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- Bucky is a criminal. Falcon isn't. Bucky is a tremendously compromised person morally. Falcon isn't. Besides, they can always flim-flam a way to get the super soldier serum into Falcon.

Well, about the criminal part, I don't think that would be that big of a problem. Captain himself was a fugitive from Civil War to Infinity War, although he didn't exactly do a lot of superhero stuff during that time. And other heroes have had moments where they were considered "criminals", or the police tried (unsuccessfully) to arrest them (Batman for instance).

Oh, one more thing that really really bothered me about Endgame.

Did they really have to have that scene where Tony was checking out Steve's ass in the past? Normally I wouldn't care one bit about this moment, but this is going to have all those damn Tumblr fangirls screaming their overly-emotional heads off about how their fucking Tony-Steve gay bromance is now canon. "Omg omg I told you they were really gay for each other." Sweet Jesus that's going to be annoying.

Speaking of things getting remakes: Shrunk starring Josh Gad (remake of Honey I Shrunk the Kids). Possibly an okay film.

Or did we have another thread JUST for movie remakes?

Halfway down the first page. I think it's the "FUCKING REBOOTS" thread.


Out of this latest album the only one I like is Radio. Though I haven't been able to listen to the entire thing because I can't find the entire thing streaming anywhere that isn't a paid service (like Amazon Unlimited, fuck that shit).

Do you fans think they should've just stopped? I'm just thinking if I were a fan of a book series that got turned into a show, I'd want them to stop when they ran out of shit to adapt. Wrap up what you got and hopefully everyone will be available for a mini-series whenever the author finishes it. But oh, well, gotta milk that sweet cash cow, I guess.
I actually would have preferred them to begin the series AFTER GRRM finished the damn books, but since it's looking like he's going to die before he even finishes the next book, it probably wasn't worth waiting.

That was kind of the point. It was a loving rib at the super robots genre and is not to ever be taken entirely seriously.
As silly as Gurren is for most of the show one of the things I loved about it is that there was actually a semi-serious part of the series. The underlying plot of the show is about Simon coming of age and becoming a man. He goes from literally running away from his problems by burrowing underground to growing a massive pair and facing everything head on. It was like Anno was saying "Sorry for making Shinji such a pussy, here's a character that starts out like Shinji but grows the fuck up."

Gainax has always had problems finishing: look at Evangelion as a prime example.
Pfft. Gunbuster. Our final battle is just the storyboards for said battle.

Oh yea, Squirrel, you might be interested in this. So, it turns out the Code Geass IP is coming back to life again. I saw Gurren Lagann: Lelouch of the Ressurection in theaters, which is actually the 4th new movie. They came out with 3 movies which were basically retelling the TV series. There's apparently a 10 year plan for the franchise although they haven't said what's coming next.

So, my spoilerish review of the Code Geass movie.
It was... okay. Didn't exactly feel worth the $12 I spent to see it. The movie was missing something. I would say that one of the things that made Code Geass entertaining, besides the Sunrise-style giant robot action, was all the plot twists and shocking events and of course Lelouch spending half the series laughing like a literal madman. The movie had none of this, really. If anything, the entire movie felt like it had two purposes, really: Explain how Lelouch comes back to life, and be fanservice for the fans, and it did both. Fanservice especially, as just about every character from the original series shows up, even for a split second, and at the end both Lancelot Albion and Flying Guren show up.

Speaking of fanservice, I was shocked and confused to see Shirley alive. It seems that in the movie remakes that she never dies like she did in the series. And this bugs the hell out of me, because her death was a major thing in the series, a serious emotional scene. And to just, gloss over that and have her alive and well is kinda annoying.

Another thing that bothered me was the Geass of the main villain. It's been pretty established that Geass powers seem to be telepathic or psychic in nature, as every single one of them affects the brain in some way. Lelouch allows him to control minds, Mao's allows him to read minds, Rolo's allows him to cause people to freeze up for a short period, and Charles' causes memories to be erased or replaced. However, the villain in this movie has a geass that allows her to travel 6 hours back in time. Which has nothing to do with the brain. So yea.

