot points were so out of place with the rest of the vibe of this show. It ruins any ability for this show to be comfy. And to add insult to injury, while the stalker was a plot point for a main character, the attempted r@pe was to a tertiary character who could've easily been removed entirely from this show and impact nothing. Look, sorry about your trauma but your story has no relevance to the plot. The r@pey guy shouldn't have even been here. It was so unnecessary.

I read some negative reviews because I was curious if anyone disliked these points and it's people complaining that the chick didn't end up with anyone, wanting the show to go in a different direction (like her getting isekai'd), or not liking most of the humor. And, it's like, okay, but what about the wannabe r@pist and the pedo-yandere? You were a-okay with them?  :blink:

Finished Sleepy Princess and really liked it. I need more seasons of this. The dub was excellent, too.

Watched a few things from previous seasons.

Tried Sleepy Princess in the Demon Castle. It's cute and I chuckled a few times. I like it.

I also watched some of this Dead Detective thing with a girl named Siesta which was pretty bad. And something where some step siblings used to date. For that one, the overall show and premise didn't seem bad but the girl character was clearly looking to start conflict every single time and that was damn annoying so I dumped it.

Looking though some stuff from prior seasons:

Handyman anime is okay.  It doesn't seem to have a plot from what I saw and that doesn't really interest me.  But it's not bad or anything.  Just not what I felt like watching.

I also watched Higehiro: After Being Rejected, I Shaved and Took in a High School Runaway.  MEHHHHH. Wish this wasn't about a damaged teen runaway and adult man but whatever. It's not awful but not the type of story I care for.

Watched the pig one and five minutes later dumped the pig one.

I'm watching the goofy boss one now and it's a nice palette cleanser show. Totally recommend it if you watched something stupid and/or gross and need a wholesome slice-of-life anime about white-collar Japanese men to wash the ol' brain.

A Returner's Magic Should Be Special was boring. I've read some of the manhwa and was interested in this but that first episode was dull as fuck. How do you make fighting a dragon to the death and going back in time ten years earlier this boring? I might check in on later eps to see if this gets better.

Tearmoon meanwhile has a massive tone problem. Sometimes it's serious and then it's wacky. Hurr hurr. Did I really need to hear how the dumb chef makes his soup? Then we get a touching scene between Mia and Anne and her answer to rewarding three years of steadfast devotion from her servant is "ur muh handmaid nao." Yay. A promoted servant. Fabulous. ::) I get what it wanted to convey but doesn't accomplish the emotions it probably wanted in the least. Most Heretical Last Boss Queen did it better with three servants in its first episode than this show could do with one.

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