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Tropical Paradise of Hard Shelled Fruits / Re: I finally did it...
« on: Apr 02, 2022, 07:54:32 PM »
Yeah, I stopped following him awhile back because most of the shit he shares is just regurgitated shit. Fuck off with that.

The visuals for the Rings of Power are fine. I'm annoyed that they're shrinking the timeline "to make things work" or whatever.

The Halo TV show is pretty rough two episodes in.

Legends of Tomorrow introduced Donald Faison as Booster Gold. I'm shocked and excited for next season.

I have not finished the season of Batwoman and not sure I will at this point but I probably will eventually. I do want to finish Superman and Lois, still enjoying that.

Picard season 2 feels better than season 1 so far. Halfway through Discovery season 4, watching with the wife and she just wasn't feeling TV in general while it was airing, and then Picard started so we jumped ship to that for now and will pick it up later. Discovery feels better this season but there's still something about it that doesn't fulfill what I want out of it. Maybe Strange New Worlds will do it.

I play Wordle, Dungleon (a sort of dungeon crawler variant), and Framed.wtf (guess the movie based on stills, they pick some hard ass stills too).

I have friends who play quordle and octordle every day. I can't with the multi-word ones, too much stress for me. It is easier on the computer rather than on my phone but no.

I've been listening to a lot of Japanese 80s city pop and ska from all four waves.

I don't remember when I posted last and I don't feel like looking. Spider-Man No Way Home was fun. All the surprises were spoiled for me by then but I didn't really mind that sort of thing. My wife didn't get spoiled and that was better for her, she also had a lot of fun. We actually went through and watched all of the MCU stuff (mostly, we didn't re-watch Wandavision or Loki and she had no interest in watching What If? or Ant-Man, but everything else). So, that's a bunch of movies. Most of them are fun and fine but there really is some rough stuff in there. And how often it feels like propaganda sucks (I mean, I guess it partially is propaganda).

We also watched Encanto, very catchy songs, good story. Then Turning Red, giant red pandas are something I can't not enjoy.

I've probably read more in the last few months than all of last year, but it's still not much.
Parable of the Sower and Parable of the Talent by Octavia Butler
The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet by Becky Chambers
The Left Hand of Darkness and The Word for World is Forest by Ursula K Le Guin. The Left Hand of Darkness was kind of a letdown for me but I think because I let it get a little hyped up in my mind. I've known a lot of people that thought it was a really incredible book. I thought The Word for World is Forest was actually a superior work while being less than half the length, and in some ways they touch on similar themes (they're both in the Haimish cycle, mostly disconnected stories set in the same universe).
Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ's Childhood Pal. Fun read, really enjoyed most of it.

Currently working through a fan's novella, Tools of a Thief by Danita Rambo. She DMs a D&D campaign I'm in set in the same world as her books. It's fine but it's not grabbing me, and some weird editing issues on the eBook are annoying me.

Part of the reason I've read more is some friends started a book club. This month we're going to read All American Boys by Jason Reynolds and Brendan Kiely. Probably the most "real" of the books we've read. Butler's Parables are pretty heavy topically but there was still the aspect of sci-fi to distract me a bit. I'm a little worried I'm not going to be able to read this.

TUNIC had my undivided attention for about two weeks. My friends finally decided they didn't want to play Warframe every week so we're alternating between Sea of Thieves and playing old Halo campaigns once a week. May also do Streets of Rage 4 and the Turtles collection (whenever that releases). I've also been playing Kentucky Route Zero and I'm like teetering on a line between hating it and loving it.

lmao this does not look good

Owl House is one of those shows where my desire to enjoy it is far greater than my actual ability to do so. Like, it has practically everything going for it, but it just doesn't hit quite right.

I've read that it's canceled, and while that certainly means no Season 3, I wonder if the second half of Season 2 is also off the table now.

There is a season 3, which was announced as 3 specials that are coming out next year. That's still happening but that's the end.

Hawkeye is really fun. Good show. The LARP was indeed good fun.

Legends of Tomorrow had a Christmas special starring the adorable stuffed animal Beebo which once rained terror on the Earth.

Cowboy Bebop is fine, I guess. New Flash season has Despero in it, and I just can't help but love that they chose to bring that weirdo in to the show. Batwoman turned Poison Ivy into some kind of infection? The fuck?

Randomly decided to watch The Owl House and ended up binging it. It's a kids cartoon but it has some charm to it. Some of the monster design is incredibly cool, like a dragon that's made up of a bunch of hands.

