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The truly odd thing about my anime watching is that, I've been pulling stuff at a record high-speed pace (damn these fabulous fiber innerwebs) and watching it at a record low-speed pace.

You have to give that guy loads of credit for gumption's sake.

"Cordless hole puncher" is one of my go-to social media terms for firearms. Algorithms seem to be relatively okay with that.

As the resident firearms enthusiast I find the various theories and conspiracy stuff that's been perpetrated about this event to be amazing due to sheer bald-faced ignorance. I heard someone say that if a dude's ear got hit with a bullet from an AR15 it should have ripped it off or done more damage or whatnot: the fact is that ARs are barely intermediate-powered, let alone high-powered rifles (OTOH, if you want to see what those can do to noggins chell the shooter's cranium afterwards). I'm consistently shocked at how so many people don't get that and continue to perpetrate that as if it were a fact. I'm also surprised at how few people have apparently had something hurt their ears and thus missed out on just how much they like to bleed with the least little prick (srnk).

Whether you love him, hate him, or fall somewhere in between, the biggest fact of the matter is that Donald Dumps is lucky to be alive today.

Noticed they were doing a memorium showing of Popeye on Pluto or Tubi or one of those damn free to view channels, and I was like, hell, no, I remember being disappointed with it back in the mid-eighties....

Glad you brought up SSI -- I didn't even realize it was out. Didn't turn up at my usual spot, so I'm guessing they're afraid of WB lawyers.
Here you go.

Willie Mays, the Say Hey Kid and oldest MLB Hall of Famer, passed this week.

The one about the Demon Loving His Elf Bride (not where I can look at the actual title at the moment) turned out to be a pretty nice show. The action segments left a lot to be desired, but the story is really about the two main characters getting on. It's sweet if a little cornball. I had it pegged from the first ep as a skeevy show, and it most definitely did not turn out that way.

Speaking of which, I've watched the first half of the first season of The Apothecary Diaries, and I've found it to be quite good. So, yeah, only six months behind the curve, right?

I recently binged 7th Time Loop, Spirit Chronicles, and the first season of Moonlit Fantasy.

7th Time Loop was surprisingly enjoyable, with the recursive lives issue coming to a head with the girl marrying the man who would become a tyrant emperor who indirectly killed her five times and directly on the sixth. She uses what she learned the first six times to ameliorate the seventh course in the loop. All in all, I hope they continue it.

Spirit Chronicles sports the somewhat less well-worn isekai wrinkle of the earthling's spirit having transmigrated (as opposed to being directly reincarnated) into an existing person. It's still not high cinema, being at its heart a harem anime with an uninterested and overpowered male MC ultimately trying to find his way in this world. It has a certain je ne sais quoi that appeals to me...but I typically enjoy overpowered MC anime.

And speaking of which, Moonlit Fantasy IS a standard isekai sans truck-kun; the guy just basically gets summoned and told by the goddess he's butt-ugly and doesn't want him trashing up the place. So his overpowered ass gets dumped in the wilderness where he befriends demihumans and proceeds from there. It's got a leisurely pace that isn't too fast or too slow, and I've enjoyed the journey thus far. I just started watching season 2, so I hope it doesn't get bogged down with the magic school trope that winds up hamstringing practically every show it factors into.

KonoSuba S3 is out this year. I saw the first couple episodes in an attempt to figure out why I intended to watch it again. Still working on figuring that shit out. Reincarnated Slime guy S3 is sort of in the same boat.

Elf Bride is nice just because they're both clueless but figuring it out while the rest of the world apparently is out to get them. We'll see where it goes.

I recently got into Mushoku Tensei and was surprised by it. Instead of being transported, the MC transmigrated after death and was reborn with his weird ass NEET memories. Despite the seedy undercurrent of lecherous old bastard in a 10 year old's body, it's been enjoyable. It helps that it looks better than a lot of other stuff out there.

