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Anyone seen the Guardians of the Galaxy comic con trailer? I still don't understand what this is suppose to be. Are they super heroes, space pirates or some kind of Firefly ripoff?

Why hasn't anyone made that game yet?

So, Elysium was pretty good. There won't be a sequel but Blokamps next movie is about a robot cop similar to the ones in Elysium.

Well 11 mill on Friday...so that's like a 33-35 mill weekend. If it doesn't drop off too much in the 2nd week it might make the break even and even point. Maybe even a little bit of profit. Really thought Planes would put up more of a fight.

I thought Planes would have better too but it's a non Pixar movie based on a Pixar movie. So, that probably killed it. It's been a real bad summer for animated movies not named Despicable Me 2.

Yeah, that's only version of the game Nintendo sells now. I've bought that game three times now and I still can't get past Soda Popinski.

Nintendo of America in 5 years.

Nintendo need to rethink these Eshop prices.
They obviously dont since they keep getting dem suckerz (read: you)that pay for that shiet

I knew what I was doing. Besides we should pay that much for games like Pikmin 3 and The Wonderful 101 if we want them to get sequels. LoZ Wind Waker and Super Mario 3D World won't be getting my Sixty five bucks.

 "I Declare War" and "Justice League Flashpoint Paradox" The best two movies I've seen this summer. Hollywood really let me down this summer. I still have hope for Elysium though.

I just paid $65 to download fucking Pikmin 3 in barely HD. Nintendo need to rethink these Eshop prices.

Happy Beck-y lady! When and where's the party?!

Fuck, guess I need to watch the british version.

Got to play Super Mario 3D World at Best Buy today. You had to sign in to play but after your turn you could sign in again as many times as you wanted. I only got to play one level for all of five minutes. It was fun but you HAD to play with three other people. I probably should have signed up to play it a few more times but Superman was calling me.

a "tuna" sub from Subway. I usta love their tuna till I found out they may be using some kinda fish that causes anal leakage. so yeah I ate that this morning anyway. no anal leakage yet!

internet associates...that makes me feel sad for some reason.

I watched these three Masterpiece Mystery movies about two Navajo cops based on some book series.  I liked it.  Too bad they only made three.  It was nice seeing Wes Studi actually play the stern but good-hearted hero as opposed to the freakish "savage" role he's best known for.  Like evil Last of the Mohicans Indian.  Or fierce Dances With Wolves Indian.  Or fuckin' blue Space Indian from Avatar.  Or... um... fuckin' Sagat.

Are they on netflix?

 Blood Dragon is fucking epic! I almost died when I saw the two weapons to get at the end.

Steven Universe pilot=awesome


The Dog-Nut will change the world!

What's wrong with Whedon? I think Avengers has major flaws but it was the best we could hope for.

Fucking canadians thy get all the white bitches

Star Trek Into Darkness great fucking still not really a Star Trek movie no one has a fuck to give other that diehards. Abrams is a really bad liar. The shit with Sulu is annoying after a while. Robocop was a pretty good villian. Not enough half naked white women in this movie. The Kligons seemed badass. Maybe they'll get to do some evil shit in the next movie. There's a robot guy on the Enterprise at the end that comes out of nowhere. And Abrams is a liar. More Sherlock please.

start at 0:53

How did I miss that? I love a good anal rape scene.


goddamnit for some reason I cant stop watching these videos

poor monkey..I should not have watched that.

Ive replayed the shit out of Mario 64 (first on the 64 and then on my DSi)

As much as I love Mario games I've never played SM64 or SM64 DS all the way through. I'll probably pick it again after Nintendo puts out the HD remake.

Rented Bioshock Infinite from Rebox (decent service, I'd say).

I think it's better than the first one in a lot of ways. I'll probably end up buying it.

And I started Blood Dragon. OMFG YES

I plan on buy both of those and Tomb Raider on Black friday.

What about the woman with the fish growing out of her head? It was something like that. Had the same torso and background as the lobster. I think.

I forgot to grab that picture before geocities went bye-bye. I need to remake that picture someday.

Yup, Marvel played us like a fiddle.

John Dies At the End

There's some neat ideas in this movie but dont waste your time. And John doesn't die at the end.

Otto took over Peter's body, Peter died in Otto's body.

What the fuck, comic books, you are high.

In ten issues somehow Peter will be back.

He came back at the end of the first issue.

Anyone read Superior Spider-Man #1? Just wondering.

Ok, how did they do the fake boobs? I've seen boobs on RuPaul's Drag Race that don't look that real.

Captain Worf is actually happening? Is it going to some indie project or an official thing?

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