I started the show. It's just fine. It's trying to have the same feel but it just doesn't. Oh well, decent enough to have playing while I'm doing something else more important.

You're not wrong that all of that did feel weird. I did think the show was going to be a bit more grounded at the start but it certainly proved me wrong. Should superhero shows really ever be that grounded, though?

Doom Patrol in season 3 has been good. Season 1 is still hard to match but Michelle Gomez has been great. At the very least, it's still about the best level of weird.

The French Dispatch was very disappointing. I don't think I've ever been bored by a Wes Anderson movie before. If you had told me he'd go on to make something I'd like even less than Isle of Dogs, I'd never have believed you in a million years, but here we are.

The French Dispatch was very boring. I liked some of the painter's story but overall the film just did not work at all.

And now an actual trailer, because the world we live in now requires both to exist.

Yeah, it's all technically Berlanti. But there's definitely a significant difference between the ones originally from HBO and the ones originally from CW. Superman and Lois might fall closer to the first camp but I understand it has better funding.

Be sure to watch the Sci-Fi miniseries as well. Even more things to compare.

I watched it. I was entertained. I was mostly annoyed at how loud and dark it was.

Are you a fan of Lynch's Dune? I am. Maybe that's my biggest problem with this new one.

See, Lynch's Dune is just Dune to me. Straight up. I would have been a little kid when I first encountered it, and it made one hell of an impression.

Later I played Dune II for the PC, and aesthetically that one lines right up with Lynch's film. It all just makes cohesive sense.

Then I read Herbert's book. Woof! No thanks.

Maybe Villeneuve’s is a more authentic take on the source material, but to me it just comes off as a lame new autotuned cover of an old song I love.

I read the book first but I still love Lynch's Dune. I think maybe that works in my favor. I also thoroughly enjoyed the two Sci-Fi channel mini-series that aired sometime in the 2000s (I think). My understanding from others that have seen it is that it's somewhat more faithful than Lynch's but takes different breaks from the book, like some characters having quips. I think Frank Herbert would have hated there being quips.

I love Poirot. It really makes murder comfy. For lack of better terminology. But damn, the later eps feel like a slog. I never got to the end nor was I ever motivated to. (I know how it ends but I never felt like watching it.)

If she's so inclined, Mrs. Fiero might also like Marple. It's the inferior between the two but scratches the itch for more Agatha Christie cozyness.

Also in line with the above in terms of feel for me, Sherlock Hound, believe it or not. But the cozyness of that one is probably more due to Miyazaki directing it. No murder that I recall but just good ol' "cartoon character solves mysteries" stuff.

Miyazaki directed sherlock dog detective? I'm IN.

I think she's looked at Misses Marple before, not sure if she's tried any of it. It's also Agatha Christie, IIRC, so wouldn't be surprised if she enjoys.

She's also enjoyed Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries, also a pretty good show.

Some recent news came out about why Ruby Rose left Batwoman and it's pretty fucking disappointing. I imagine there's been issues on other Berlanti shows as well and it's not like it's uncommon to hear this shit about other TV shows but you never want it to be one you've enjoyed any part of, you know? Not that Batwoman is that great of a show, I have to imagine this has something to do with why. I wanted it to be good, though.

The HBO DC shows really are superior to the Berlanti CW shows, and that honestly includes Stargirl (it started there, though season 2 is air on CW first). Superman and Lois has also been better than the rest of the CW DC shows as well but I believe it has somewhat different funding and production backing.

My wife started watching Poirot with David Suchet, and while I'm not watching every episode intently, it really is a nice show.

I'm watching Dune this weekend and I've been prepping myself by remembering how I upset I've been with basically every adaptation of any novel I've loved, so I'm hoping I'll at least enjoy it as it is without being too upset with whatever I don't like about it. Making myself anti-hype.

Marvel's What If really never got past "this is fine" or "this is fun." Hard to call it good, exactly. I don't even think this is required viewing for MCU fans, maybe a couple of the episodes but meh.

Back in on all the DC shows. Titans has improved over last season, though Scarecrow as the villain feels off. Supergirl is ending but like most of its seasons, I'm not sure how much I actually like it. Stargirl is a surprise for me. The first season was mostly a fun romp and had good action. The second season is much darker. It's been good. Joel McHale does not sell being a superhero at all, though. It does have a version of Jade (OG Green Lantern's kid) and GL stuff was the comics I have the most nostalgia for, so loving that. Batwoman S3 just started, the first episode seems like an improvement at least. Legends also just started again, and I'm going to love it because I always do.