The Level2 Cheat show is similar to other shows I liked, like Chilling in My 30s and Banished from the Hero's Party, but I'll be interested to see how it pans out when the guy basically has a pretty heavy harem a few eps in and isn't really challenged yet.

Dungeon Meshi remains entertaining, but it's taken a dark turn as of late.

I've only watched one episode of Mysterious Disappearances so far. It's mysterious all right, from the off-hand devolution of the MC in age to the fact she can stand up straight with those hooters of hers. But it looks like it might have somewhere it's aiming to go, so, again, we'll see.

I'm still picking up Loser Ranger, Windbreaker, Irregular at Magic School S3 and Misfit at Demon King School S3, but I haven't started watching them yet.

St*r WarzzZZ is one of those things that's so steeped in pop culture that I can't imagine it not being around. By the same token, I'm not a devotee...it's not like Obi Wan died for my sins, or anything. But I can't fathom hatred for it, no matter how much I didn't like the last few movies.

Warsies = lisping bastards

Seems oddly like a Lego movie.

I use Vivaldi (Neon Genesis Opera-gelion) as my main browser and Chrome's Adblocker Ultimate extension with it. It does a great job of filtering most ads but not all that would break sites. For search I use DuckDuckGo primarily, though if I'm doing specific image searching or using logical searches I still use Great Googley Moogley.
I've heard DDG is just Google search but with a fresh coat of feathers on it. So to speak. I used to use it when it first came out but I do notice a difference, same with Google, that the search results are very... curated.
Perhaps, but looks to the contrary they aren't the same engine. I think that's more due to SEO being manipulated so uniformly amongst the usual suspects. The main thing with DDG is that you're not getting tracked, and you aren't getting bombarded with ads as a result of it.

But were Goldman and Brown ever actually bumping uglies, though?

At least I have my good ol' OJ's Legal Pad! That thing was freakin' GOLD.

I use Vivaldi (Neon Genesis Opera-gelion) as my main browser and Chrome's Adblocker Ultimate extension with it. It does a great job of filtering most ads but not all that would break sites. For search I use DuckDuckGo primarily, though if I'm doing specific image searching or using logical searches I still use Great Googley Moogley.

I don't have problems with Youtube using this setup on desktop, but for mobile I use the Brave browser that castrates Youtube ads in real-time without having to tinker settings or fool with extensions.

A character featured (and a tandem feature, at that) in a single episode and an exceedingly minor role in a single arc is hardly a blip on the radar for my part. And it's all the more satisfying when she gets to the third test.

I'm waiting for the last episode's English dub to finish out Frieren. I watched it week to week, and I was very happy with it.

Dangers of the Heart was a big surprise....I'm not much on school kid romances, but this has been an enjoyable, sweet show. I'd read that the first season was good, so I checked it out, and so I'm halfway through S2. Luckily I have a little more time to finish before Spring hits its stride.

I liked the Banished from the Hero's Party show. It's an actual non-isekai fantasy show about how a guy quit fighting the good fight but turned out to be the guy keeping the team working the whole time. A tired trope, but well-executed in this case. If it dies with S2, it's fine, but I wouldn't mind seeing it continue.

Delicious in Dungeon was entertaining and is still on-going. Another non-isekai fantasy show, this time involving how to survive in dungeons by turning monsters into Japanese staple meals. It's fun.

Spring has a bunch of continuations I'm interested in picking up...KonoSuba s3, Slime-kun s3, Demon King Academy S2P2, Irregular at Magic High School s3. I may even go back and hit S2 of Sound Euphonium seeing as s3 is coming up...it was one of those shows I enjoyed but had a hard time getting back into watching. But my backlog is so ponderous at this point that I'm hoping for a stinker season, as I have shows from last year I haven't put a dent in yet.

Just watching Shanieology craft AI mashups and laughing at it makes it worthwhile.

