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Tropical Paradise of Hard Shelled Fruits / Random Image Hilarity
« on: Aug 22, 2006, 07:11:39 AM »
Not necessarily funny, this first one, but I believe Kary and a few others will likes it.

Since I started College, I've always tried to have my Birthday party, usually just a small get together of a few friends and family, before summer ends. I go back August 21st, so my time is short.

SO! My Grandmother has Knee Surgery, and must be put on this beast of a machine three times a day for an hour. She needs someone down in Richmond with her to help'er, and at first? My Aunt BITCH volunteers. And By her volunteering, she means her daughter, who bails on Grandma within five days, and dumps this situation on us with not even 24 Hour notice.
This was week before last, Friday. This is the last Week of it, ends the 19th. No chance of the get together happening.
I know, you might be thinking, "Well, what about the Weekends?"
WELL! Here's another situation! A family friend has been going through ahorrible divorce, and is going to move out of town. He's giving us his dogs, so we have to set up a kennel by the end of the month.
SO! With Dad, the only one with enough finesse with the Backhoe to smooth/flatten/add dirt to a slope where we plan to build the kenel, gone for this week, we'll have to get that kennel setup right quick when he gets back, killing my chances for my Birthday probably for August.
September, you say? WELL! We still have to fix the Blazer! By then, I'm sure something else will rear it's ugly head.

I mention none of this to my family, for it really is a small matter. A Personal matter for me, but one I compeltely understand foregoing considering what is happening....Which doesn't mean I like it. At all.

Tropical Paradise of Hard Shelled Fruits / How I cheer someone up.
« on: Jul 30, 2006, 08:33:06 PM »
I told one guy this spiel, he dared say his life was crappy for some fairly insignificant reason...Ended up going off into a tangent...:

Cheer up! What the fuck do you have to be depressed about? Economy has evolved into a Tacky Technocratic Commercialized society, which has led to some of the GEEKIEST Shit EVER! SURE, We're on the brink of possible Nuclear Holocaust with Korea, Family Values have gone to shit, and Parents can't seem to keep their eyes on their own damn munchkins for longer than Twenty Seconds before yelling off to network executives and suing somebody, BUT DAMMIT WE HAVE XBOX 360'S!
True, the Degradation of the English language into a slang filled cesspool of mockery and debauchery, plus the entire downgrading of public and private school systems across the country has led to low graduation rates, more kids like you out on the street, and the increase of street and gang related violence, but HEY! Let's IGNORE all of that and focus on YOUR Problem. What is it Kid? Is it the fact your Mom and Dad didn't hug you enough? WELL You know Some Kids get "hugged" too much by Mom and Dad! You know what too much "hugging" by Mom and Dad leads to kid? PUSSYFOOTED, LIBEL-CRAZY, WUSSIES! And Sexual molestation charges when you're 32 and a famous actor and or actress.
Seriously. People these days are So god Damn Sue-Happy it's CRAZY! You get into a simple bar fight, and the next day somebodies suing you because you hit them in the face. Newsflash! You shouldn't be suing me because you're so god damn fat you can't move out of the way of a DRUNKEN GUY'S FIST! You should be suing McDonalds! YEAH! Because IT MADE YOU FAT, ALL BECAUSE You went there and bought all those Happy Meals! Damn McDonalds and serving me exactly the shit I ordered! Let's sue them!

Just an interesting happening in my day.

My Current Sig, or this...

Things I'm tired of people saying, when in America.

1.) Cigarette =  A Cigarette is a Cig, Ciggie, Smoke, or Cancer Stick. NOT A FAG. As amusing as it is to hear someone say they're going to go smoke a fag, in America, you don't call it a fag. We reserve that name for certain zealous people in San Francisco That constantly CLOG THE TRAFFIC WITH PARADES. GET OVER IT.

2.) Football -  In America, Football is a game involving quarterbacks, helmets, hot dogs, and pretty cheerleaders. Football is not Soccer. Soccer is called Soccer in America because it involves shorts, and little to no tackles. GET OVER IT.