The movie I saw was dubbed and the first time I've seen the dub. I'd say that Lelouch is better in Japanese, he has quite the deep voice. But in the dub it's Johnny Yong Bosch, and he voices Lelouch with a much softer voice. Doesn't have the same bite and egotistical commanding voice that the Japanese voice has.

Reasonably good movie. Enjoyed it. Don't have a lot of thoughts about it either way. Kinda felt the whole "I'm trying to find my mom" thing wasn't focused on as much as it should have... so he finds his mom and find out she deliberately lost him because she was 17 (even though she didn't remotely look 17) and the kid's like "oh... okay" and I didn't feel a lot of emotional impact from that scene despite it being an important plot point.

So I had this spoiled pretty early for me, and anything I type after this is a spoiler so you've been warned, but I had seen people post that Nat and Tony die, and that Tony uses the gauntlet to snap Thanos into dust. But I hoped those were fake spoilers. Nope. So during the soul stone scene I knew what was going to happen even though I didn't want it to happen there. I still enjoyed the movie. Not surprised about the time travel aspect, I figured before that the movie would either involve the time stone or the quantum realm, and I was half right.

Some things that bothered me about the movie:
- 5 years after Antman 2, and Antman finds his daughter. Who's in college now? Wasn't she pre-pubescent in Antman 2 or am I remembering shit wrong? In order to be in college she would have had to been mid teens in Antman 2.

- Later in the movie Thanos blows up Avengers headquarters with a missile bombardment... and EVERYONE SURVIVES. You want to talk about plot armor? Some of the characters it makes sense. Thor and Hulk would survive. If Tony and WarMachine were wearing their armor they would probably survive. But what about the rest of them?

- 5 years pass before everyone's snapped back to life. That's quite a long time for people to be gone. Imagine you come back to life... for you it's been an instant. Your dog is dead, your wife is fucking some other dude, your house is fucking gone, your beloved mother with cancer is dead now. Fuck you, right?

- Also, how exactly does the powet of the Gauntlet work? Thanos snaps his fingers and the gauntlet destroys his arm, which makes sense as the amount of energy needed to erase half the life in the universe would be a lot. Same thing with Hulk bringing people back. But, would the gauntlet destroy your arm if you asked it to make a cup of coffee? Thanos uses it a lot in IW and never destroys his hand, yet Iron Man uses it to destroy Thanos and his army (a billion times less people than half the galaxy) and it basically does to him what it did to Thor and Thanos. I can only assume that if you use it to kill anybody it will destroy your arm or something.

- The time travel thing confused me at first. Because of the things that happened in the past, that Loki steals the Tessaract, that Thanos comes to the future, I thought "well, how does the tessaract end up in the gauntlet later and how does Thanos snap his finger in the past if he dies in the future". Took me a bit to realize those events spawn new universes, so now there's a universe where Loki has the Tessaract, and there's a universe where Thanos isn't around anymore because he ended up in the future of OUR universe.

- So, if Capt returned the Soul Stone to the past, does that mean Nat came to life again, or is she just fucked? There's a Black Widow movie coming out, so how does that work? Or are they doing a Capt Marvel thing and having it in the 80s?

- Speaking of Old Capt, why didn't he give the shield to Bucky? See, Bucky is the one who actually has the same super serum powers as Capt, so he could put on the Capt suit and no one would know the difference. Falcon doesn't have super powers, his suit is the only thing that gives him powet. So he would be Captain America but with no super strength at all... he'd be weak-ass Captain America.

- Nice little nod to having Tony's father's butler be named Jarvis.

Happy to find out that One Punch Man has a second season.

Not so happy that the series is now exclusive to Hulu and no other service. It's not on Netflix or Crunchyroll despite me having accounts on both those services. Welp... time to be a pirate again, yarr!!!

I saw the end battle of the first Transformer's movie on TV.

And I only mention it because of how badly it's held up. I remember mostly enjoying Transformers 1 in theater before the series went all downhill. But I seem to remember thinking the final battle was way too chaotic and suffered from too much jiggle camera, and it seems even worse watching it now. It's almost impossible to figure out what's going on half the time in the damn fight. And of course, now, every damn movie has to have chaotic jiggling camera shots at bizzare angles where you don't even know what the fuck's going on half the time.

