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Luckily these are official translations...of course once you catch up you become subject to the delays of long-term novelizations. I've been waiting on the latest volumes for DanMachi and Genius Prince for what seems like forever.

I've been reading the Black Summoner light novels lately. I unexpectedly enjoyed the anime, but the manga was only about twice as far past it, so I jumped into the LNs. I've gotten to the last completed major arc from the manga, but I'm only on the fourth book out of twelve, so there's quite a lot of yet unseen content left.

I pulled the fourth season of Harley but just didn't bother watching it. It was a chore for me to get through more often than not.

Terry Funk and Arleen Sorkin died last week, too.

I keep seeing promos for it, and all I get is, "go see it and support Latino representation in Hollywood!" I would imagine way more folks would support a good movie that has Latinos in it than would back a crap movie *just because* it has Latinos in it. If Hollywood wants to promote representation properly, do the folks the favor of not throwing them in shit flicks just so you can mark that off your diversity chell list.

I don't usually go by trailers because they just show off the fun, fluffy parts. I typically hit ANN's preview at the start of every season, read what they have to say, pick a few to start, and adjust accordingly. Unfortunately, this isn't as helpful as it used to be...the reviewers I paid the most attention to are now gone, and those who are left don't really jive well with what passes for my taste.

Regarding this season, I've been downloading a ton of stuff, but I haven't gotten around to watching most of it since I've been binging the newest season of Bastard! lately.

Hope it was a good one, friend. We're all old now, having known each other to some degree or another for nearly half our lives. Wonder if we'll all still be doing this same routine in a nursing home at some point?

Movies have to have dull parts, or the cool parts won't be as cool. Or something.

I liked the manga, so I'll stick with it for now.

I never watched him because he came across (snerk) as creepy and cringy as all get-out. 

Pee-Wee, not your dad.

I saw a Fathom Events presentation of Princess Mononoke this weekend. It definitely gains a lot from the theater experience, but it has been at least 10 years since I last watched it and likely longer. I'd forgotten a huge amount of it, which was nice in its own way. I don't remember ever having watched it subbed, so that part was new...beggars can't be choosers, as I was in town on other business and happened to be there during this showing, so while I didn't have the option it was just as well I didn't.

I was going to comment on Chobits, but now that I think about it I really don't remember that much of it aside from very broad strokes. I was binging a lot of stuff when I watched it (back when I was getting 3 DVDs from Netflix at a time), and there's been a lot of water under the bridge since then.

At least they did it right and let him keep his trunks. I'll have to find this and watch it, as Superman remains my all-time favorite superhero...just call me Bibbo.

Re: My Happy Marriage, I read the LNs on which this show is based, and I'm down for the show, despite not having watched the first episode yet.

I watched the Venture Bros movie tonight that was supposed to basically end the series, and it's exactly the same as the past few seasons of the show. In short, the movie runs in place and never goes anywhere, and it's simply not funny at all. And that's what this show has done for a long time: dance around practically every setup they'd ever created, feed a little info to deepen the underlying mystery, and do its best not to pay off anything to any satisfaction. It genuinely peaked with the second season, and it's been downhill ever since (the movie would have effectively been season 8).

I'm frankly glad it's over. It is over, isn't it? You wouldn't really know by this movie.

I will say that I don't lay all the blame for the sorry state of the entertainment industry at the feet of the writers; the rot starts at the top. But the only way to get through to them is by people rebelling against the crap being pushed out to them. And the results of the regurgitation you mentioned are manifesting, of which the strike is just one. Just think: how much money did Disney lose over the last few year or two? How much lost money will it take? And how much can they screw the only people who can fix it out of before everything falls apart?

The industry is going to crash, and crash hard, and it's way past overdue.

There's a lot of shlock out there this season. Yet I'm watching, like, a quarter of it, anyway. Why I do this to myself I don't really know.

Hollywood just continues to prove that the hitherto long held physical impossibly of sucking and blowing simultaneously is in fact not so impossible after all. It's why this strike bothers me not in the least...writers prove on the regular why AI needs to replace them, and actors should run away from this abortion of an industry as fast as they can and learn to code until such time as Skynet saves 21st century mainstream media from itself.

Watched the Flash tonight. It was much better than I anticipated...I especially liked that it was inspired by Flashpoint Paradox but not a beat-for-beat adaptation. I also liked the timeline explanation (though why Bruce Wayne knew that defies rationale) and that they were all in divergent timelines reflecting past versions of characters.

Spoilers follow:

On that note, I nearly cried out when I saw George Reeves and then Christopher Reeve and Helen Slater together on screen for the first time. I enjoyed how they addressed the alternate Batman actor conundrum.

