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Nancy MacKenzie R.I.P.

What happens now?

Hajime no Ippopotamus is on Netflix in my area. I've never watched it. Worth a look? I've heard good things over the years.


Does this belong in the anime thread? Probably not, right?

I acknowledge your appreciation for Yatagarasu, but I could tell at a cursory glance that the show is not for me. I am absolutely allergic to stories where bedroom-eyed nobles flit about their waterside palace and engage in bombastic interpersonal drama. I apologize if that comes across as belittling and/or dismissive, but I just can not with that stuff. :laugh:

Stunt Dawgs?! Jesus Christ. I should probably be able to remember that one, because it looks/sounds Canadian as fuck, but I don't.

A bunch of Japanese animators worked way too hard, and were likely paid way too little to produce that toy executive's fever dream nonsense of a show. :laugh:

I think I prefer the Obscurest Vinyl ones, because having that scratchy old record player filter kind of normalizes the AI-ness of the vocals somehow. When I originally posted the balls/butthole song, I didn't know that it was AI music, I just thought some talented individuals decided they'd emulate Motown with bonus crass lyrical content.


This is apparently someone training an AI to make music from the 1990s/2000s sound like it was instead from the 1980s. If you just listen to a handful of songs, they can be pretty amusing, but more than that and it all starts to sound a little too samey. Good for a quick laugh, though.

I've also found Loser Ranger hard to follow at times, not just plot-wise, but visually as well. I wonder if the original manga is disjointed in the first place, but usually when something is adapted to animation, that's an opportunity to flesh things out. That doesn't seem to have happened here.

And I can forgive shoddy animation if the narrative has me hooked, but recent episodes are testing my limits. Character drawings have become very flat and rushed-looking. And the blandness/monotony of the underground parking garage scenario certainly hasn't helped matters.


Dead Dead Demon's has already begun, it's been good so far.

DJMax Respect V has once again swapped out their opening movie for a new one. It doesn't make much sense out of context, but it's still pretty to look at:

The Fable and Loser Ranger are both on Disney+ in Canada and I'm surprised how much I've been enjoying them. Loser Ranger has an excellent intro/outro.

The pricing on these is wild. "I'd buy that for a dollar!" I remember my Grandpa checking out my comics and remarking that he only had to pay a nickel when he was a kid. Meanwhile, in 2024...

I didn't have a lot of stuff myself, but a friend of mine was a comic book collecting fiend. He had stacks upon stacks. I would go over there to read for free all the time. Think I saw most of Age of Apocalypse that way, but that would have been a little later, right? '95 or so.

Had Merla started out watching '97 and bounced as soon as Gambit ate it?

That second one reminds me so much of the Beast Wars Neo opening. Anime really loves to marry high-energy visuals with wistful/melancholy vocals. :laugh:

Wow! Did you actually get it when it came out? You only would have been 10 or 11, yeah?

I can just imagine Schmoo finding it tucked under your mattress and confronting you with it, "Why do you have this?!" :goddammit:

Nah, your mom's probably cooler than that. :laugh:

SHOCK!!! :laugh:

I always forget about that rad anime intro they did for the Japanese broadcast.

I've come back around on Frieren. It was jarring for me when the show suddenly expanded into an ensemble cast, but I've accepted it now. I have a handful of episodes remaining.

Considering that I had initially wondered what I would even watch this season, strangely enough I ended up following more than a dozen different shows. Not that I'll see them all through to the end, I've already dropped one, but they're mostly managing to hold my interest. Nothing really stands out, though.

I'm glad you regularly talk about which anime movies you've watched here, because that's a total blind spot for me. I'll chell out Maquia.

I can't explain it. I feel like most of what's come after the second episode has been a mixture of sloppy and confusing. The Genosha episode was admittedly another high point. My understanding is that the show is loosely adapting an arc from the books, so whereas that stuff had weeks/months/years to cook, we're getting it all crammed into 10 episodes, hence the seemingly nonsensical story beats.

And while I appreciate that some characters are getting wardrobe updates to put them more in line with their current comic book depictions, Rogue's sucks. Like, look at that trash. Rogue's '90s outfit is bloody ICONIC. This one looks like she should be corralling kids to have their picture taken with Santa at the mall. Wretched.

Oh shit! Thought I had the place all to myself. How the heck are ya?

The Fall Guy was pretty good. Ryan really Goslinged it up. Emily Blunt is OM NOM NOM FOREVER AND EVER AMEN.



Cautiously optimistic...


I'm okay with them trying to make Transformers fun again.

And hey! No humans!

I'll try this Ultimate thing, because I'm honestly sick of YouTube ads, I just thought I was stuck with them.

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