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Trying to play RDR2 whenever I get the chance (which is not a lot)

Saw one of the Purge movies last night with the Mrs.
Don't know which one, they are all kind of the same 😅

Happy new year everyone 🍻

I thought Halloween was boring as hell

I saw Ocean's 8 which was every bit the waste of time I thought it was gonna be
Why don 't you watch ME next time bb  ;)

You already know where you can send your selfies 😏😆

I've been playing the 8 bit Mega Man collection on Xbox.
.... and heavily abusing the save game option 😅

I saw Ocean's 8 which was every bit the waste of time I thought it was gonna be

I'll be honest, I can't even remember what happened in X, I just recall being pissed off about it for some reason.

Might have just been in a bad mood when I watched it.

The moose joke was awesome

I just finished watching Red Dwarf XI. It was actually pretty decent. I feel like I enjoyed it more than the two previous series, which were kind of iffy. XI is a return to form, and I hope XII follows suit.

I actually enjoyed series X more than XI
But I'm still happy the smegheads are back

Saw the Jungle Book the other day on Netflix and it was awesome

Only seen the first ep of Series of Unfortunate Events but I quite liked it actually.
Certainly a lot better than Stranger Things, which a lot of my friends were raving about but I couldn't sit through for more than one ep

I spent New Year's in Mexico.
No Moctezuma's revenge this time 😁
My stomache is adjusting to shitty food

I should reconnect with South Park too, completely missed the last 3 or 4 seasons

I'd totally look at pictures of joe's mom naked

Yup! You watch Justified?

You watch Sons of Anarchy where he played a transsexual?  That did things for me.

I saw both.
I've been following Goggins career with interest ever since The Shield

Been watching Vice Principals.
Not as funny as it could have been, but it has it moments

Finally got around to watching the Hateful Eight.
Not the best Tarantino movie but I still found it quite entertaining.

And anything with Walton Goggins in it is almost an automatic win for me anyway

Tropical Paradise of Hard Shelled Fruits / Where the F is Faye?
« on: Aug 26, 2016, 07:41:20 AM »
Someone tell that girl to get her sweet ass back here 😠

Age can be weird. Like, would you expect someone born in 1921 to still be alive today? Not really.

Stan Lee is still alive and he was born in 1922

The last thing I tried to watch was the Netflix series Strangers Things because a lot of my friends were going crazy about it on Facebook.
But for me it was meh. I might have liked this series in the 90s but I've seen so much better since then.
Gave up on it after the 2nd episode

Don't talk to me about food. I'm in Mexico now with a severe case of Moctezuma's revenge. I'm also posting this from the porcelain throne.

As for cooking, my main concern is speed and not silly little details like taste or nutricion value. When I'm just cooking for myself I refuse to spend more time preparing my food than I'll spend eating it 😂

If this keeps going the way it does I can see myself making a trip to Mexico in August or so....

We still text every day, the distance between us is killing me tho 😓

Whenever I open the door it's always people who want to talk to me about the lord. I'd rather open the door and see some thug with a neck tattoo

Still playing some Fallout 4 even though I hate it so much compared to the previous 2 games

Listening to the latest Iron Maiden album. First album of theirs I've liked in over a decade

I'm crushing so hard on this Mexican girl I met at the death metal festival in Baltimore. ......

I thought Rama was only for rent

Been playing some Fallout 3 to prepare for my trip to Washington on Saturday 😎

Saw Avengers Age of Ultron on Netflix, hadn''t seen it yet.
Pretty decent flick but I liked the first one better

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