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So what is the right way tho? What does it mean?

New from the press: Haikyuu will end after the next 2 movies.
( side note: Literally 90% of the kids that are in volleyball clubs all over Japan started because of Haikyuu )

Its well known that he used to hook up with that girl playing his daughter in the witcher (obvi before she turned 18) and also used to hook up with that girl from stranger things (can't remember her name now, she looks like she's 40 tho).


Henry Cavill is so pretty but, man, I don't think he'd work for this. Not being protective of The Highlander or anything, I just don't Henry Cavill works for anything. He should've been the perfect Superman. Maybe he would've been if WB had gone for a happier Superman.
Girl. Henry is one of the biggest pedos in Hollywood. Didn't you know this?

Either way, I was never a huge Anne Rice fan. I've never read the book. I just like the movie. But this definitely gets slotted into the "why" box. I'm tired of this fear of original products. This show could've been it's own original vampire story in New Orleans without using Anne Rice or the book's name. Meh.

I LOVE her books , as a new fan of them (but an old fan of the two movies, yes even Queen of the Damned) and this new series is an atrocity. She mentions a billion times in her books how Louis and Claudia are white as hell, and talks about their backgrounds etc. There was no need for this wokeness of them being of colour. Louis was a plantation owner in New Orleans ffs. Also Claudia is supposed to be 5. Kristen Dunst , albeit older, looked younger but it makes sense that they chose her because Im sure it was almost impossible to find a girl of 5yo that had the acting chops needed to be Claudia (that was around 70-90yo when she was killed). Is there a pic of the new Armand? He's my fave tbh and although Antonio Banderas looks nothing like the Armand from the books (who looks around 16 with "curly autumn coloured hair" and the looks of a boticelli angel ) IMO he was good in it.

My input: The new anime series of Urusei Yatsura. Idgaf as long as they don't touch Ranma.

I don't understand why there's another Junji Ito anime coming out. My man, the first one sucked ass so why sell your soul to yet another one? You have a lot of money as it is, you don't need to do this (looking at you too, Rumiko - i shit on my masterpieces- Takahashi)

Tropical Paradise of Hard Shelled Fruits / Re: So hot!
« on: Aug 12, 2022, 11:33:10 AM »
Does the rain evaporates as soon as it hits the pavement? Because that happens here! Tomorrow we are getting a typhoon tho so it should be "fresher" around here  8)
Humidity is good for the skin tho. I have had people thinking I'm my husband's daughter (he looks much younger than his actual age to begin with)


Eye hollows or sunken eyes.
Ah yes thanks! Eye hollows. Might also be because I lost a lot of weight... but I blame it on staying until 2am every night playing this darn addictive game.

You just pull one of these...

Shinzo Abe is dead.

I'm surprised old Anne didn't get one. I guess that was in the before times.

I cannot believe my mans dead. I was in shock tbh. Mostly because he was my neighbour (as in he lived like a min away from my place). I was walking the dog and there were so many reporters outside of his building but NO noise at all. Very respectful and all. RIP

ALso RIP Olivia. I was listening to Summer Nights the weekend before she passed, coincidentally.

ALso they are saying Anne Heche is gone for real. Also read a bit about her life and omg what a fucked up one that was. Poor lady.

Happy birthday!!!!!

Tropical Paradise of Hard Shelled Fruits / Re: Anne Rice died.
« on: Jul 10, 2022, 03:47:41 AM »
I was actually reading Interview with a Vampire when she passed. Now I'm reading The Vampire Lestat (I got a book of the whole trilogy). Rest in peace goth queen

I've been playing fortnite every single night until 1-2am. Now I have undereye....hmm how do you call it when your eyes look sunken due to lack of sleep? its the opposite of eye bags... Anyways yes. I didn't think I could get into a game this hard lol (haven't even played AC in at least a year). I'm waiting for the John Wick skin :3

I remember when the first trailer came out and was posted in youtube, literally everybody was shitting on it. I don't have high expectations. I do want to re-read the silmarillion before watching it tho

Tropical Paradise of Hard Shelled Fruits / Re: So hot!
« on: Jul 10, 2022, 03:37:07 AM »
Two weeks ago we had a heat wave, it was around 95f but with a "real feel" of 104f, here in Tokyo. Went out for a run, it was literally like being in a sauna. There were a couple of ambulances coming into the park by the time I left (which is normal during the hottest months here tbh, lots of people come out to run and stuff at the park and I guess they don't realize how utterly hot it can get ?)

Yes if only because you see how much Kaworu's friendship impacted him and you find out why some characters were acting a "certain" way around Shinji. To be honest I didn't even re-watch 3.0 before watching this last one because it bored the hell out of me, so I just read a synopsis just to remember the key points.

Get a mac, join me in the dark side  8)

Watched the new Eva movie this morning (the 7am viewing was sold out so had to settle for the 8:30am lol). I was surprised it was THIS good. Perfect ending tbh, I think it might have been even better than EoE. The graphics/ CGI were out of this world! It would be a surprise if this movie doesn't get an Oscar (actually it wouldn't since Hollywood sucks ass). My boi Anno finally delivered, after 90459049 years of waiting. 10/10 will probably watch it again.

Looks nice and modern!

The story Usagi Drop pretends to be a sweet story about a thirty year old man taking care of a six year old orphaned female relative. And when you watch the show, it's like "awww, that's sweet. He's stepping up and struggling with being a dad." The anime is short so it stops before a time skip in the story. Well, in the manga, when the girl is sixteen she starts having feelings for her cousin/guardian/dad figure and he for her. They find out they're not actually related and get married and she wants his baby. It's really gross. Turns a 9/10 story into an abuse narrative with some creepy groomer.

