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I hear the eyes are wonky-looking. Which they were in the trailer. But I haven't watched the show yet.

Saw one ep of Frieren. I liked it but I shouldn't have started the manga and just went in fresh. It would've kept my interest longer. I meant to marathon all four eps on CR and have a cozy Frieren night. Instead, I quit after one ep and will resume it later.

I'm doing a Crunchyroll free trial just for the ease of trying some stuff although I don't like most of their offerings. It does let me watch the dubs of things I've already watched. A couple of shows really bothered me with how much 'yeah' is shoehorned in on the dub. I don't care if Marin from My Dress-Up Darling says 'yeah.' That's in her character. But then in that Saint show, when I checked out that dub, that late-twenties chick's saying 'yeah' all the time. I don't really seeing it being in character for an adult used to the strict standards of a Japanese office setting and now living in (and later near) a royal palace to say 'yeah' so much. It's nitpickery. There's worst offenders out there. But that's such an easy fix to have her say 'yes' instead.

I tried a bit of around four of so different shows I hadn't seen. Current shows. Like the vending machine one. I really didn't like any of them. That one reincarnation one where the dude's all "whoa" at his mother's own tits. EW. And there's some other one with this dude cleric that just looked MEH as shit.  I couldn't be bothered with the names of these.

For upcoming shit, this one caught my attention on YouTube. It's an adaptation of Doctor Elise: The Royal Lady with the Lamp.

I never heard of this before but binged most of the manwha version. It's decent. Nothing too exciting or spicy or anything. Very paint-by-numbers but the final painting is nice. I don't quite understand part of the concept. Like, this lady actually existed and then was reborn as someone else but then died and got thrown back to her past life. And there's some magic so how can this be the real world but yet it is in her next life? Kinda confusing. Not knowing these answers doesn't affect much storywise but it's one of those things that's bothersome the more you think about it.

Also, this kinda edges into the villainess-reincarnation trend because she was a bitch in her past life. However, it fails here like most of the other media I've watched with similar concepts in that it made her such a baaaaaad person but we the reader don't get to see enough of that side of the character (at least in the manwha version). I think only The Most Heretical Last Boss Queen is the only one I've seen so far that does a good job of setting up the MC's alternate self as a horrible person and a threat to society. Here, past Elise is burned at the stake but so far I have no idea how it even progressed to that. Like we're supposed to infer that she was awful but I need to see those things to feel it.

Also, it has the other issue this villainess stuff has in trying to balance the Mary Sue-ness of the main character. Here it's especially egregious. This woman gets titles and accolades left and right and literally has this fucking plaque under the painting of her and her husband at the end. Fuck off. :lol:

My Happy Marriage ended. Don't know if we'll get more but I doubt I'll watch more. It nosedived imo. Nowhere near the nosedives of Ousama Ranking or I'm the Villainess so I'm Taming the Final Boss where those went from A to F-tier. But the cozy vibes were gone to have forced melodrama separating our couple and then Miyo, who never knew she even HAD powers, just decides she knows how to use her powers and saves Kiyoka. Kiyoka Kudo, who this story decided was so OP until he was suddenly fucking wasn't for some random fucking reason. It felt like bullshit.

I think the worst part was there were some easy fixes for the story.

-have Miyo's dreams still torment her but also have her slowly learn and come to terms with her powers in each subsequent dream to make the ending less of an ass-pull

-the Usubas should've been shown to be a craftier family. They couldn't even kidnap her properly and them pretending to bargain with Kiyoka was stupid. They should have lured her to their house and Miyo makes the choice to not stay with them and deal with her nightmares herself to be with Kiyoka. That way it's her direct choice. It's her progressing as a character and making clear decisions for herself. Then she could've used what she learned from her nightmares to push through and save Kiyoka when he needed her. The ending with her own cheer squad as she uses powers she never knew she had was stupid.

-the Usubas should've been the ones to directly attack and inflict Kiyoka with a dream-thing that Miyo needs to save him from. Even in retaliation for her choice.

I'd say this went from A to C or something.