Oh yea, and one more thing. I remember hearing a whole lot of bitching from feminists about Sansa's rape scene. So much so, that when I actually saw the scene, I wasn't even sure it was the right scene, because it was literally nothing worth crying about. I had to look it up online to make sure that the scene I had seen, which wasn't a big deal, was the same one that feminists had been screaming about.

So yea, feminists whining about nothing, but what's new?

Am I the only one who enjoyed GitS? I'll admit it's not even remotely as good as the anime movies or TV series but it was still decently enjoyable.

Game of Thrones season 5.

Gotta love this series. In a previous season you love a character (or at least tolerating them) only to find yourself hating them in the next season (like Stannis and the Red Witch for burning a child alive, or that Black Watch kid that has perpetual angry face and gets all stabby stabby at the end). Or hating a character but then feeling sorry for them (like Cersei).

Oh, something that bugged me. Back in season 2 I wondered how Bran got around the Bolton's siege of Winterfell and left without being spotted. Another thing that confused me this season was the aftermath of Hardhome's destruction. So Hardhome is on the coast of the ocean. The survivors board Stannis' fleet. So why... why did they just not use the fleet to get around the wall? Why did they go through the gate instead? The gate is hundreds of miles away from Hardhome.  What the fuck????

And something else I didn't understand. That the youngest of Oberyn's daughters found Bronn hot. We're thinking of the same Bronn, right? Maybe Bronn is hotter in the books idk.

And is anyone else tired of Baelish's Talk-out-the-side-of-my-fucking-mouth accent already? Anyone?

In ending, I just figured out that Walder Frey is played by HP's Filch, and Osha, Bran's wildling friend, is played by Nymphadora Tonks.

And Tyrion Lannister is played in Season 5 by Old Luke Skywalker:

Tokyo Godfathers

This movie started off slow and kinda boring but picked up later in the movie. So it's a movie about three homeless people who find a baby in a dumpster and go on an adventure to find the mother. Two of the homeless people I was okay with but the third one, a tall skinny gay drag queen who apparently was bipolar or some shit I found annoying as hell. He was loud, obnoxious, and would go from crying to being enraged in about .25 seconds. Emotional af. I'm sure he was the comic relief of the movie but he just came off as annoying.

As the movie went on I stopped caring about the baby and wanted to see the homeless people resolve their demons. In a way two of them do. Except the runaway girl.

The Japanese have this trope where movies aren't resolved at the end. Like, it looks like the movie will be resolved but it ends without a solid conclusion. I'm pretty sure most of Japan couldn't conclude their way out of a escape room with an open door. A prime example was Your Name, where it implies that the two characters meet up in the end but it doesn't actually show that they do get back together. And it's kinda fucking annoying.

In Tokyo Godfathers, one of the homeless persons was a runaway teen girl who ran away from her strict stoic father. Spoilers, but at the very end of the movie they bump into each other and then Roll Credits. It doesn't show at all that they reconcile. See, I would have loved to see this strict father walk up to his daughter and then start sobbing and holding her, telling her he loves her and he's sorry, and she cries and says that she's sorry, and at that point I'm drowning in my own lake of tears. I mean, that would be some awesome writing.

But no, their meeting and reconciliation is implied because it rolls credits right when they see each other. Japan: We can't write a conclusion worth shit.

In any case it was an okay movie but Paprika and Paranoia Agent are better.

So now that I'm well into season 5 now, here's some Game of Thrones Fourth Season thoughts (Spoilers duh):

- I can see why they introduced Ramsay Bolton... they needed someone to replace Joffrey as the most evil human in Westeros.

- In season 3 there was this guy named Daario of the Second Sons who joins Dany, and the guy looks like a real 80s hair metal guitarist. Then season four comes along, and there's this guy with a beard that pops up in a similar role, and I'm thinking "They changed actors, didn't they." Yep. I actually miss the metalhead though, I liked him better.

- I a bonus feature about the battle of Castle Black, they mentioned that on one day of shooting, it started raining, and becausee of... money reasons?... they shot in the rain, and then CGd the rain out of the scene. Seriously, it was cheaper to CG the rain out of the scene than just, wait until the rain stopped fucking pouring? I feel more let down than when they CG shaved Henry Cavill's face.