Oh, yeah, and I should mention the girl's name is also Rin.

Oh damn. Actually when you said Usagi I thought you meant Sailor Moon lol

Ahhhh they have Donkey Kong Country! Thanks for the info!!
Do you know if you can just download these? I don't really feel like keeping an online account with switch

I just started Super Mario Brothers 3 on Switch this week. I'm up to world 6. I'm just easing my way through every level. It's still one of the greatest platformers of all time.
Oh shit I loved that game! How much is it? Do they have Super Mario world too?

Tropical Paradise of Hard Shelled Fruits / Re: "Pepino Baldwinito"
« on: Jan 23, 2021, 08:07:26 AM »

Don't know if you have an accent when speaking English but apparently that was all you needed for his pepinito.  :P
Yes I do! hnnggg and I love old men too. Baldwin wait for me papi, real latina incoming  :-*

Quote from: Faye
So found out that Rumiko Takahashi is not above other thirsty authors (looking at you Hideaki Anno) and decided to start milking Inuyasha again. New anime about Sesshomaru and Inuyasha's kids. I hate it already but of course I will watch it. Need to find out who daddy Sessh decided to bang (pls no Rin)

I looked this up--Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon--and it seems really interesting. My huge gripe with Takahashi was her having characters that didn't grow or change. Like Ranma 1/2 which ran for like nine years with little to nothing of significance occurring nearly the entire time. At least this sequel will acknowledge characters growing up and having lives. And it's an anime thing so it doesn't appear to be something she's gonna draw for years and years until it's stale and ground into the dirt.

And, sorry to dash your hopes, but one of the girls looked like Sesshomaru crossed with Rin. I think Rin got Usagi Drop'ped. :raiseeyebrow:

Quoting us earlier in this thread.  Poor Sesshomaru's been dragged with this writing. Guys boinking the little girl they're raising is gross. And it doesn't help that Rin looks twelve lying down there after giving birth.  Poor little girl.

This is the danger of allowing a stan to make canonize their fan fiction with a tv show.  Also, this makes obscuring the mother's identity tons more ridiculous because making Rin the mom was the laziest choice they could've made. Also, hiding the mom from the viewer has no bearing on the story.

Has Sesshomaru shown any sexual feelings at all? He always seemed like the type that would just breed to produce some high quality pure demon heirs.
Nada, the ice king still being the ice king. Did you see the episode of the twins' birth? (last week). He just went in the room, took the girls, didn't even say shit to Rin, and bounced.  And you're right, Rin looked exactly like she did when she was 9.
Btw one of the excuses of the fans of this shit that I've seen on IG is that "demons only care about your feelings uwu". Bitch where is that info from?  They are reaching.

What do you mean by Rin got Usagi drop'ed? Are you talking about the age of difference between her and Cuckmoru?

Cobra Kai is funny, but very cheesy  (but that's ok because it's cheesy in an 80s kind of way).

True. Tbh for me, The End of Evangelion is the real ending, these movies are just a bonus that I won't take seriously.

I recommend "Unifinished Tales" if you want to read a bit more about stuff surrounding LOTR, Gandalf etc.

Gintama- The Final. Loved it. I knew what was going to happen since it was exactly the same as in the last chapters of the manga, but somehow I still didn't expect the first 10 minutes to be a copy of Dragon Ball. Also it was so weird, in a cool way, seeing them walking through Kabukicho at the end of the movie and realizing that I was actually in Kabukicho and that THAT exact "kabukicho" gate in the movie was one block away  (and most of the Gintama-series are based in Kabukicho).
Now I'm salty that they canceled the release of Evangelion, yet again!

Tropical Paradise of Hard Shelled Fruits / Re: "Pepino Baldwinito"
« on: Jan 20, 2021, 08:50:57 AM »
I would have been more than glad to receive Baldwin's pepinito circa- Beetlejuice, nomsayin.

Tried re-reading Howls Moving Castle but got bored.
I loved that book!

I finished re-reading all of Tolkien's major works over the past few months...now via digital e-book format!
Major works as in? Im still stuck on tome 1 of the Middle Earth encyclopedia. That thing is more dense than the Bible.

I am disgusted ! Rumiko , you fucked UP girl. Sesshomaru ended up having babies with Rin? Rin as in, the girl he took care of since she was 9? what in the onision-grooming-hell is this? Btw I spend half of my time on IG bitching about this under posts of "sessrin ftw! sessrin confirmed!" I just want to vomit.
Can someone find out if that memory-erasing machine from Eternal Sunshine of a spotless mind exists already? I want to act like this shit didn't happen/doesn't exist.
Also it doesn't help that my kids are watching Inuyasha and they love it (well obviously, I love it too ) and they are going through the first episodes with Rin, while at the same time they were watching Yashahime on tv (although I stopped this a month ago because I saw the clues coming in- clues about who the mom was). Now how am I supposed to explain this abomination to them?  ::)

Finished reading Inio Asano's "Oyasumi Punpun" like a month ago and I still think about it every couple of days. 10/10 it has become my Grave of Fireflies-manga. Amazing story (beautiful drawings) but will not read it again.

Whatever they do I hope they recreate the Fingolfin vs Mordoth fight. That's my top one, book narration included. Ive had a painting of it as my computer background for years now and I even had a poster of another one :3

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