It's tough following up on light novel source material because as much as I'd like to read ahead, unofficial translations are usually kinda ass and the official translations are downright glacial. At least for stories I've been interested in.

I've been listening to audiobooks versions of The Most Heretical Last Boss Queen... well, I think that's what they are. It's like an AI reading the story so I doubt it's a true audiobook. But I appreciate who made these none the less. The story's quite good. The anime is very faithful to it. Not that there aren't flaws.

I wondered how much liberty the anime took with interpreting other character's feelings outside of Pride, the main character. But the story just flips perspectives. Some reviews I read on the books had some people put off by this and I could see why. You're not given any sort of warning. Maybe this is different if I actually read the light novel. Like font changes or something. But with it in audio form, I had a bit of a tough time with it sometimes. It also can feel like a bit much. Ultimately I liked seeing events from a different perspective but it could border on excessive.

But when it worked, it worked very well. Like when we first get insight into Arthur's perspective.

I'm almost done with volume three. That one got a little silly with a dude whose big secret was that he just loves his kingdom so damn much. It's like a job interview where someone's flaw is that they're such a hard worker. Give me a break. The writer worked with that concept the best they could but, man, that guy was a weak-ass character.

You have guy torn from his mother who was forced into slavery and made to kill his mother himself because of the evil queen; and then you have guy shut down from his dreams who watched his dad die due to the evil queen and gave up his identity in pursuing his revenge; and then there's the semi-immortal guy who wallows in depravity to save the love of his life and is so desperate he deals with slavers and would sell out the kingdom he serves; and then you have half-breed abandoned and abused rock-powet bandit who has never known love and suffers once he gains and almost loses his Found Family; and then you have... "derrrrr I luv muh country too damn much!!" There were other things to the character like his brothers conspiring against him but it wasn't enough. I've had communion wafers with more flavor than this ass-clown. At least he loooooves his country so much his ass is staying there. Hopefully this means he won't appear as much in the story in the future. I like all of the other characters but not him, lol. At least the other characters--the GOOD characters--made the rest of the story enjoyable.

I finally saw Words Bubble Up Like Soda Pop, which has been on my Watch list for a while. If Helck is the "C Student" anime this is the "B- Student" movie. It's not bad. I'd say it's just above mid. Its colorful and a bit cozy with the setting and male MC who loves haiku. But the girl MC zoomer influencer borders on obnoxious and the movie's plot is rote at times. You watch certain parts and know exactly what's going to happen next. I didn't need this movie to subvert my expectations by any means. It moves in the right direction but a little more creativity in getting there would have made this a winner. I can't really recommend this but you also won't hit your TV in a rage watching this.

So I was bored and curious and decided to give Bleach another try for... I don't know the reason. I'm house-sitting for my family friend again and she has Hulu and it's there. Anyway... HOW is this popular? The big-titty waifus? There's way too many characters and ass-pull powers and I don't know why I'd give a shit. For every interesting or cool-looking character, there were like five shitty ones. The music on the episodes I watched were a big MEH, with the opening credits sequence on one of the OPs in particular being especially awful to look at. I needed some eye BLEACH.

The humor felt especially dated for this being from 2004. It somehow feels more dated than Yu Yu Hakusho even though that show's, like, 10 years older.

I watched some episodes dubbed and some subbed and heard Wataru Takagi of all people. I'm always happy to hear his voice... not that it made me care at all about the character he voiced.

I didn't like old FLCL so I don't have an opinion on new FLCL other than it looked bad from the teaser/trailer. Is it ugly both inside and out or is this strictly a looks-thing?

I didn't realize until rewatching Jyu-oh-sei that Zagi is Zorro's voice actor. I really like his voice. But I can't bring myself to sit through One Piece. Even clips of it are too much.

Regarding the current season of stuff, I dropped Zom without realizing it. It had delays, I think. That probably didn't help. I might pick it back up.

I feel like the stuff I'm still watching is starting to decline.

