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Yeah, I've seen a lot of nice stuff. And it's like the people panicking about it are forgetting human labor is already devalued and unappreciated.

Something's been nagging me about Sign of Affection. Like it feels... fetishy. This dude loves learning languages so much that he's interested in the deaf girl because she's something new for him to learn from. And it still feels that way.

I came across a reddit thread where two people were stating they're from third world countries and the guy in this show reminds them of a creepy expat with a white savior complex. I definitely see it.

Does that ruin the show? I'd say 'no' because the adorable deaf girl carries the show. But it also makes the "romance" feel hollow. As if this dude thinks he's in love when this girl is merely different. And the girl's just got a crush she thinks is love. I'd fully expect this guy to dump this girl once she's too old to be infantilized and he gets tired of sign language.

As much as I dislike the idea of "childhood friend secretly in love with female lead," that guy's a better character. He's grappling with complicated feelings. Like his implied opinion that the deaf girl should just be with other deaf people. Or that he momentarily struggles with doing the right thing and helping a deaf stranger. He's way more interesting than "hot dude travels."

Watched some eps of Love of Kill. I think it's from last Spring's anime season. What a weird show. Violent killer stalks bounty hunter and both get chased by killers. I don't know what it's trying to be.

Like I knew Spy multiplied by Family was supposed to be a comedy even though I didn't really laugh. But this shows doesn't have enough jokes for that. It doesn't have intrigue or adventure. It's almost like a romcom slice of life featuring a killer and bounty hunter but then doesn't give either of them friends or hobbies or something that would make me care about seeing a slice of their lives to begin with.

It supposedly builds up to something but I didn't care enough to stick around.

Generally speaking, I feel like most adaptations these days don't even qualify as fan fiction. Fan fiction's by fans and the people making shit these days don't even like (or know) the property they're adapting.

Not playing Persona 3 Reload but watching other folks play. That way I can fast-forward through the slog (stupid social links, grinding shit, and academics bs). Love the music in these games. The UI looks gorge. Don't see why they couldn't have included the cute girl protag in the remake tho'...

I was cringing the entire time during that bike eulogy thing, because it's a story that Kevin frequently tells about his own father! Back when he was a kid, all his friends had BMXs and he mentioned to his parents that he wanted one. So he comes home after school one day to find this fugly homemade bicycle that his dad had cobbled together, and he thanked him for it, but he never rode it because he would have been too embarrassed. Then much later after his old man had passed away, he was reminded of that bike and said that if he could go back he would have ridden it all up and down the streets all over town. And he's getting all teary-eyed while he's talking about it and I'll be honest, it was touching.

But then for him to just repurpose that shit for this dumb cartoon he's working on. Jesus Christ.

I KNEW it! I fucking knew it had to be something like that. That's part of the reason I laughed. I knew it had to be some weird-ass personal story. It was so jarring and out of place. Like, dude, no one wants your bike story in fucking He-Man. How self-absorbed can you get?

I still like Shangrila Frontier but this Wethermon fight at 3+ episodes is a snore.

Sorry, the billo bike story made me laugh. The first episode was probably the weakest. I choose to blame all of the bad dialogue on Smith. Smith was the credited writer for the first and last episode and those are the culprits for the worst of it.

Overall, it was decent. Did it deserve more episodes? I'd say not. Revelations has more episodes and that didn't do shit for it. Revolution told a succinct, tight story and avoids the #1 offense of wasting my time.

+ Snake Teela
+ Evil-lyn
+ Keldor
+ Keith David
+ "What's in the boooox!?

-Andra (still pointless)
-Democracy gud
-Skeletor (didn't feel like a threat)
-Instances of shitty dialogue feeling off for the characters and setting
-Fucking wannabe tags

For fuck's sake, let shit end without teasing the next "thing." Everything's gotta do that shit. The ending would've been a lovely ending at He-Man and Teela's last scene.

No! Merla's second-hand PTSD at Jayce never finding his father! Argh.

Now that you mention it, the mechs or whatever in Sakura Taisen kinda remind me of rice cookers. Since I'm not really a mech person to begin with, that's not a deterrent. Although I can see how it'd have zero appeal to the mech-crowd.