3.) Comics -  Not ALL COMICS ARE MANGA. A Comic is something involving superheroes/villians/etc, usually involving Women who's body parts defy physics and Men who make Mr. Universe look flabby. A Manga is a japanese importation involving characters that are or LOOK like their underage teenagers. It's an ART STYLE THING, GET OVER IT.

4.) Cartoons - NOT ALL CARTOONS ARE ANIME. Sure, these day's about 85% of your animated viewings are of Japanese importation, but If you bother to pay attention, people, there's a stark difference between 'CARTOONS' and 'ANIME'. Garfield, Darkwing Duck, And Looney Tunes? Cartoons.
Trigun, Cowboy Bebop, Mew Mew Power CRAP? ANIME. GET OVER IT.

...Anyone got anything else?

Pinky. And. The. Brain. July 25. Right along with....
Steven Spielberg Presents: Animaniacs! Volume 1.

3:23AM is an ungodly hour. God himself takes this moment to SLEEP. Me? I can't. For the first time in a long time, I can't go back to sleep. Why? Because it's HOT. No, not just Hot, or really hot, but it's FUCKING HOT. After Skipping spring, having some cold, Rainy summer days, and generally some weird ass fucking weather, we're now back into the goood-read horrible-old fucking hot Summer weather.
So. With nothing better to do, I've decided to reflect some more on this anime my pal's been showing me......The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. I'm now 12 episodes into the series.

My initial prognosis had me thinking this show would be an FLCL repeat with the mind fragging, and sometimes it seems to approach that level, but then it just scales it back from mind Frag to Quirky, and then to Downright normal. It's nice. I honestly like it. I enjoy the more normal episodes I think, much more than that off the wall ones.
As far as an example of off the wall. I finally saw the episode with the Class President revealing her true nature and trying to STAB KYON IN THE FACE. Why? Because she was a Data Mage like Yuki. Now, some seem to call Yuki a Technomage, but I think that classification is wrong. She doesn't use Technology to do crazy shit. She's a Data Entity, and manipulates Data to do crazy shit. Now, By Data it seems to be the surrounding UNIVERSE, but We're splitting words.
So anyway, up until this episode I'm just thinking "Kinda quirky with normal moments Anime." Then this Data Mage Class President tries to Kill Kyon....Just to see what Haruhi would do. There's deeper reasons but we don't care about that. What I care about is the fact that Yuki steps in AND GETS IMPALED BY NO LESS THAN FOUR SPIKES GENERATED BY THIS BITCH, SENDING A SPRAY OF BLOOD ON KYONS FACE. Yuki's Bleeding like a stuck pig FOUR TIMES OVER. It was at that moment I went "HOLY SHIT!" That's the most off-the-wall It's been thus far, Even moreso than the entire Data-Cricket incident. It had a LOT of violence this episode, and a lot of graphic bleeding. A Real shocker.

Then you get to more normal episodes, like the most recent one. A Culture fest. Standard Japanese fair...which got me thinking about America.

My friend posed an interesting question that I didn't think about until I was lying in my bed at 3:00am unable to sleep.
"Why doesn't America have something like that?" That being a Culture Festival. I think I know why.
Japan is a pretty universal country. By Universal I mean that, unlike America, Japan overall shares the same Culture. Sure there's some differences in different regions and all that, but Generally speaking, Japan is one solid culture. Everyone is Culturally Japanese. SO, they celebrate this, in the schools at least, with a Culture Fest, which, if judged by the Anime's I've seen, is really just an excuse for the entire student and faculty body to have lots of FUN.
America can't have that because America is one big mixing pool of Cultures, beliefs, and religions from all over the god damn world. Everybody in America has a right to express their own cultures in anyway they see fit as long as it doesn't involve death or maiming. It's why that, even though we're not perfect and still a relatively YOUNG global powet, we're the BEST DAMN COUNTRY IN THE WORLD.
Why does this mean we can't have a Culture Fest? Because we have TOO MANY GOD DAMN CULTURES. If we were to have a Culture Fest, there'd be so many damn Cultures involved that ONE culture would start Bitching about ANOTHER Culture and Then Shit would hit the fan. So, THANKS A LOT AMERICA.