- Shae has to be the dumbest fucking person in that series. She doesn't understand why Tywin has to marry Sansa like she's never heard of arranged marriages before (though maybe the country she comes from doesn't have arranged marriages). Even though she doesn't see Tywin consummate his marriage she still acts jealous. And then she doesn't understand why he has to send her away, oblivious to how dangerous King's Landing really is. And then the jealous bitch goes and lies in court against Tyrion. Her death was the most satisfying thing ever. Fuck her ass.

- Also, getting shot on the toilet has to be the worst way to die and it couldn't have happened to a more stuck up character.

- One of the things that bothered me about Dany's actions in Meereen. She decides to punish the masters by crucifying some of them. And I thought to myself "But now she's not much better than the original slavers. And what if some of those masters she killed were good to their slaves, or even freed their slaves. And sure enough, in a later episode one of the master's sons comes up and said his dad opposed the bad treatment of slaves.
I appreciate that Martin and the writers are showing Dany's rule of Meereen as not going as smooth as she would like it. People who spent their whole lives having slaves would not want their comfortable way of life upended so quickly without being resentful. And we have example of that in the KKK-like Harpys of season 5. Not to mention slaves being hateful toward their former masters. I am happy to see that the writers are showing that some of Dany's actions have negative consequences and that liberating tyrannical slave governments is easier than actually ruling over them.

- On a last thought, it really annoys me when fantasy writers throw around long spans of time in a novel's past without thinking of how long it would actually be. The first men arrive in Westeros 12000 years ago, fight the Children of the Forest for 2000 years, and during that time the Children create the first White Walkers. But the Walkers only appear 8000 years ago. So what were they doing for 2000-4000 years? Discovering masturbation? Just throw random spans of time around, sounds legit.
And the 12000 years that have passed since Westeros was first colonized. I don't know the technology of those first men (Stone age maybe?) but the Westeros of today is iron age, and between around Roman Empire and Mid Middle Ages in technology. Why aren't they more advanced in 12000 years? At least they should have cannons and/or siege weapons, or at least electricity and spaceships and shit.

Hehe. I was just quoting The D's signature. I don't feel as strongly about anime now as I did then. I've just accepted that most of it is going to be crap, and even if it isn't complete crap, it will probably still look like crap because of the meat grinder nature of the industry.

And honestly, anime has probably been that way since before I ever got into it. The difference is back in the day, everything we had access to had already been curated for us, and these days we have immediate access to pretty much all of it as it's released.

When the primary medium that anime came across the ocean on was VHS, of course they filtered out the better ones. Now you can download any crap you want.

And the worst stuff seems to be the mass of generic fanservice and harem romance that comes across. Here's one where girls fight each other with their asses. Here's the upteenth one where the sister lusts after the brother because Japan's filled with horny incels like that.

So, finally finished season 3 and moving onto season 4. At this point I wanted to do a season a week which is a bit difficult even with each season being 10 episodes. Doesn't help that it's not streamable on Netflix so I've been borrowing the dvds from my brother and that's a slower way of doing it.

First off, was the third season supposed to be the redemption season? Where people I loathed in season 2 I now feel sorry for? I mean Jaymie, Sandor, and Theon.... especially Theon. I figured after season 2 I'd enjoy Theon getting fucked up but it's painful to watch. And Ramsay is a fucking prick. I think I hate this man more than Joffery. Even Joffery was starting to be redeemed a little.

That's one of the things I heard from one of features where the actors are like "Well, all of the characters are gray... none are truly good or evil. That's the amazing thing about these characters." Yea, sure, okay. It's pretty clear for the most part which characters you root for... Dany, the Stark children, Tyrion, the bastard blacksmith. And which characters you hate... Joffery, Tywin, the Boltons, ect. There are some more gray characters that have redeemed themselves, the ones I mentioned above. But it's obvious who the heroes and villians are.

And then the end of season 3. Fuck. I had heard about this event from the strong reactions from people online when it first aired. But, I thought for sure the event in question was A) a later season, B) happened somewhere else, and C) involved the Lannisters directly. Did not expect what happened to happen, but when the arrows started flying I realized that it was that event. Left me reeling.

