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Saw avatar two. If dances with wolves is avatar, one free Willy is avatar two.

Oh, willow is full out turd burger bad. Whatís throwing me off the most is the use of more contemporary music in a medieval fantasy setting. Itís really distracting. Rings of powet is actually better than willow by a considerable amount and thatís not saying a lot because the rings of powet was pretty much ass as well.

I saw a bullet train with Brad Pitt and a bunch of other people and it was actually the best movie Iíve seen in a couple years. It is exactly what I wanted it to be. Just a fun, funny action filled movie.

Next you are going to tell me they made versions of stargaze and Highlander! Thatís just crazy. Iíd have heard of them if theyíd done that.

You guys ever here of this thing called MASH? I think it must be supper obscure

Kinda of shocked they never made a sequel, but then they never made any more St*r WarzzZZ movies after the first three and only the three Indiana Jones movies so I guess itís possible.

Iím not sure Iíve actually enjoyed a marvel movie outside of Spider man in years

I mostly listen to the audio books in my car. Itís the only time outside of sleeping m not doing something.

And Iím listen to Clash of Kings by George RR Martin. George really isnít that good of a writer Iím discovering and the guy reading this can not do two voices.

Ragnarok did seem like Guardians of the Galaxy lite and not like a thor movie. I actually like the first Thor, not so much the 2nd.

Taika Waititi gets pass from me solely because of What We Do in the Shadows. The movie and TV show...although the last season of the show wasn't as funny, but it was still enjoyable.

Dead zone by Stephen King...ok listening to the audiobook. I donít have time to read anymore t seems

Well Love and Thunder was the first Marvel movie I waited for Home to watch since like the phase 1 movies. Glad I did it wasnít worth a theater visit but I did that because of Eternals and Shang Chi back to back disappointments. And I was really excited for Shang Chi. Been wanting him to show up since the Iron Fist Netflix show

Yeah I think I saw one episode of that and I was like "Yep, not for me."

I think maybe they were thinking it would be another guardians of the Galaxy because thereís another crew that not a lot of people are clamoring for but they did it well and with a lot of humor and heart which is exactly the opposite of what they did with eternalís. So I donít know why they thought that was gonna work. Because you took away the two things that may guardians work despite the fact nobody knew who they were

Overwatch 2  is not really and improvement. I wondered why it was  free, but it's not a microtransaction factory now.  You have to pay them to get any of the good stuff in the game now. Not an improvement. Would have rather just paid 60 bucks up front, but even then this is a just an extra large download and not a full new game. Like only 25% changes. 

Andor still is pretty good....Peacemaker still is great. Haven't got back to Boys yet.

I finally started watching  the boys Season three but Iím only about two episodes into that and I start watching peacemaker which Iím only one episode in two of that. Boys is just the boys more of the same from the first two seasons but peacemaker is actually pretty great

Well Iím in the process of downloading overwatch too. I gave that a couple weeks for them to work out the bugs hopefully they did. Iím actually a little shocked Iím doing this because I only started playing overwatch because an ex girlfriend got me into that and the though our relationship only lasted eight months The one thing I took away from it was overwatch which we played together. So I played overwatch about three more years longer than we were together. But itís some thing I probably should put behind me and just not play but weíre gonna give it another shot.

Eternals is was a steaming pile and those were not characters anyone was clamoring for. No idea why they went that direction.

I cared so little about this movie I didnít even know it was out yet. And I like Shazam! But just no desire for this.

She was the coal miner's daughter!

Honestly outside of that and knowing she was a country singer I don't know anything about her.

Still Maintain the 1989 Batman did that the best. They gave us the origin, but it is dealt in little bits till we finally get the full origin (that only takes like 5 mins) right before he goes off to face the Joker. Great. Unlike Batman Begins where we get a whole movie about where he trained, how did the get the batsuit, how he got the Batmobile....just ugh. That's why Dark Knight was better. None of that stuff because it was already done. Oh and the Joker.

Well anyone that can write a heartfelt proclamation of love between two characters in the middle of Donkey Show and make it still seem like it came from the heart is doing something correct. 

Yeah I jumped off both Picard and Lower Decks in season one...But an Odyssey Class Enterprise F. Nice. That ship was actually designed by a fan.

But I love Strange New Worlds. That actually kind of feels like a Star Trek show, which most of these other shows they've been making haven't.   

I'm also one of those that thought Clerks 2 was really good.

I blame Seth Rogen. He got Smith to be a wake and baker and that caused him to lose his angst and that was what made him so good. And I can back that up because the last funny movie Smith made was "Zack and Miri Make A Porno" and that was where he met Rogen. After that it was the "put my kid in a movie. Cry at shitty movie trailers. Write lackluster straight to video scripts." He got too happy all the time (which pot has never made me happy all the time, but I digress)

And I use to listen to Smodcast, Hollywood Babel-on, and Tell'm Steve Dave, but now I only listen to Steve Dave...the only one of those that Smith isn't on.

I was thinking the same thing. If that had been epsiode 3 instead of the season finale we might have got something out this show.

Loretta Lynn too

Ugh....not what I wanted to hear, but what I feared.

House of the Dragon is the superior of these two shows. That show is really solid and stuff actually happens. Much more enjoyable watch, even with all the cousin/niece fucking.

Getting into the Halloween mood and this is of course a must on the spooky playlist

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