Anyway, back onto the subject of the Culture Fest Episode. I really enjoyed this one because of the Extremely HIGH Quality of Animation, and the relative normality of it. I'm amazed though. The Quality...the sheer quality of Animation on this particular episode is astounding, amazing even. I'm of course talking about when Haruhi and Yuki Are Subbing in for a band. They're both playing guitars, and the animatics of it are.....breathtaking. Especially Nagato, who is a savage beast on that Electric Six-String she got a hold of. There is no general "Blurring": of their hands just doing an up and down motion on the strings. You can SEE THE CHORDS they're playing, the finger positioning, and it's extremely smooth as they change notes and such.
 To note: Yuki Fingerpicks, which is very respectable, and plays a Gibson (ACDC Style one I believe, I forget it's name) and Haruhi has a pick.....and she plays a Fender. Girl's got Taste, I'll give'er that.
THe quality of Haruhi's facial animations while she's singing is excellent as well. I haven't seen such good animatics since back in the Days of Batman:TAS...and even then, I'd dare compare this particular Animatics of Haruhi to Early Disney works in terms of quality. It's actually given me hope for the Cartoons of the future. Not much, Not enough for me to start watching Saturday Morning Cartoons again, but a little bit of hope.

As far as Character development goes, it's actally fairly Decent.
Kyon Is the straight man of the group. The Normal man, the Average Joe. He keeps everybody grounded...to a point....and pretty much is the de-facto leader, and has grown into the role as such. Sure, Haruhi CLAIMS to run things, but in truth, Kyon's the fucker behind the scenes keeping everything together. And, he's done very well in influencing Haruhi. He's.....what's the best way to put it....He's influenced her to the point where she can enjoy more NORMAL things, like playing in a band and making really horrible (yet startlingly accurate) student films, rather than go looking for PARANORMAL things.
Case in point, she and the SOS Brigade got into a video Game match with the Computer club...who they'd blackmailed into giving them a computer early on. (Me, as a red-blooded guy who sincerely believes that Asahine's real Age is BEYOND that of a high Schooler? I admit, I find the Molestation she suffers very funny. Shut the Fuck up D, I'll cut your throat out if you say one damn thing you Perv.)
Very funny stuff, especially when Yuki starts learning HOW to use the computer. She Ends up as this Uber-Data-Hacker, naturally, and Turns the tables on the Computer club when they start CHEATING.At the end of the Episode, Yuki also agree's to come to the Computer Club once and a while and mess around. Very Nice Development. She's developing hobbies. I wonder what her Universal Data Entity Big Wig thinks about that.

Asahine, besides the Molestation she suffers at Haruhi's hands, is the most one dimensional character and not at all my favorite. Even Haruhi admits that she's mostly just Window-dressing. That's her entire god damn role in the SOS brigade AND in the Series thus far. Fanwanking for pervs like D. I'm hoping she develops more or something, cause as is? She's very flat, character-wise.

That Esper Guy, who's name eludes me....I don't like him. I don't like him in the fact that he's very mysterious and very little has been revealed about him. Yuki came straight out and said everything she was, plans, and does. This guy....He's very.....suspicious. Like He's got an agenda all his own and WANTS to appear harmless, but is hiding a great deal of things that'll probably end up biting someone in the ass, and hard. He has Character Growth Potential, but it has yet to be really delved into.

As far as the B Cast, that being those that show up occasionally like Kyon's two friends, What used to be the class Pres, and Asahine's friend....Well they're not on the show to be delved into, but they make amusing appearances. After what happened with the Pres, though....THis's made me very suspicious about them.