Oh, and I kinda knew what was going to happen to Robb in that scene, although like I said, I expected it to happen in a later season. You can thank the GoT wikis for that. I go to the wikis to look up info about characters I don't know about, or locations I'm curious about. And it's very very hard not to get spoiled by the wikis. They're not very good at keeping the spoilers contained to later in the article. Like, split the article into seasons so I know when to stop reading.

Last thought. I love how they change the ending credits music based on what happened when the episode ended. The best ending and biggest surprise was when what happened to Jaymie, and then the ending credits music was this jaunty Irish pub tune. Just... perfect.

It's a lot of that but there are some great battles in the series. S2E9 does have one pretty good battle but not at the scale of LOTR battles. S6 and S5 have (IIRC) the most battles. Most of the seasons have some skirmishes here and there and maybe one big story-event-battle episode. There's nothing on the scale of the Battle of Pelenor Fields or the Battle of the Hornburg. More are closer to the defense of Osgiliath, or the skirmish at Amon Hen. There are some larger ones as well but still not really on the scale of LOTR films. There are some solid battles in the series for sure. In the upcoming last season, we might have a particularly large battle as well.

In one of the bonus features talking about the battle of Kings Landing they said they wanted to do a big battle for season 1, one of the battles between the Northmen and Lannisters, but they had run out of money. Kinda funny to hear HBO say they've run out of money but I guess I can understand considering it was the beginning of the series and it hadn't established itself yet. Still, it's HBO. I heard the Battle of King's landing took up nearly 50% of the budget of the second season which sounds crazy, especially since they used only one prop boat for every ship in Stannis' fleet. And the mud gate wall was just a small set next to a lake. Still was a pretty impressive battle although there were times when the actual number of bodies on camera kinda gave away that there wasn't that many actors fighting in those scenes... the rest of the ships, rowboats, and fighters were CG. Also, Fuck the king!

Sausage Fest
People told me this was a very funny movie but I found it not funny at all. I don't know what I was expecting out of a Seth Rogan comedy but, of course, all the humor was sex jokes, drug jokes, and a massive amount of profanity just for the sake of profanity. Comedy-wise it was a let down. Story wise it was average.

this reminds me Tim Russ, who played Tuvok on Star Trek: Voyager. Literally every time I see him, no matter the role, I'm only thinking of his small line in Spaceballs: "We ain't found shit."
I now wish there was a scene in Voyager that goes like this:
Janeway: "Tuvok, scan the surface for life signs....
...have you found anything yet?"
Tuvok: "I ain't found shit Captain."

Wonder Woman. First half: Good. Second half: Godawful CG shitfest. I can't figure out why it's reviewing so well. It has a promising setup, but then it just completely falls apart. Disappointed.
Having not seen Aquaman yet I would say that Wonder Woman is probably the best of the current DC universe movies. BvS was mostly a piece of shit, being that the whole premise was to have Batman and Superman fight for fanservice and the rest of the story was just half assed thrown together. And holy fuck did I hate Lex Luthor. MoS was decent, the fighting scenes were magnificent but the drama felt too forced (am I supposed to feel sorry for Kent's dad just standing there and letting a tornado suck him up?). I tried to enjoy Justice League but it felt like it was missing something... maybe back story for most of the characters.

Wonder Woman was at least enjoyable for most of the movie. Although I'll agree that it fell apart, just for me it was after Stryker was killed. So we have this moment when Diana finally realizes that war happens because humans are shitty creatures. And then fucking Lupin shows up and is like "I'm Ares and the reason why mankind fights." And then Ares is killed. So.... did anyone forget about WW2 which was far worse than WW1? If Ares isn't around then why do people still fight? It implies that wars are so horrible because Ares encourages people to be horrible, but now that he's dead, WW2 shouldn't have happened at all.
So, great movie, but ending was a let down.

I gave My Hero Academia a chance. Besides being a typical generic shounen anime I actually found myself enjoying it. Enough to marathon the first season in a weekend.