I actually don't recall it being heavily marketed any more than most other properties at the time. I didn't even realize it was a game first until I looked it up.

That said, I recall that I wanted to love this but found it incredibly forgettable. Even back then.

I'll do you one better: I've never heard of it.

So I tried to listen to an audio version of the Saint's Magical Power is Omnipotent and, man; It's literally "hot guy this" and "hot guy that" within the first three minutes. This doesn't bode well.

Boo. That's dumb. Armello isn't even like a game with true progress. I'm just re-unlocking equipable accessories. Oh, well. Gives me something to do.


This is probably more for the anime thread but I've never had an anime theme song be so nostalgic for a show I know almost nothing about. I've seen maybe two episodes of this and remember nothing but Urara Takano's weird Engrish. I don't even recall the plot. But that OP song is so damn catchy I'll just randomly look it up and listen to it.

I saw a random vid of someone I semi-watch playing Armello with his friends and got so annoyed by him playing poorly that I installed Steam so I could play my copy of the game. I haven't re-visited the multiplayer aspect, this game is several years old now, but I can't imagine this thing would have an active lobby anymore.

Kind of annoyed I have to re-unlock shit I already achieved in 2016 just because I'm using a different computer. But whatever.

I saw a YT vid comparing Galadriel and Frieren and it's like, yeah, they are both old-ass girlboss elves with dead loved ones. I didn't even make the parallel because Frieren is cute and cool and Galadriel is stupid with a punchable face.

Read most of the chapters of Maria no Danzai and, man, it's kinda hard to get through. It veers into torture pr0n, which disgusts me and so I skipped a bit of that shit; yet everything else about it has me hooked. That said, if this ever got an anime I don't think I'd be able to watch it.

I finally caught up on Frieren. It's a show I liked but found myself unable to watch it week by week. It just felt too mellow or something. Now that I've binged, I'm a full-fledged Frieren enjoyerer.... er. This show is so good.

The weakest Beast Tamer Trash anime is kinda surprising me a bit. I'd thought I'd dump this shit but I'm a bit invested. She got rich over pointing out some dead bodies. Hope she don't get robbed.

I'll have to chell this out then. Let's see if I get filtered on the first episode. Although the prior series or whatever had a decent first episode.

No wonder Google wanted me to search for Carl Weathers' age. I was searching something completely different and when I put "car," Google was all "you want Carl Weathers' age?" Google is so weird and broken.

I tuned into Dr. Elise just to see if it would do it and it did it: it crossed into so bad it's good territory. Between the extra doses of ridiculous flagellation at the altar of this Mary Sue and the shitty animation, this thing made me crack a smile from beginning to end. It's also continues to feel stupidly padded on to as if the people making this show only got permission to adapt a specific amount of the story and are trying to make the source material streeeeeeeetch as much as possible.

Have you seen the concept art? The anthro star-man and the villain powet couple were such missed opportunities.

Watched the first two eps of The Weakest Tamer Began a Journey to Pick Up Trash. It's okay so far. Not "wow" but has some elements that put it just above average. I like the idea of a child with limited ability surviving on their own but I'm wondering how quickly this interesting premise will be abandoned. Because I imagine it will be. Also, the child ends up with some adult nakama so I'd need to see how that's handled. (Japan's making me wary of those adult/child relationships.)

I know sloppy animation has been around forever, but when you see it these days, you almost wonder if some studios have begun to employ AI in their production. I watched Pluto on Netflix, and there were times when sequences looked "generated" if you take my meaning.

I'm sure they have. In fact, I think one of the weird "guy walking like a cardboard cut-out" sequences in Dr. Elise was their software puttering out. It was so visually jarring that I can't believe a human was behind it.

I can admit that the first episode wasn't awful. I'm cautiously optimistic.

What?  The new Tiny Toons?  I'm heavily biased because the old Tiny Toons was one of my favorite cartoons growing up. I saw a bunch of clips of the reboot/remake/whatever some months back and it's so cheap looking. Even the coloring looks discount, like they couldn't afford the right shades of green and blue for Plucky and Buster. And I think I chuckled, like, twice at all of the clips I saw.  It's not the most offensive thing I've seen by a mile. It's just not that funny.