A Few Theories I have regarding Haruhi and her SOS Brigade:
1: I believe that Haruhi is not the trigger for anything regarding The Esper guy Whatever his name, the Data-Mage Yuki, or the Time Traveling Bubblehead Asahine. They all believe it's her, but I believe it's REALLY KYON. Look at'em. He's the complete opposite of Haruhi. I'm not saying Haruhi isn't causing some shit to go down, but I'm thinking Kyon's got something to do with it too. He's the Normal guy, and that's suspicious.
For instance, the Murder Mystery Two Part episodes. Haruhi would've been QUITE content to spend the weekend exploring that island beach to beach, but Kyon and that Esper Guy were worried cause of her talk of being some crazy "Ultra Detective" and talking about Murder Mysteries and crap. That Esper guy, in cahoots with two other cocksuckers, sets up this Murder Mystery crap to keep'er distracted. I dunno. Seems kinda fishy.

2: Asahine's friend, the bubbly hyperactive long haired one with the black hair. I'm thinking another Time traveler or Data Mage. Either one could be trouble. After what happened with the class President, I'm pretty much suspicious of ALL the "B Cast" players.

3: I believe, failing my first assumption up there, that Kyon and Haruhi are the same person. In soul at least. Two different sides of the same coin, see, and when they're "together", quote unquote in the same vicinity, this is why crazy shit happens. You need two clamps to Jumpstart an engine yaknow.....

What. The. Fuck.
The First episode is a student film that makes TOTALLY NO FUCKING SENSE Until about four or five episodes in when you figure out that, Holy Crap, that student film was TELLING THE TRUTH, to a degree.
Then there's Haruhi practically MOLESTING this Mikuru chick every chance she gets....And using her in her blackmail schemes.
"Either you (the computer club) give me a computer, or I'll start telling everyone around school that you all Gang *#&%*@$ Her!"

..It's still oddly entertaining with the Kyon guy being...the straight man.

Tropical Paradise of Hard Shelled Fruits / I have the 360.
« on: May 26, 2006, 11:45:53 AM »
With these last few weeks being a royal pain, I decided to enact my plan to get a 360 earlier than planned.
You see, This semester I took a Self-Paced Math course to brush myself up on the basics. I finished it early, and have been working extra hours in the bookstore on the days that I had this class. Using this method, I had saved up enough money to purchase a 360 + game. I had planned to wait another month, but I figured, Fuck it. I got enough for it, I'll get it.
So I ended up getting the Premium 360 Package, Fight Night Round 3, and a spare Wired Controller. My history with wireless controllers has been.....problematic, so I figured I'd pick up a wired controller both as a second player controller AND as a backup.

I'm enjoying Fight Night Round 3.

Tropical Paradise of Hard Shelled Fruits / I'm God damn Tired.
« on: May 14, 2006, 06:32:20 PM »
Ahhhh...I think It'll all be all right in the end. I'ma take this down for now...

Okay. Cute chick in the bookstore I work for, and I'm getting vibes she might be interested in me, as I'm interested in her.
Thusly, I have talked her with her as much as possible, and discovered that she loves Scrabble.
JACKPOT. I kick ASS at Scrabble, I hope.
Anyway, so, she wants to come over tomorrow evening, or Friday evening, or Next Tuesday evening, and play Scrabble.
The advantage of tomorrow evening is that Nobody else in the house will be home.

Dear god. My Family has perfect timing. And God, don't let me screw this up. Please...

Tropical Paradise of Hard Shelled Fruits / Titus is God.
« on: Apr 18, 2006, 08:35:50 PM »
I love this show so much. Stupid FOX.

It's because last night, in their "QUEEN" Theme, they had to cut Bohemian Rhapsody down to 1:30.
ONE MINUTE, AND THIRTY SECONDS. From a Five MInute, thirty Two second masterpieces to a One MInute thirty second TRAVESTY. The Beginning, the Middle, the END! They put together bits from after the beggining and the very end and strung it together!!
I understand having to cut down the song to fit the TV LEngth, but JESUS CHRIST. They should've saved the "Queen" Theme for fewer contests so they could give them each more time. They MUTILATED THE SONGS. They had to cut them down left and right dammit!
And most of them didn't sing very well either.