What's up with grenade hands though? Dude's angry for no fucking reason like he has pinecone permanently wedged up his ass. I'm not exactly sure what's with this shounen trope where the main character always has to have this bitter rival that hates his guts (Vegeta, Sauske), but according to the fanfic fangirls probably secretly wants to fuck him. It's like it's not shounen unless that character exists. And at least in MHA, grenade hands really pisses me off.

I go through phases like that, too, and I own this place. :lol:
I just gave up and set up Vivaldi to tell me when somebody posts here. It's not like I really post anywhere much these days.

You can do that?

What other board do you mean, D?  The back-up board?  It's labeled as DarthNuriko's Corner. If you're talking about another board besides that one then I have no idea what you mean.

I don't know. I seem to remember a board looking different than this. Being red and yellow maybe. I probably thought this was different because it uses a default skin.

I've heard all sorts of rumors of him hitting on teenage girls at cons, although with today's "everything's rape" culture I'm taking it with a grain of salt. Kissing people on their cheeks or forehead, like he admitted to, is a big no-no though.

“Someone pointed me to a moment years ago where I was in a panel, and referred to a bunch of noise coming from another room jokingly as ‘a holocaust,’” he said. “As I said then, it was a metaphor ... Could I have chosen a different word? Sure, in retrospect I could have. And, of course, I am sorry that it offended anyone.”

Someone got offended about this? I've done worse in Cards Against Humanity.

It was a less a legitimate question and more to the fact I was hungry when I posted.  Are you actually delivering newspapers to individual people or do you deliver them to businesses where they are then sold?

Did I answer this?
Answer = Both.

I decided to try to marathon Game of Thrones before the last season comes out. I had seen bits and pieces of season 7 but had no idea what the hell was going on.

I'm finishing season 2 now and although I like the series a lot it's different than what I expected. Definitely not Lord of the Rings. LotR had these amazing epic scenes with giant statues and cities and massive land battles and stuff. I'm expecting massive battles in GoT and so far all the battles have happened offscreen. They'll mention some battle between the Starks and Lannisters and you never get to see it, just some field of dead bodies and shit. Besides the occasional violent and bloody moment the series comes off as like a soap opera drama, lots of talking, characters moving around, character and story development. It's good, but certainly not as epic and war full as expected, although that may change in later seasons. It's not like HBO didn't have the budget. Also, a lot of the appeal of the show seems to be the shock-value element to it as well, which does get a bit old after a while.

Jesus fuck I couldn't even remember my account name.

...wait, what the hell happened to the other board?

Rurouni Kenshin movie #2 - Kyoto Inferno

It's been since the early 2000s since I watched Kenshin so I'm not sure how well they adapted this, but they seemed to have gotten it right. It was a decent movie though I found myself looking at my watch a little too much. My disappointment would be that Kaoru seems to be weaker in the movie, constantly being captured and needing rescuing, where in the anime she was tougher and could stand her ground. Also, at one point Sano says he's going to Kyoto to follow Kenshin, and then he just disappears for the rest of the movie before spontaneously appearing during the final battle. Like, where did you go during that time?

In the anime Saito was probably one of my favorite characters... I agree with his morals more than Kenshin's no-kill idealism. I like the actor they cast for him in the movies. Chainsmoking with one hand while cutting down bad guys with his other... can even kick ass one hand wielding.

Also, bonus points, but a friend was an extra in the movie.

The local comedy club gives free admission to a group if one person in the group has a birthday that month, so my family a couple years ago would go to the comedy club for their birthdays. Don't know why we stopped doing that but after gramps died the family's kinda broken up a bit so whatever.

It takes a lot to get me to laugh, for some reason.
One guy I saw was named Haywood Banks. Guy who does the "Yea Toast!" song. His songs are clever but they don't make me laugh, but he does do humor in between songs during his shows, and even though he's "mostly" clean (at best it's a bunch of wink wink subtle humor), his stuff is funny.
In the toast video he's drumming on a metal toaster with forks. That's the sound you hear.

Also saw Jimmy Pardo years ago. Thought he was somewhat funny.

Do youtube groups count? This one group created this series called Epic NPC Man which is damn funny.

