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I can get behind this, so long as I can also dangle ugly, bulky charms off of it.

At least it won't clash with anything.

Now I'm stuck here forever cause I just can't choose. I love teal, but I'm pretty sure that as a mom in my thirties I'm required to have at least three rose gold accessories on my person at all times.

So like an ear tag like a cow, or a leg tag like a bird? Do they come in teal?

Y'all got fucking old.

Only  if its yellow.

Ambien, Ativan, Trazidone, Lortabs... I was pretty fucked up. I apparently had an entire conversation with my platoon sergeant that night without even knowing it. Someone told him what I was doing, and he turned on the lights in the bay and woke everyone up while he was talking to me. And when I got to the hospital, I cracked everyone up in my dementia my first day. I also told my best friend not to be poor. This is all second hand information, of course, but fun as hell nonetheless.

Aagh, thought I'd already posted this. Stupid barracks internet...

I'm gonna be home on Thursday. I had a few anxiety attacks that were pretty impressive, and apparently took like two bottles of pills (I don't remember the day at all), so they sent me to the loony bin for a week. Now I get to go home and maybe try again in six months.

I sorry, Mama. *hangs head*

Every white male in the military looks the same. Same buzzcut, same hat, same fucking uniform. And I've met three Pattons already. The Army is a big insititution; the odds of me running into one particular person are extremely slim.

Visit: Germany. I really want to get stationed there when I finish school, though it probably won't happen. Still.

Live: Sounds lame, but Wichita, KS. I miss that place so much, and I'm not gonna see it again until at least August.

I'm not with D's cousin, I'm at the MI school at Ft. Huachuca. Unless D's cousin is a short Polynesian guy who can't take a hint, I don't think I've seen him.

Waay late:

2 weeks away from BCT
$1000 from gramma
Samsung BlackJack 2

Yeah, can I kick Doug out of my thread? His little underage chick is effin creepy.

In AZ now. Holy shit, I cannae breathe up here. Apporx. 5000 feet above sea level. Suuck. Didn't get in with this class, either, so I'm a hold-under until this end of March, when I can hopefully get classed. If you ever join the Army, go NG or Reserve. Active duty gets fucked up the ass, priority-wise.

I bought some nice Christmas presents, and after boot camp I'm getting myself a new laptop. :D But at the same time, I'm single (read: not paying for kids' shit or spouse/bf's shit) and have no bills in my name, plus I got a pretty sizable amount of Christmas money this year. I think people buy stupid shit while on leave because everything seems so shiny and new, and their wallet feels bottomless. Since all the necessities are available on-base for really cheap, they go to the mall and go absolutely nuts.

Officer pay chart. It doesn't seem like all that much, except you get paid bi-monthly plus allowances. As an officer, you can live off base whether you're married or not, and the Army pays most of your rent. You also get food and uniform allowances.

IDE, you can't make prank calls. If you make prank calls, you get fired in a way that makes it difficult to get a job even at McDonald's. You have to actually, you know, work.

35M is the MOS number for Human Intelligence Collector.

The guys who get put in charge right away are the ones who joined with law degrees or went to West Point. Everyone else gets to start their glamorous officer career as a second lieutenant. You still make ridiculous amounts of money and get saluted and all that jazz, but there's a lot of study involved if you want to be in charge of more than about 200 people.

Normal food: breakfast we choose from eggs, bacon, sausage, hashbrowns, biscuit with gravy, pancakes, french toast, oatmeal and grits. Lunch and dinner are usually grilled cheese sandwiches, fish, and chicken of some sort. There are vegetables and either rice or a potato for side dishes. Sunday lunch we get cheeseburgers, frozen pizza, cr0n dogs, chili dogs and curly fries, and we get to choose two meats. The fact that I can type the menu from memory will tell you how monotonous it can get. When we get stuff like mac and cheese or goulash or fried catfish, its gone really, really quick.

When we're at the firing range or training in the field, we get MRE's. These are okay once in a while, and the treats are usually pretty good, but they get old pretty fast. There's usually a lot of elementary-school sack lunch style trading when we have these. You never, ever want to get the breakfast MRE's with eggs. Ever.

You could do the Officer Candidate School after BCT, but there's no officer equivalent to a 35M, so you'd end up pushing pencils at first instead of doing anything fun. So instead of my gun-toting sidekick who gets us in more trouble than he gets us out of, you'd be the guy who calls me in because he lost my last report and needs me to make a new one.  :nono:

You wouldn't - the boot camp in Full Metal Jacket is Marines. And if you've already got a degree of some sort, you can either go in as an officer or enlist at a higher rank, up to PFC or Specialist, depending on what field your degree is in. And if you put my name down when you enlist, I get a promotion and lots of money. :D

During red phase, you get to eat as much as you can stuff in your face in the two minutes they give you to eat. That is, they give you fifteen minutes to be in the D-fac, then you have to wait at parade rest for the rest of your platoon to get to the table, then you get the rest of that time to eat. Unless you piss off the drill sergeant enough; then you get about 30 seconds, and God help you if you get up from the table still chewing. However, once you get to white phase, you do get a good amount of time to eat. And I've never seen anyone get in trouble for getting more than they can eat. However, a piece of raisin cake costs however many push-ups the drill sergeant feels like giving you.

Nope, no sex during training. No smoking or drinking, either. Can't even have a car until after AIT.

I spent three days at my grandparents' house for Christmas. Everyone loved me and my newfound skinniness.

Yes. Most, if not all, Army BCT posts are co-ed.

IDE, you wouldn't make it through boot camp. Basic training has too many sexually repressed females with really good bodies, and just enough who would risk sex during training, that you'd eventually get caught bumping uglies with someone in the laundry room and get kicked out.

Unfortunately, E, I still have a month of boot camp left to complete after the holiday before I even begin training for my job. My job training will be over in July, and until then it's up in the air whether I go to my unit right away or get sent to the year-long linguistics training. So I'm excited about what I'm going to be doing, but don't get to enjoy my actual job for a while yet.

You mean this one? Fuck you, that's my job.

For Thanksgiving, we got to sit around in our PT uniforms and watch movies all day. Then the officers and senior NCO's served us dinner and we got to eat as much as we wanted. They let us spend a whole hour in the dining facility and talk, and we got to eat sweets without fear of getting smoked. It was pretty awesome.

Tropical Paradise of Hard Shelled Fruits / So I joined the Army.
« on: Dec 19, 2008, 10:59:42 AM »
Yeah, the Navy recruiter in Wichita was an asshole, so I joined the Army instead. I've actually been in BCT since November, so the two people who wondered where I was, I was in South Carolina learning how to be a man. Not much of a man, though - my battalion doesn't train people for combat MOS's, so my basic training is easier than most. I'm still not done with basic, but the Army decided to give everyone a break for the holidays, so I go back and finish in January.

Being home is really weird. I slept in until 6 this morning, and didn't have a set uniform. I wasn't fighting twenty girls to get to a sink so I could do my hair, and I wasn't making a bunk or putting on a uniform. I actually get to decide what I want for lunch and when to eat it. After almost two months of having everything decided for me and not having to do much for myself in the way of cooking and planning, I'm actually a bit lost. I did extra PT earlier because I didn't feel like I was doing anything useful.

All of my clothes are too big. I had to borrow my dad's pants today because all mine were falling off, which means I'm gonna have to go buy new clothes, which is a pain.

What's so special about Chick-fil-a? I tried them in OK, but they sucked, I could hardly stomach them. And even with a coupon, they were too damn expensive. Fuck a Chick-fil-a.

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