Tropical Paradise of Hard Shelled Fruits / Teenagers anger me.
« on: Mar 31, 2006, 11:52:13 PM »
So, yeah, I went to a high school film festival tonight, and I observed the local population of teenagers...
There are times when it's okay to be "emotional" or "EMO" as THEY put it. This of course means being depressed and despondant or angsty. There are occasions when overboard "Emo"-tions are acceptable and forgivable. Nay, even times when Sympathy is garnered.
But by fucking god, when I see a bunch of god damn teens wearing freakin' BLACK MASCARA, black clothing, and enough chains to make a prison warden Jealous, and spewing crap like "OHHH the WORLD SUCKS AND WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE".....I go over and I ask them..."Okay. Why does it suck? The world I mean? ANd be specific because there's a lot of things that suck. Your mom, for instance, probably sucks dicks and chows on rugs for a living, but we're not talking about that. What makes the world suck for you?"

Then they answer, "There's suffering in the world! People are dying in Africa and Iraq!" Oh. Oh HO! I have the answer for them. Ohhh I swear I'll say this to'em too.
"Look over at that alley. See that? Chances are? Something died in there. A Cat, a Dog, a rat, something. HELL, SomeONE probably died there., and I swear to god? If you keep up this crap? I'm going to see to it that YOU DIE IN THERE." Why? If it's to pick up a chick? There's better ways, like alcohol!

Tropical Paradise of Hard Shelled Fruits / Guess that Lyric.
« on: Mar 25, 2006, 11:39:11 PM »
I'm totally bored.

Here's how it works. Take two snippets from a song, and then guess what song it is. From there, take two bits from another song and post it up, but the second song has to be connected to the first somehow, whether by artist, similar lyrics, or some obscure crap that only hardcore music geeks would know.

Let's start with an easy one.

"Easy come, Easy go.."  
"Nothing really matters..."

This old lady in a wheelchair comes into the bookstore...SHe's pretty sickle, definitely a smoker at one time judging by her voice...and her Knuckles are blue, and as she's leaving she starts up a conversation.
Her: "What's your middle name?"
Me: "..Harding."
Her: "Oh....Are you Warren G. Harding's son?"
Me: "No. My Last name is Park."
Her: "Oh. Well when you see Warren, tell him to stop bothering me."
Me: "Okay, can do. :::Waits till she leaves the bookstore and looks to other cashier::: Who is Warren G. Harding?"

Warren G. Harding was the 29th president of the United States, and was sworn in on March 4, 1921.

Funny stuff.

Tropical Paradise of Hard Shelled Fruits / To all spam-bots!
« on: Jan 16, 2006, 10:13:01 AM »
STOP. FUCKING. POSTING. HERE! We don't want a TANNING BED, WE DON'T WANT VIAGRA, WE DON'T WANT GAY SEX OR STRAIGHT SEX.....From YOUR WEBSITES! We don't want to hear any stupid RUMORS from a site that can't even SPELL RUMORS RIGHT!!
GO, AWAY. SPAM-BOTS! Or I'll Disembowel you with a rusty spork and a CRAYON!

Everything looks nice, but I dread this day. Little else to do but go with it. Ciao later.

Suck it, losers!

Tropical Paradise of Hard Shelled Fruits / We got the call today.
« on: Dec 06, 2005, 06:43:29 PM »
We've seen it coming for a while now, but Still sucks.  

All the names have been changed in this one to the appropriate Username, Except for D for Doug, who REFUSED TO GIVE ME HIS NAME ANYWAY. This thing sucks anyway, but it's a week overdue and this is what's getting submitted.