On the other hand, they really could have mined continuity for more. They can have the unfilmed Nic Cage Superman, but not Henry Cavill...that just makes no sense side from the real-world reasoning. No Lynda Carter, no Brandon Routh, Tom Welling? They really could have swung for the fences here, but the fact that they had a nondescript Jay Garrick but not John Wesley Shipp or Grant Gustin just baffles the hell out of me. But then again...Reeve and Slater. Together.

Man, the CGI looked like absolute dogshit throughout this movie. For such a high dollar movie, there was really no excuse for it.

This movie also drive home the fact that I really hate the lame-ass characterization of Barry in the Snyder movies. I was thinking, great, having met younger Barry older Barry will realize how idiotic he acts and will mature accordingly! But, no, we get back to the regular (well, almost) timeline, and he's just as ridiculous as before.

The end credit scene was meaningless as far as I can tell, other than half-assedly setting up for Aquaman 2.

I was surprised to find that Masamune's Revenge got a second season, especially seeing as it's been 6 years since the first. The first season wasn't the groan-fest I expected it to be, so I'll give it a shot.

The first episode of Lv1 Maou to One Room Yuusha wasn't bad. I'll probably keep watching...
It was entertaining...enough so that I read the manga. I'm sticking with it for a bit to see how the pacing goes.

Otaku Elf is basically a high school girls doing cute things anime where the nerdy girl dates back to the Tokugawa Era.

Watched the first episode of the Arnold documentary. I'll probably watch the second and ditch the third. Based on his behavior patterns in my years of observing him, his handling of his family life, and his comments regarding the deaths of his father and brother, the man fits the definition of narcissist.

I've never cared much for the Zelda games, but with a few notable exceptions I've never been one for the adventure/rpg style of game.

Skip and Loafer has been a high point this season. I also confess to enjoying the continuation of Kubo-san Won't Let Me Be Invisible. I've also enjoyed Otaku Elf and Tonikawa season 2, and Love Story with Yamada-kun has been a pleasant surprise. So, basically, it's been sweetness overload this season.

I was also surprised that Isekai a Second Time (or whatever the hell the long-assed title is) was actually entertaining and kind of answered a question I didn't know I had. That being, what happens when an Isekai hero gets pulled back into the fantasy world?  I know everyone is Isekai'ed out, but it wasn't bad. The one with the one-hit kill sister on the other hand was flat out shit all around. I got my harem fill with Cafe Terrance...as hackneyed as it is, there's something about trashy rom-com dude in a house full of hot chicks anime that still speaks to my smutty soul.

I've pulled Heavenly Delusion, Edens Zero S2, and Magical Destroyers, but I haven't started either yet. I'm probably going to watch the first one, door on the second, and delete the third.

And on the classical front, I've started watching GitS:SAC for the first time in twenty years, and I've downloaded all the Bubblegum Crisis shows and their related media. The 2040 season was one of the first shows I binged as a fan, and the original still looks great.

I'm dragging myself to the finish line on this season. I don't even want to look at summer at this point. There were a few I enjoyed but more than a couple I haven't even started yet.

I forgot about Heavenly Delusion; I've been sticking it in my Plex server but haven't started watching it yet.

Skip to Loafer has been fun. I think it's a keeper. And it's not one I would normally watch, which is weird for me. Maybe my tastes are changing for the better...nah, the rest of this list proves it's not!

Thankfully Bofuri is over. This season just sucked. Sad, too, as the first season was fun. I just don't see them doing anything any different, either.

One-Turn Kill Sister is shlock, but I'm trying to decide if it's likeable or unlikeable. I'm leaning toward the latter...bro-con shit creeps me out, and the one from a couple years ago with the doting mom with the two shot attack was barely tolerable.

Megami no Cafe Terrace looks like it could be a nice echhi harem show packed with service, but the jury's still out on whether the characters are worth keeping track with. I give it one more show...I like my smutty anime, but only if it's got some heart.

Edomae Elf is cute so far, but I'm worried it will become tiresome unless they branch out a bit.

I just started pulling down Tonikaku Kawaii season 2 after watching season 1. I thought it'd be more like Hayate the Combat Butler (same creator), but it's more of a saccharine naive love story. Having started reading the manga there's a loooooooot of ground to cover, and they're really keeping it slow.

I just started pulling down Eden's Zero season 2. Hopefully it's as fun as the first season, but I see no reason for it not to be.

Yamada-kun to Lv999.... was a bit off-putting at first, and the first couple episodes don't really dispel that too much. But the manga has been enjoyable, so here's hoping it gets to the point that it matures into a pleasant show sooner than later.

Isekai Shoukan wa Nidome desu has been entertaining despite not getting anywhere yet. I know isekai is really played out, but after the excellent Handyman isekai last season I'm willing to give the genre another go. I just hope they start moving the story along after two episodes of setup.

GoW Ragnarok just got New Game +. I'm hoping to start a new game this week sometime. I only have a few straggler items to find in the old game save.

If you liked Shazam 1, you'll like Shazam 2. I liked it.

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