I'm not sayin' the old show was flawless or a masterpiece or anything. Some of it has not aged well. But I think media for kids isn't allowed to be that type of funny anymore. Like making jokes about butts so big they need two chairs a piece; or kids getting drunk off of one beer; or having a little green duck smashed by the boots of three burly singing men. So instead the characters complaining about everything are the jokes. (I get the irony of me saying that.)

This one clip's joke was how controlling Babs is because she didn't want to live a room full of Sweetie Bird's garbage. And then this same clip turns in to "Ha, ha, Dizzy Devil's a retarded hobosexual" halfway through. Wtf? This isn't funny.  And this was a clip curated by CN and put on their YouTube. You thought this would showcase your show, CN?

Also, most of these VAs literally sound like they're chewing gum. Don't know if it's them, the voice direction, or the equipment they're using but I need to put subtitles on because I don't understand, like, a quarter of the words that come out of their mouths.

The second ep into Dr. Elise and there's something about it that's kinda ugly. I'm not sure how to describe it. How the characters in Dr. Elise look and move is distorted. I'm no animator, but it almost feels done unnecessarily so. Like if you can't properly animate people walking, you cut off the image above their knees to avoid their feet. Or you angle the image and throw a layer of scenery on top to minimize how much you see the leg movements.  This show is all "nah, imma show you how robots walk." :lol: Sometimes they move the way you would move a cardboard cut-out if you were pretending it was walking. Even small items don't look quite right. There's a scene with a ruler and his golden crown is floating on top of his hair. There's even a scene where the main guy and gal don't look properly proportioned.  The perspective makes it look like she's only as tall as his waist. The environments feel dead and sterile, kind of like they did in Niehime.

And it's not only visuals. The story presentation feels butchered. I can only speak as a manhwa reader. I don't know what pace the novel has. The manhwa was well-paced. I read it all in, like, a day or two. For this adaptation, the first episode added all of this useless plodding backstory that has no bearing on the plot. I thought, okay, they're trying to stretch this show out. But then this week they crammed stuff into this episode left and right like they were rushing to fill it in with story. Wtf?

I might still stick with this because the overall story is okay but this feels like a dud. That's kinda okay. This is only the Dr. Marysue anime. Frankly, it having an el-cheapo anime adaptation is a loss to no one. At least this shit didn't happen to 7th Time Loop Villainess.

Saw the first ep of Dungeon foodie show. Pretty decent. I kinda have questions about some things but other elements of the show were enjoyable enough that I can overlook this and I appreciate the show getting straight to the point. I like the whole lore behind the food, how to prep it, and what parts of the monsters to eat. The food looks good, too.

I wanted to see the second episode immediately but I watched it during my lunch break and I don't have time to see it uninterrupted right now.

Yeah, even though I'm not sticking with it, the first episode was pretty decent; it was going in so many directions that I appreciated something was actually happening. And it does get kudos for the double-length episode (combined episode?), which several shows this season needed but didn't get.

I haven't watched any Netflix anime yet this year but I did see that one on their 2024 anime trailer.

Which show is evil guy panda-lover? Is that the one where the villain has the day off?

Sasaki and Peeps.  I thought this was just an isekai with an older protagonist and didn't realize this is a middle-aged white-collar man's powet fantasy where he's surrounded by a loli harem. Gross.  Get this man some adult friends.

That's what I get for not doing my homework on this one: the writer's name is Buncololi and the various LN covers have the MC standing with little girls.  No, thanks.  I kinda liked the first episode, too; although I was admittedly already losing interest in the second episode even before that "twist" at the end. This real-world psychic shit isn't really interesting.

I definitely enjoyed the second episode of Solo Leveling more than the first. I'm sorry to say that I didn't read most of your post, because for stuff I'm not already familiar with, I prefer going in blind. Ignorance is bliss! And if it shits the bed somewhere down the road, I'll just drop it.

Nah, don't worry about not reading my text-wall posts. :laugh: I vent to vent and I put the spoiler warning there so I don't rattle away on things you would've rather been surprised about.

Disappointed this week's Shangrila Frontier was a recap. Sometimes I forget those are still a thing.