Thing is, Galadriel was a bit of a dick in the First age and into the Second, but she wasn't functionally retarded. I reiterate my contention that this is nothing more or less than a billion dollar fan-fiction

To be clear, I'm not saying it is Shakespeare, just that I think Smith believes that's what he's accomplished here.
Smith strikes me as one who just loves the smell of his own poop and as such doesn't believe in the courtesy flush.  So I don't doubt he's proud as can be over it, which explains why he was so butthurt about Revelation being shat over.

I did like how Hordak snorted derisively at Skeletor at one point, that was a nice touch.
I think that was a little Easter egg amongst a ton of little Easter eggs. I saw where someone pointed out the front of a Cadillac in the background of this one scene with Gwildor, and it was the one whose front end came with them to Eternia in the movie. But Keith David fucking killed it in this.

You mentioned the Snake Men, and I did like what they did with Teela in regards to that. I don't know if you ever had any of those mini-comics they used to pack in with the figures, but one of the earliest ones had that green-skinned Teela character, and I'm not sure she was even referred to as Teela at that point, to be honest. But then later when she got her own toy, they mostly kept that same design (albeit with the swapped out skin tone) complete with her cobra hood and scepter.
They call the green version of Teela "the Green Goddess" now, which adds to the ongoing Teela/Goddess/Sorceress conundrum. Basically Teela was both a warrior and goddess in her original concept, so it was great how they reconciled all the aspects of her character.

And from the way Kevin talks about it, it sounds like Revolution is being very well received. He sounds hopeful that they'll get to do more.
Yeah, I read that and was relieved.  Apparently the reason they went with 5 episodes was Netflix's algorithm told them it would do better, and it apparently has. Word is that Revolution has already done better than Revelation and was in Netflix's Top 10 for six days straight. I just hope now that strikes and whatnot are over we can get more content quicker, because the wait was pretty long for this in on top of the normal animation delay.

I thought the final episode was a really good payoff overall, but man, I found a lot of the dialogue throughout to be fucking awful.

I wouldn't be opposed to them coming back to it at some point down the line, though. Going by the epilogue, they clearly have some ideas.
I agree about the dialogue, but I wasn't expecting Shakespeare or anything...I was looking for dumb fun and found it in spades. There were several particular groaners in there, but my favorite one was the "I laugh at the superior intellect" line...it was so cliche, but the fact they even dared to throw that in there I found to be pretty ballsy.

I'll be honestly surprised if they do another season given the blowback from the previous series...this was better animated with more celebrity voicing, but that's partially why it was only 5 episodes. I'm hoping word of mouth will attract those who were so butt-hurt over Revelation to watch this.
Spoiler (hover to show)

MOTU: Revolution was unexpectedly awesome. Tighter story, better animation, epic voicing. Watch it.

Classroom of the Elite is back! You have to watch this in at least 2 episode gulps, though, because you have a scenario episode and then a resolution episode. It's oddly like reading Psalms: half of it is bitching at God, then the last half is saying He'll work it out.

If Fritz had slipped in the tub and cracked his neck in the early eighties all of those guys would have likely been good but small-time wrestlers who wound up getting real jobs by the time they were 30, and all of them would likely still be living.

That whole story was legendary for its tragedy.

I've still got 8 shows from this season I haven't started watching, let along the dozen or so from this past year. It can't be time for winter season already, can it?

Okay, I've done a little reading up, and now I understand it. Basically, they have concluded the series in a novel manner that also clears up the likelihood of Loki's return to the MCU. But the way that they did it really wasted a lot of time...in the end, though, I suppose all recursive stories ultimately are.

I liked it, but I didn't really get the ending....likely because I was watching it at 2 this morning when I should have been (as I was for a few minutes here and there) asleep. I'll rewatch it just to be sure I understand what happened and most importantly why. I'll refrain from spoilers, but they really spun their wheels a bunch in this season.

I'd not be surprised...my attention is fleeting with everything I'm trying (and failing) to keep up with.

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