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All we get around here is sleet! 

Yes sir, it's not like it hasn't been done before!

Happy Birthday Merla!

Tropical Paradise of Hard Shelled Fruits / Re: A Healthy Lunch
« on: Oct 15, 2009, 10:34:34 PM »
Got free lunch at a [Chiplotle today... Also may not be eating anything for a week....


Cool story, bro.

My parents have had the powet turned off once. I think it was the month after my mom had to have some crazy expensive ass surgery or some shit. I was living there. It sucked ass.
That sucks dude. I committed the mistake of letting a friend of mine get an iphone by adding him to my at&t account....the fucker owes now 400 bucks and he keeps telling me "he's paying it tomorrow" and till now nothing! But whatever, I'll probably end up closing the account on his ass soon. fuck this crap.


Sounds like either a lawsuit, or your own servant.....

But then you can show your friends who is the man!  

Three, but they were all still drugged so the Pimp would not let me touch them.

The who is what?


I'm guessing a bad Keyboard? 

Mine has more to do with an old AOL IM name I used....  but no they won't let me light myself on fire any more.....

I can make so many jokes about the blow part of this.....  Sorry thats just my mind at work

Wait a minuite, I get the wish because its my Birthday! 

Ok, I'm sorry I haven't been posting like I used to.  Between Work and EVE and the simple fact that I am trying to find a life outside of the Computer takes up a lot of time.

I can come back here in a month for my next post....

Tell them I am not you and you are not me. We are two completely different models of cars.

So they can thing I am discontinued?

Ahh... My loyal fans...

Ok put down the Pitchforks....

Aren't international politics fun! Used to be nukes we were afraid of, now its DDOS attacks....

Happy Birthday!

Tropical Paradise of Hard Shelled Fruits / Re: Windows Vista
« on: Jul 27, 2009, 10:01:20 PM »
Firebird1 makes Vista FirebirdFun!


Even when it works it usually doesn't work...... 

Tropical Paradise of Hard Shelled Fruits / Re: Windows Vista
« on: Jul 27, 2009, 12:29:41 AM »
Gosh, it sounds like you all have had tons of fun with Vista...

My experience has been... Well I've had to reformat my computer twice, and still having freezing issues with Nivida drivers...

I can't wait for Windows 7....

Tropical Paradise of Hard Shelled Fruits / Re: We have a winnah!!!!
« on: Jul 15, 2008, 09:20:12 PM »
This is Sick and degrading...

And where did you get the ham one,  all I can find here is Turkey...

*Runs in with a Bullhorn about to talk about the Conservative agenda but that everyone else did it for him.*

You all are no fun, and the 90's sucked

Edit: fin = fun, and what is with this server wait time? 

If the companion cube speaks it would probably ask to be put down somewhere safe, and to give it $50.

And take it out to dinner...

And visit its parents...

And it would help you pick out a new set of clothes....

On second thought why the hell does everyone like this cube anyways?

Tropical Paradise of Hard Shelled Fruits / Signs of the Doom of Man
« on: Jan 30, 2008, 12:27:34 AM »
Due to my unique spelling issues I was unable to include the word Apocalypse due to not having an idea how to spell it.

However I do have grave news to greet you with

Item 1:  http://digg.com/gaming_news/Jack_Thompson_Defends_Mass_Effect - God help us!

Item 2:  http://gizmodo.com/350091/cheeseburger-in-a-can-is-both-the-best-and-worst-thing-ive-ever-seen   Cheeseburger in a can!

Signs of the Apocalypse or just a Thread from someone who needs sleep very badly!

Tropical Paradise of Hard Shelled Fruits / Re: Freezing over
« on: Jan 23, 2008, 12:35:52 AM »
Well, I had my first casaluty of the cold.  The Winter killed my Car Battery!  Now it lies in a pool of Battery acid in the Firestone garage.

Tropical Paradise of Hard Shelled Fruits / Re: New transformers
« on: Dec 30, 2007, 03:20:29 PM »
From what I heard it's on Saturdays on Toonami...  Should be a hit since all thats on there now are Naruto, One Piece, and BO-bo-BOBOBO?.

Tropical Paradise of Hard Shelled Fruits / Re: Merv Griffin DIED?
« on: Dec 30, 2007, 03:17:13 PM »
So Merv Griffin dies and all you can remember is the cleavage?

Tropical Paradise of Hard Shelled Fruits / Re: Zac's B-day thread!
« on: Dec 22, 2007, 01:58:08 AM »
Happy Birthday, Granted its a little late, but better late then ever!

Now this does have me spinning in my grave.


KITT a ford! Fuck that. I would have pushed for a Trans Am if they still made them, but they could have at least used the new Camro since the Camro and Trans Am always shared about 90% of their parts.

The next Shelby....

Why could I have not lived when cars were cars, and not looking like they could Transform into Robots.....

Tropical Paradise of Hard Shelled Fruits / Re: How does I play CS?
« on: Dec 18, 2007, 12:16:30 AM »
Or go dig up the Q3 Arena Demo from Steam.

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