Oh, and since apparently you were actually asking me a legitimate question, and I still can't edit old posts...
No, I stopped delivering back in 2008. I was a waiter for about 2~ years. Now I work third shift for a newspaper delivery company. Half my shift is warehouse, half is delivering. It sucks. Paycheck's shrinking. It's a midnight shift. Coworkers are grouchy baby boomers. Gotta drive in whatever shit weather.

At least you're okay with pineapple on your pizza.

I see too many savages who think it's nasty. They are all wrong. They must all come from some savage third world country and do not enjoy the high class taste of pineapple on pizza.

I'm here. I'm alive.

I'm surprised I was able to log in my account with the very first attempt.

I haven't touched this account since 2015... wow. To think how strange the world has become now.

Edge of Tomorrow... I mean "Live. Die. Repeat." I mean Groundhog Day meets Starship Troopers (literally).
So the movie is about aliens who invade Europe from a meteor. The movie begins with a D-Day assault from London onto the beaches of France to reclaim Europe (the movie is heavy on Normandy imagery). Cruise's character Cage is a public relations officer with no combat experience, told to go to the front lines and film for propaganda reasons. He's a coward of epic proportions, refuses, and is demoted and forced in an infantry squad to fight on the beach. Where he and the military is slaughtered by a surprise alien attack. He's covered in alien goo and wakes up right back where he first joined the squad. And gets killed, relives the day, gets killed, relives the day, over and over. He meets another woman who once had the powet, turns out the aliens can time travel a bit and he has their powet. And they have to save the day and kill the aliens.

This very much feels like the gritty satire of Starship Troopers mashed with the comedy of Groundhog day, and yes there is comedy. Some rather Michael Bay-ish, but some funny. Making the same stupid mistake over and over again and stuff. Trying to kill yourself over and over again and failing. There's also quite a bit of drama in it as well.
And the exoskeleton suits are just plain awesome.

One of the things that bugged me about this is how, despite Cage being a coward, he gets dumped in this squad with no training, not even on how to operate one of the robo suits. The rest of his squad didn't seem that much more disciplined either. Considering how bad he was, he becomes a liability, he could shoot an ally in the back on accident, or hold back the team and get them all killed. A military unit is only as strong as their weakest link. Plus they did treat him pretty horribly even if he was a dick.

But this was a funny, dramatic and action packed movie and I loved it.

Dragonball Z Resurrection F
Does F stand for Fuck this shit?

So, a total fanservice movie. Hey look Frieza's back! Some of Frieza's minions resurrect him with the Dragonballs. He spends 4 months training to beat Goku. Frieza comes to Earth, blows up an entire city for fun. The Z gang, minus Goku and Vegeta, fight off Frieza's army quite efficiently in a rather entertaining battle. Krillin and Tenshin actually fought without dying uselessly. Roshi bulked up for a change. There was some pretty good CG in it as well. Then Goku and Vegeta show up to save the day.

Here's the thing I was thinking about the whole time during this movie. Frieza trains for 4 months and manages to create a new more powerful form of himself, Golden Frieza. Yet Goku and Vegeta have been fighting Gods and Play Dough blobs for YEARS since they fought Frieza and are now "God Sayans" (When you know they're godmodding the main characters lol). So, shouldn't have even been a contest. Yet, oddly enough, Frieza stands his ground for a while. Well, not that long.

Also, when Earth is saved in the end, the Z team says "We'll use the Dragonballs to restore that blown up city." Um, that's going to be in at least 6 months because the balls were just used to undead Frieza. Isn't anyone going to notice there's a giant city missing? "Well there was a city here, now there's a crater. That's odd." I think a missing city would be noticed by SOMEONE.

Still, it was a typical DBZ movie, and a decent one. Good action scenes and the battles didn't span 30 episodes.

And now I finished Saint Odd and I am so glad to be done with this series. Started out good, but when the author decided to add an over-reaching plot over the whole thing later in the series it just got stupid.

First off, the book ended exactly how I expected it would end. It was a very anti-climatic ending, as well, considering all the build up.

One of my biggest issues was the fact that Odd would act very messed up after he killed someone, sometimes even saying he felt like puking... YET, had no problem shooting people left and right. Even, a few times, shooting people in the back. Of course this is supposed to be all okay because the people he was shooting were pure evil and one dimensional.