Wicked E's Christmas Journalism report.
Sexy lingerie for the wife or girlfriend, toys and games for the children, and gadgets and gizmoís for the teenager or husband; these are the signs that Christmas is here once again. A time to give gifts to those we love, but how much to spend on how many family members can be a fickle matter.
   ďI try not to spend over $10 or so, just because itís my momís money Iím spending since Iím jobless right now,Ē said Bitch, a high school student shopping for gifts for her siblings at the Vacaville outlet stores. Another fellow, Drunken Squirrel, is splitting the costs of a laptop and camera with his mother to give to his brotherís family, an amount that goes up to $650 for the laptop and $200 to $300 for the camera.
   ďWeíll get those two big things and thatíll be it from us this year, and of course, Iíll get something for my baby niece just for her like a stuffed animal or something,Ē said Drunken Squirrel.
   Other people, such as Doug Peuterschit who was shopping for his two little nieces, said they will spend no more than $22, but they prefer to get gifts rather than give and hang out with family.
   ďHanging out with family usually corresponds with gift giving and getting, but all told I prefer the get-together. The gift-giving can easily become the focus of the season, and it's not often that the extended family gathers together, so it's nice. Plus, the limited duration allows for peaceful co-existence for a while, which helps improve relations among each individual family unit that make up the clan,Ē  said Drunken Squirrel, with a CompUSA bag clutched in one hand.

POkemon. 2.B.A Master. Pokemon the First Movie Soundtrack, Pokemon 4ever soundtrack. Pocahontas soundtrack,
Good god. I feel so unclean. Mostly about the first three.
 Eric Stuart and that other chick must've had a shitload of fun on that Team Rocket song though.
And I don't care what anyone says, that "Vacation" song is STILL good. One of the few good songs on all three of those Pokemon CD's.

Tropical Paradise of Hard Shelled Fruits / Journalism assignment.
« on: Nov 30, 2005, 11:35:02 AM »
So I got a Journalism assignment due, and I've grasped the idea of asking all of YOU rather than the generally unresponsive campus students. Answer these questions, please, with as much correct spelling as possible.
If I'm going to use a quote/use you in the article I'm writing, I'll PM you for name/age/etc.


1.) How many family members do you shop for?

2.) How much do you tend to spend on a gift? Is there an amount you try not to exceed?

3.) Do you prefer giving gifts or hanging out with family for Christmas? Why?

4.) Do you have family members that come over or Do you visit them?

5.) How do you determine what gift you're going to give? By the person giving hints/asking for it or just figuring out what that person would like?

6.)  When do you do your Christmas shopping?

 7.) Do you bother to wrap the presents?

8.) Do you care about how much a gift given to you costs?

9.) What do you do with gifts that are given to you that you really don't use/ Didn't want?

10.) What does your family do for Christmas?

Apparently I was saying "FUCK" and "MOTHERFUCK" in my sleep last night so much he woke up. I don't even remember my dream.

My life, such as it is, has been plagued recently with misfortunes. This is not a complaint; I thoroughly accept that good stuff happens, bad stuff happens, get over it.  Yet though I look forward to Thanksgiving, I find myself....lacking the meaning of it, I guess, because of recent happenings.
My family....Family is awfully subjective. Do you define family through blood? Through emotion? Through law? As of late, i've found myself questioning the word "family" to have anything to do with blood or law. Do I consider my older brother to be "family" because he's my brother? Yes, even though my feelings for him are not very pleasant. I may consider my brothers. my father, my mother as family....but the outside relatives are dwindling as to who I call family.
My grandfather I consider family because he is a good man, even though his current state has degraded him to a passing shadow of what he was, and I pray for a swift and peaceful passing for him. Grandmother Harding I loved dearly, and she passed away some time ago. Grandmother Park....I can't consider her family. Her true nature has revealed itself to be less than kind, and so materialistic as to put aside the pain and suffering and family for her own concerns. It has come to pass that she considers My little brother and I.....the lesser grandsons, in favor of my older brother. This has little bearing on my feelings for her, yet I can't really understand her reasoning for such a belief, that my older brother is better than myself because he is older.
I have One aunt on each side that is tolerable and hasn't alienated themselves, yet....
Aunt Nene...is much like Grandmother Park, though not as intolerable. She cares, but is materialistic as well and that bothers me. Aunt Dana is much the same, very materialstic and a little bigoted, but she has kindness and caring within her.
Do I consider these two as family? Aunt Dana yes, but Aunt Nene I know so little and have met so infrequently I can't really, truly, consider her family.
Then there is a person I know, who is coming back from navy Bootcamp probably this very day. This guy is a kind and caring individual, who helped my family tremendously when my father underwent heart surgery, and his kindness has impressed me. I dare consider him an unofficial brother, for he certainly enjoys the company of my family moreso than his own,and his demeanor is akin to mine in terms of caring moreso about people than material. I consider him family, despite he has no relation to us.
So what is the definition of Family? Am I Right that it lies not in blood but in the person? Am I wrong? What purpose do these thoughts have? Questions...Questions....