Doom Patrol continues to be my favorite thing. Though I worry a bit that some of the characters are becoming circular in their development. Things they seemingly "fixed" are coming back around. I guess that's how actual people are as well but I want it to work differently for characters in shows, especially ones this strange.

And in reflecting on these, I realize that I think most of the DC shows I enjoy the most work because they focus a lot on emotional trauma. Doom Patrol definitely but also Stargirl and Titans seem to work when they're exploring how fucked some of the stuff they're experiencing really is. Even the Arrrowverse shows do this but they approach it a bit differently, I think, and are always going to be a bit more zany.

They at least look like they're having fun.

As I use Facebook these days, I'm unliking and unfollowing things I'm coming across. Like the Matrix. I apparently followed the official Matrix FB page. So they changed the name of the page to the new Matrix movie. The same thing happened with Star Trek for the series.... um, Discovery? I'm not keeping up with this stuff anymore so I don't quite recall.

I've been meaning to go through and clean all my social accounts because I have a bad habit of following stuff (not friend requests, though, that's interaction, I don't want actual interaction, too scary).

Was looking for another thread but this one reminds me that a friend of mine did a funding campaign to legally change his middle name to Toast so that FB would let him use that name on their janky ass website.

In more recent news, a nerd group I was in was taken down because CBS DMCA'd a Star Trek Picard trailer that was shared to the group from Patrick Stewart's own verified page.

Oh yeah, I also watched a few of those that I forgot about.

The Suicide Squad was so much better than I expected and a needed step up in quality from Suicide Squad.
Space Jam New Legacy was incredibly bizarre. None of it made any damn sense. That could maybe also be said about the original but at least it was entertaining.
Luca was adorable.

Wife and I watched all of the Hunger Games movies. I'd never seen them. I don't think they're great but it was fun to watch them altogether in a run, and now I can finally understand dated references that no one is making anymore.

Might have been overly harsh about M.O.D.O.K. The the thing is, there were supposed to have been a handful of Marvel shows that came out of that Hulu deal, but M.O.D.O.K. was the only one that survived, so I figured, "Hey, they must have really struck gold here or something!"

And it was a just a whole lot of middle-of-the-road Robot Chicken humor, as you mentioned.

There's something off-putting about What If...? Did any of you ever play any of Telltale's "choose your own adventure"-style games? It looks like those, only more expensive. But not TOO expensive, Disney clearly gave a modest budget to this show.

Anyway, we're only two episodes in, so it definitely has time to improve, but so far it just comes across so... hokey? Like having The Watcher's narration pop in intermittently to summarize things they couldn't just show us due to time constraints is annoying more than anything. And the overabundance of flippant character dialogue is borderline nauseating.

Maybe more than anything I'm ticked off that they're (understandably) trapped within the confines of the MCU, whereas the What If...? comic book encompassed the entirety of Marvel Comics' history, so they were always able to go really batshit with it. We're stuck with crap setups like, "What if Killmonger met Tony Stark herp derp?!"

I know from the trailers that we're getting Zombies, that might be the zaniest place they go. It does seem like it's mostly going to be "what if this character was in this other character's situation instead!" Which can be interesting but isn't as fun as it could be.

Hulu also got Helstrom, a property I know nothing about and was cancelled after one season but it did at least get there.

The fact that the composer Yoko Kanno is back is probably what I'm most hyped about. It doesn't look like it'll bad just nothing about it makes me think, "must watch immediately."

I still haven't finished Planet of Exile and I've read jack shit elsewise.

Holy shit, did any of you watch that MODOK show? I can't even believe how awful it is. Just absolute garbage.

I watched the entire season. It's not very noteworthy but I'm still surprised Marvel even allowed it to exist, for multiple reasons. I didn't think "garbage," I just thought "this would have been better as a few robot chicken sketches."

I just cannot get myself to finish CW DC shows but I think that has more to do with depression I'm dealing with than anything. These seasons aren't particularly worse or better than most of the others. Superman and Lois has been genuinely good (probably because HBO apparently produced it) but I just can't get myself to watch the last two episodes. Eventually.

Watched St*r WarzzZZ: The Dad Batch. I couldn't recommend this to anyone who wasn't already a fan of Clone Wars and Rebels but I had a fun time with it.

I liked how Loki ended. I'm surprised I'm not fatigued by this universe yet but I personally am enjoying the TV shows more than I've enjoyed the last few movies. Really looking forward to She-Hulk.

What If's first two episodes were just fine and there's a lot of questions that won't be answered by the format, so just kind of have to accept that and ride it, I guess.

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