I was reading the TV Tropes for the series and I felt these were pretty good descriptions of how I felt about the villains in most of these series:
Evil Is Petty: A recurring theme in the series. In almost every book there's a scene of one or more extremely evil characters acting either like petulant children or the dullest bores you ever met.
How about ALL of the evil villains acting this way.
Religion of Evil: Basically every book is Odd having to deal with one of these. The first book is Satanists, the second a psycho woman that has traveled all over the world studying occult stuff, the third is a guy that thinks he can create life, the fifth are a group of people who think they're gods, and the sixth are another (even worse) group of Satanists.
And the fourth, that they don't mention, are domestic terrorists following a former Christian pastor, and the seventh are the same Satanists from the sixth. For some reason this guy has a thing for evil religious stereotypes, or hollywood depictions of religions (Hollywood Satanists, a Hollywood occultist/pagan, ect...).

Another thing that bothered me is not everything is explained. What Anamaria really is. What was with those curb grates with the lightning bolts on them, where he could hear voices and feet through them. Why some animals acted semi-intelligent (but could have been someone with powers controlling them).

One of the good parts of the books was when Odd stays with a pro-gun Texas couple who chastise him for not carrying a gun at all times if people are out to kill him. About time someone talks with common sense. Later, a rather suspenseful scene happens when the Texans house is invaded and Odd runs to save them only to find the Texans kicking the shit out of the bad guys.

And here I go into spoilers about the ending and why it bugged me, because I can't describe why it bugged me unless I spoil it. So..
So, Odd returns to his hometown after seeing a vision of the downtown area flooded with water, and lots of dead people. He hears of the cultists having somehow hijacked a military semi full of C4 (how that would ever happen in the real world I don't know). So he assumes they're gonna blow a damn and flood the town. Near the end of the book the cultists are blowing up shit left and right, a church, a fuel depot, a nut plant. So you think there's gonna be a violent ending to the book.

Nope. Odd figures out the cultists are really going to release a plague virus in the town. He grabs the virus canister, gets into a shootout with one cultist, kills him but is hit, staggers to the police chief, and dies in his arms with the canister. He goes to purgatory and meets his GF. And that's it.

First off, really? All this buildup of C4 and explosions and such and then an anti-climatic ending? I feel ripped off. And while I fully expected Odd to die and be with his girl, and people will say that's a beautiful ending, it seems selfish. I would have more expected Odd to join the league of doo-gooders and use his powet to better the world. Dead, and he's useless. Also, what about the truck of C4? The cultists still have it and it's somewhere being driven away to do another 9/11. The truck is basically ignored for the last part of the book.

Also, I wondered "How did Odd write the last book if he's dead" and then Koontz explains that in the dumbest way. A lighting bolt hits Ozzy's computer and it spits out of the printer. I shit you not. The most convenient way to explain how a dead person writes a story, and the dumbest.

This series started out good. It ended pathetically. I'm pretty disappoint.

I thought about this since it's been about a year, but last July and August, I had bedbugs. Never ever have bedbugs, they are some evil little bugs.

Wasn't my fault either. Couple years ago two apartments upstairs got them. Then they got them again. Then the guy next door to me got them. Then they decided to move over to my apartment. Part of the problem is the landlord is a cheap-ass and wasn't hiring an exterminator but rather trying to bomb them himself, and I don't think the bombs worked because I'd see some alive in the cracks afterward.

And they drink blood. You'll wake up and see these little brown things running across your bed. Look like flat rolly pollys. You'll have little red dots on your skin and it will itch. I had to put myself to sleep with sleeping pills because the idea of those things crawling all over me wanted to keep me awake. I woke up once to find one crawling on my neck.

I was able to save most of what I owned. The landlord bought me another bed. My stuff was boxed up and taken out (which is probably why other people had reoccurrences of them, they would hide in the boxes) We stripped up the carpet and found them living beneath it. Cracks were sealed. I inspected stuff while bringing it back in and found some hidden in furniture. I probably spent almost $100 on bed encasement, poison spray, bed leg traps, and powders.

But nothing so far. But the two apartments upstairs have had them again this year, and I saw one in the spring that I killed.

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