I'm not sure what to think of Sign of Affection after the second ep. It introduces the childhood friend and it's just, yay. Great. The childhood friend. He doesn't seem like a terrible character on his own but it feels like a cheap wrench to throw in the works instead of allowing the leads to get to know each other and grow.

Also don't really know what to think about Solo Leveling with its second ep. It feels like it's going to be a trend that we'll get tense scenes and action and then the show will have another scene cut in with nonsense I don't care about. I bit the bullet and went through some 30+ chapters of the manhwa because I can't tell where this is going or why this is "solo" leveling.

Minor spoilers follow within my brick-wall of text below. Not, like, ending shit or anything that major.

I don't think its likely I stick with this. That this becomes a game for him where he can level and get all of these skills and benefits while no one else can isn't really an interesting premise. And his next two fights against other people are against crazy people. It's, like, can people try to kill you for other reasons besides being psycho nutjobs?

There's also too many nutjobs in this thing. Nutjob and his party, nutjob prisoners, nutjob assassin, S-rank nutjob whose the brother of nutjob and wants revenge for his death. Speaking of, why is the S-rank nutjob allowed to go off and kill people? He's just "imma gonna leave and go kill people." So what keeps any higher ranked hunter from going off and killing whoever they want?

The first dungeon is so cool and interesting with riddles and shit. In going through this manhwa, nothing's comes anywhere close to it so far. This minute this dude "teleported" behind the White Tiger guild guy and then proceeded to make a bullshit deal with him that ripped him off, I kinda gave up on reading anymore. I don't get why he had to be a dick and steal from him. I don't get why he's showing off to him. Especially if he's trying to not call attention to himself.  He's also threatening this guy to not snitch but you're showing off, you fuck. Fuck this, I didn't even get to Smell-chan.

This world building feels like swiss cheese. Why do the dungeons have Vegas rules? Hunters or whatever appear to be necessary resources, yet no government or guild or other organizing body puts in an overseer or someone like that to go in with the group? Why would anyone bother going inside of these dungeons if nothing guarantees their safety from being assaulted by others? Rich boy was gonna get killed for his armor. Also, why is rich boy allowed to risk death alone without a chaperone or something.

And no one gives a shit that hunters risk not making any money at all on these raids? Like E-Rank guy's called in to fill numbers but then struggles to pay his rent?  He's the supposed weakest hunter so if even he is called in, all hunters are needed, right?  Why isn't there some sort of stipend or something for hunters if they're so necessary? If they're needed, why would it be in anyone's interest to let them be homeless or starve? 

Why is E-Rank guy hiding his powet but then turns around and works with the rich guy? Why does he think going into dungeons with only the two of them wouldn't call attention to the fact at least one of them is super strong? Rich dude called in some ringers because dungeons require a certain number of people for entry. But then the ringers didn't appear to even go inside? And then other people can walk right up to the dungeon and SEE the ringers they paid hanging outside of the entrance. Earlier in the story, a group of eight walks out and then goes back in to kill the other two of their team of ten. Why did you need a team of ten in the first place? If it's a bureaucratic thing, then who's making sure all of the people go inside the dungeon? No one, apparently. The ringers had to agree to secrecy or pay back "ten times" what they were initially paid. Then couldn't one of them just sell out for an amount over ten times their pay and then pay back the penalty with no consequences?

Also, why is E-rank still trying to keep a low profile when he can get more money for his family? Isn't that what he wanted? Money for his family?

And can I just say, I really fucking hate it anytime I start a new show and the entire introduction is just a narrator info dumping the entire premise of what I'm about to watch. Like, how about some worldbuilding VIA storytelling? If I'm left to piece things together for myself, it makes for much more compelling viewing, right?

Yeah. And I think a couple of shows are trying to skirt this by showing shit that doesn't matter to the narrative. Like Solo Leveling and Dr. Elise. It's the counter to "show, don't tell," with the problem being: but did we need to know this or see this in the first place?

On the former, I'm hard-pressed to see how seeing a bunch of people whose names I've already forgotten do shit I've already forgotten about is gonna pay off later.

For Dr. Elise, I know for a fact it doesn't pay off at all. Dr. Elise loaded it's first episode with bloat when it's already shown it wasn't needed to begin with via the manhwa.

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