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Cautiously optimistic...


I'm okay with them trying to make Transformers fun again.

And hey! No humans!

I'll try this Ultimate thing, because I'm honestly sick of YouTube ads, I just thought I was stuck with them.

Sorry, I'm just talking my shit again. I really don't know much about musicals. This just immediately reminded me of the kind of songs that constantly show up in Helluva Boss and Hazbin Hotel, which are created by Vivienne Medrano aka Vivziepop.

I'm guessing it's actually a much wider cultural phenomenon, and I've simply had a very narrow view of it.

Well, they do say Jesus forgives.

Also, if we're talking Old Testament, he's probably in the clear. Like, the moment adultery occurred, use of lethal force became authorized.

You know, with the rule book being written by a bunch of old dudes from 2000 years ago and all.

I have Adblock Plus and uBlock Origin extensions running in tandem on my browser. Not sure which catches what, but if I only run one and not the other, something inevitably gets through. Also, neither of them seem to stop YouTube ads anymore, so I've resigned myself to whitelisting the site and simply skipping ads when given the option.

I like the idea, but that's just some straight Vivziepop music. Not that I can't tolerate a little Vivziepop, I just can't see that style ever making it into a Disney production.

One thing I've always applauded Frieren for is its sensibly dressed characters... and then Little Miss Teen Prossy shows up.


I'm a few episodes into the mage exam on Frieren, and I have to say this is the first time the show has started to lose my interest a little bit. I'm not here for this Naruto-tier shōnen tournament shit. Not to mention suddenly dumping all these new characters onto us all at once, and most of them are featured in the intro so I have to assume at least a few of them end up actually being important, but right now I don't give a fuck about any of them.

It's not enough to make me walk away or anything, I just hope it gets resolved sooner rather than later.

Godzilla multiplied by Kong

It was fine. Much better than the previous one. So ridiculous, though. I was laughing at the absurdity of it.

Where do they even go from here, though? Aliens? And then the one after that they can send Godzilla and Kong into space to counterattack the alien planet. Or maybe they could do time travel. Backward or forward? Both?

It's all just so stupid.

Get Microsoft Copilot to write it.

I've been on the fence about grabbing the third season pass for Guilty Gear Strive, but now that they've revealed the next character, I have no choice:

Anybody else catch X-Men '97?

I'm still in shock over how competently plotted it is. Like, it's ACTUALLY fucking good.


I'm so pathetically desperate for this to be amazing, but probably the most I can realistically hope for is that it's not awful.

Yeah, I remember that one. I enjoyed it overall, but you're right that it never fully developed/delivered on its premise. Or at least not in the ways I would have liked.

I think I "own" it digitally... somewhere. Or I hope that I still do. I could definitely give it another look come October.

I'm interested in Unicorn Overlord, but I've never been a strategy buff. I'd probably just set it to easy and steamroll everything, so I might as well wait for a sale.

Oh my God, I can't get over how fucking good Frieren is. And how does it have any business being that way? Tropey JRPG characters doing tropey JRPG shit, and yet... pure gold. In the most recent episode I watched, she nuked this giant monster and it gave me goosebumps. I don't remember the last time an anime gave me any kind of visceral reaction like that.

I originally came to Dune by way of Lynch's film, so when I tried reading the novel, I'll admit to finding it rather dry. :P

I just didn't even really give it a chance. I'm sure if I sat down and watched it, I would probably end up liking it.

The original show, I mean. This new thing, not so much.

Man, I haven't even watched Netflix's new Avatar thing. To be honest, I was never an Avatar head in the first place. I was always put off by its faux anime trappings. Nothing against it or its fans, though.

And from what I'm hearing, everybody's pretty lukewarm about this new adaptation.

Villeneuve's Dune movies are weird. They're really well made. Great performances. I was never bored. And yet, I'm not over the moon about them.

I hope he gets to make another one. I guess that's my endorsement?

I'm looking at the upcoming Spring lineup, and man, I don't even know. I think I'll just cast a wide net and see what sticks.

Man, 68's not that old. Bum deal.

First episode of Ninja Kamui wasn't bad.

I watched American Fiction. It was really good, not sure what else to say about it. The trailer had me worried it might lean a little too hard into schmaltz territory, but that wasn't the case at all. I laughed a bunch, got choked up a time or two. I'm fairly confident it's a movie most people would enjoy.

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