Tropical Paradise of Hard Shelled Fruits / Kung Fu Hustle.
« on: Nov 12, 2005, 12:15:19 PM »
The slide guitar of death scene was my favorite.  

Tropical Paradise of Hard Shelled Fruits / DS Owners!
« on: Oct 27, 2005, 08:59:13 AM »
If you like Matlock/Any layer show, and CSI, and you own a DS? Buy "Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney!" If you mixed Matlock with CSI and gave it a shot of Anime, you'd get this game.

Me I freakin' love mysteries, and that's what this game contains. The first two "cases" are gimme's. They show you whodunnit, but from that point on it's all "Figure it out Yourself", which is awesome for me.
The game is very straight forward and very linear. It's hard to mess up. It's 90% text based, so you'd be buying it for the mental challenge rather than the fancy animation...which there really isn't. It's mostly 2-d from cases 1-4 due to it being a port from a Japanese GBA game to a DS game, but they put some stuff in the fifth case that REALLY screams "YOU STOLE CSI'S GIMMICK!"

Like I said, this thing IS a port from a GBA game to a DS, so originally it only had four cases. With the DS version, there's 5 cases. It may not seem like a lot of cases, but these cases tend to last a fairly long time, usually three "In-game" days that can take up some time, couple hours for me. Phoenix Wright is a Defense attorney, FYI.
1st day you do initial investigating into the case which includes talking to witnesses and investigating Crime scenes, 2nd day you usually FIRST go to trial and cross-examine the witness, then spend the rest of the day doing FURTHER investigation because (surprise surprise!) the witness either LIED\the Prosecution left out or hid crucial evidence that gets revealed/something else happens. Third day Is the final court hearing, usually, where you make or break your case.

Grandpa's in the hospital again. He's having breathing problems, he had/has bronchitis, and his Dementia is worse than ever. He didn't recognize me.
I know it's not his fault. I know that Dimentia means he's losing his memories and such, but it still hurts all the same.

Talking with a person I know who'd been on atrip, updating'em on the current goings ons...and I totally schpieled off.

