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I do want to see Iron Claw the midfortunes of the Von Erichís are legendary

Godzilla minus 1.

This movie was not bad. It was actually really good.

Tropical Paradise of Hard Shelled Fruits / Re: Happy Thanksgibbon!
« on: Nov 29, 2023, 07:48:56 PM »
To be fairÖIíd run away from Trent too.

Season (series?) finale of Loki was solid. Wish more of the episodes could have been like that. Had one of the most "epic" moments the MCU has seen in a very long time.

It felt weird watching a Marvel thing again and actually caring about the characters and what was happening to them.

Well donít worry the marvels came outÖso you can go back to not giving a shit

I saw killers of the flower moon. Itís basically just 3 1/2 hours of Leonardo doing grumpy cat face.

Ahsoka kind of shit itself over the course of the season. Culminating in
Spoiler (hover to show)
, arguably one of the stupidest things we've been subjected to in new school St*r WarzzZZ thus far.

Also, a "conclusion" that's nothing but setup for a second season. Man...

Kinda agree with all of this. It started out ok butÖ.yeah

Be kind rewind.

I always heard about this movie but never set down to watch it. Came up on Max so I have it a chance. Not bad

After watching one piece, the live action show on Netflix and really really enjoying it. I decided to give one piece the anime a second tryÖÖ. And my first impression that it is bullshit crap was correct. I donít know how they made such a good live action show out of such a shitty anime but they did.

Boo! Iím also age restricted.

Liver failure! He was only 56...

Guess it does make sense not to live for fun.

One Piece -live action

Went in prepared to hate this but itís actually a lot of fun and pretty good.

Steve harwell lead singer of Smash Mouth is dead.

Hey now, heís a dead star.

Oh yeah, Iím trying to watch through rebels . I started it but I never finished it. So I think Iím missing some stuff here but boy it really is a slog at first.

And the Harley Quinn show has gone from one of my favorite shows to one of my least favorite shows. I donít know what happened, but holy shit now

I liked when he was the fiend but apart from that was never impressed

I actually agree with that. But Iím worried about anyone that comes in and hasnít seen Rebels. Itís almost required viewing to know what is happening.

I use to love Adam Warren

Anyway I saw The Last Voyage of Demeter and it was actually pretty good. Only the second time Iíve watched a movie with a main character named Clemens (spelled wrong of course) the other was Alien 3. Shame this movie of going to bomb hard.


Seriously, do people give you random shit at concerts? I was never cool enough for that. But I didn't go to a lot of concerts either.

Yes. But itís not as common as youíve been lead to believe viva humorous movies and tv shows. But does happen and it also depends on the concert. This one will be a lot more likely then say if you went to Tay swiftÖ.but weed is legal in MO now so the place will be one giant hot box. But itís happened to me more at parties and gatherings. Hell I was offered some walking into rehearsal the other night. Didnít do it since I was walking into rehearsal but I did have to tell my edible story

Oh, and this is the first concert Iím taking the kid to. So itís like dropping a kid who canít swim into the deep end and saying figure it out. Lol I already told them I was like do not take anything anybody gives you. If I donít give it to you do not eat it or drink it. And watch me and make sure I donít do the same.


Been listening to some Alice Cooper because gonna go see him and Rob Zombie in Kansas City next month. So thatís gonna be fun. Iíve actually got to go see a lot more bands place since Iíve been divorced. The ex didnít like going to concerts.

Oh yes you are most welcome for my all to late birthday wishes.

The great temple of cine makes everything better

I was very confused because I didnít remember doing this. And I was like did I do this and forget I did this. Then I saw it was from 11 years ago.

Oh and Happy birthday

Yeah, I think they pulled it off of Disney+. I think Indiana Jones is back in the cold freezer too. Iíve been keeping up with the fall of Disney. Apparently thereís stock prices are on their way to being the lowest theyíve ever been.

I just wish they quit turning animated movies into live action remakes. Course I also wish they would stop ruining St*r WarzzZZ, Indiana, Jones and Willow. But they arenít gonna stop doing that.

Strange new worlds is my current favorite thing on tv, I did finish good omens 2 which wasnít bad but you can tell Pratchett was the idea man.

I know you are but what am I indeed.

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