MattBlackEmerid:  What else...I finally finished collecting one of the bestest TV CGI series EVER CREATED.
 MattBlackEmerid:  War Planets, or as the canadians call it because they don't like having "WAR" in their TV titles, Shadow Raiders.
 Other Person:  oh?
Other Person:  lol
 MattBlackEmerid:  I named a CAT after the lead guy.
 MattBlackEmerid:  That's how much I loved that show.,
 MattBlackEmerid:  Now if only I could freakin' Find REBOOT.
 Other Person:  I LOVE REBOOT
 MattBlackEmerid:  Third Season of that show was friggin' dark and awesome!
 MattBlackEmerid:  Reboot is the grand-daddy of ALL CGI SHOWS EVER.
 MattBlackEmerid:  Enzo gets his eye CLAWED. GOUGED. Right out!
 MattBlackEmerid:  Never saw that coming.
 Other Person:  I KNOW
 MattBlackEmerid:  I was all "HOLY SHIT!" I was AGAPE for FIVE MINUTES.
 MattBlackEmerid:  ANd the Matrix Vs. Megabyte fight. Hardcore that, while still having some Video Game homages.
Other Person:  yeah
 MattBlackEmerid:  He totally shanked Byte. That was awesome. Messed that bastard up.
 MattBlackEmerid:  .....So yes. I love Reboot too.
 Other Person:  lol
 MattBlackEmerid:  They don't make shows like that anymore, Jenny, and that makes me sad.
 MattBlackEmerid:  Back in the days of Reboot, Batman: TAS, War Planets, even Gargoyles....
Other Person:  =(
 MattBlackEmerid:  You must have watched Gargoyles.
Other Person:  yes
 MattBlackEmerid:  I got that on DVD too...
 Other Person:  I love that show so much
 MattBlackEmerid:  I know it's so cool.
 MattBlackEmerid:  Was watching the episode where Maza gets shot...and they SHOW THE POOL OF BLOOD.
 MattBlackEmerid:  "Holy Shit! This would never fly on modern networks!"
 MattBlackEmerid:  And then when they get'er to the hospital..and they whip out the friggin' HUGE NEEDLE the docot can't even fit his HAND around and like SLAM it into her chest?
"Holy crap! This is a disney show?!"
 MattBlackEmerid:  I'm making myself Nostalgic. Stop me, X.
Other Person:  yup
Other Person:  stop?
Other Person:  lol
 MattBlackEmerid:  I dunno. I'm making myself sad.
 MattBlackEmerid:  Cause....They actually had guns. Bullet firing guns. Not crappy "Light show" guns...
 MattBlackEmerid:  I blame soccer moms for the decline in cartoon entertainment. Soccer moms, Japan, and whoever/whatever company that sets the standards for the shows.
Other Person:  lol
 MattBlackEmerid:  CAUSE. Now a days. Japanese gutted Anime's, Low quality 'toy commercials' shows, or.....rip-off's of previous generations.
 MattBlackEmerid:  Batman TAS, and now what do we get? The Batman. It's placable...but barely.
 MattBlackEmerid:  There's no story. No development! No sympathy for Bruce Wayne! No sympathy for any of the characters! The old TAS show...Man you FELT the SORROW for Freeze!
 MattBlackEmerid:  You couldn't BLAME that guy for going postal. There was MOTIVE and DRIVE and CHARACTER dripping off that guy.
 MattBlackEmerid:  And what'd they do to Mr. Freeze in "The Batman"? He's a petty ante Ice Mutant thug with a penchant for Diamonds. Gay. Doubly Gay.
Other Person:  lol
 MattBlackEmerid:  ......I'm sorry for rambling. It's a sensitive subject, the modern day shows.
 MattBlackEmerid:  I was outraged at what they did to Mr. Freeze. I really was.
 MattBlackEmerid:  I cursed loudly and profanely.
 MattBlackEmerid:  And why the hell, in The Batman, does EVERY VILLIAN KNOW SOME SORT OF MARTIAL ARTS?
 MattBlackEmerid:  The Joker was never MEANT to be a hand-to-hand guy!
 MattBlackEmerid:  The Penguin? Not some midget Bruce Lee, dammit.
Other Person:  -.-;
 MattBlackEmerid:  ....I'm boring you, I apologize.
 MattBlackEmerid:  I should write up a rant and post it somewhere.
Other Person:  lol
 MattBlackEmerid:  It's not even the fact they used to show blood and bullet firing guns....It's....there's no STORY.
 MattBlackEmerid:  There's no FEELING for the characters.
 MattBlackEmerid:  When Enzo gets his eye gouged out, You FELT for him! Why? Well you never expected it for one, and you sure as hell know HE didn't!
 Other Person:  yeah
 MattBlackEmerid:  When Matrix Vs. Megabyte, you could FEEL the rage just POURING from Matrix, the anger! You sympathized cause this guy tore away everything Matrix loved and STOMPED it to the ground!
 MattBlackEmerid:  And you HATED the villians! You HATED Megabyte for just pounding the place to crap and tearing off Fong's head...and STICKING it in aJAR!
 MattBlackEmerid:  That was another "Holy shit!" moment for me.
 Other Person signed off at 9:25 PM

And it's all true!

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