My Happy Marriage has become boring. The Usuba stuff sounded intriguing at first but the actuality is a dull mess of over-exposition, Miyo's character regressing and this smug, boring Arata person eating up screentime. I want the couple back and facing this shit head-on as a couple. This forced separation bullshit is ass.

Lvl 1 Maou's last three episodes (inclusive of the future ep) could've been two episodes easy. They just stretched it out. Bleh. I hate when shows do that crap. Doesn't make it bad but does make it less enjoyable.

Last Boss Queen did something similar. Stretching story beyond two episodes isn't interesting if there's not enough content. Boss Queen's the one I still enjoy the most. It has a very strong core group of characters. Even though there some romantic interest between a few of them, it's still nice to see a cute group of friends supporting each other. Even though I was annoyed at the story being continued through a third episode, there were enough cute and cool moments that I was happy.

At this point, I'm just waiting on the next season of stuff to appear.

I didn't see the whole thing but I was able the click to watch it on YouTube and watch it over there. Which is totally dumb because YT turns around and tracks every vid here in my watch history but forgets I'm an adult?  :raiseeyebrow: If you can access my watch history, you know damn well I'm an adult.  :-\

Rama: posts boss tunes
Rama: posts more boss tunes
Joe: "This video is age-restricted"

Fuck you, YouTube. I'm logged in and age-verified, why the fuck can't I watch this video embedded? YouTube is such a dick sometimes.  :laugh:

I watched a playthrough of Chained Echoes. Mostly as a Sea of Stars palette-cleanser, to be honest. This is a homage to 90s-era jrpgs done right.

It doesn't have SoS's gorgeous bg art but the art here is nothing to sneeze at. The character art could be nicer. Sometimes a few of the characters could come off a tad bland in personality. (Looking at you, Glenn.) But I found the story gripping and combat system interesting. The music overall is better than SoS. It is overall less light-hearted than SoS but still manages many moments of levity. And, other than hiring a composer, like, basically ONE person made this game. Fucking amazing. I felt the love here.

I can't wait to see what the dev does next because there's supposedly another game or something set in this universe in the works. And unlike SoS, there's more story to tell that I'm actually interested in seeing. The game doesn't try to tie every thread but still concludes in a satisfying way. I read some reviews not liking two things: the crystal system, which can be mostly ignored; and the ending. I understand other people's mixed feelings but I thought it was perfect.

I watched Jyu-Oh-Sei on Hulu.  The reviews I read seem to put it down, primarily the ending, even though the consensus appear to be that it starts well and has potential.  One reviewer's website in particular went on about how supposedly stupid JOS was but then went on to praise Wolf's Rain.  Fucking Wolf's Rain.  Granted, I liked Wolf's Rain.  Didn't love it, but liked it.  You'd think anyone that liked one series with a wonky ending would like another.  If JOS was reminiscent of any other anime series, it's Wolf's Rain.  JOS's even shorter at 11 eps, so it should get points for not wasting your time.  Granted the female characters in JOS are pathetic jokes, which makes me wonder if whoever wrote the story has ever interacted with a woman before.  All in all, it's not bad.

I revisited this series and didn't realize it's been fourteen years since I first watched this.

I feel like it's aged well. The Op and Ep are fantastic, I like the basic premise, world, and characters. It still feels like it crumbles apart in the end somewhat. Once the MC is an adult, it's pretty much a downhill ride.

I surprised myself at how much I actually liked Tiz (the female MC) in the beginning. By the ending, she's tiresome but on rewatch she's a livelier character in the first half or so. Even Chen improves a bit on rewatch. Karim's still fucking garbage though.

Edit: I forgot the add my comment about the ring system. In this show, people on the Beast Planet are divided up by skin color and put into groups called "rings." Blanc, Night, Sun, Ochre. Those in turn are sub-divided into gender. Like racist, sexist Harry Potter houses. But this system makes even less sense than Harry Potter houses do. The kicker being that what's the point of racial or gender segregation if people can just jump rings? The Blanc males have an Ochre female second. Ochre males have a pale dude with silver hair (who should be in Blanc) as their Top (leader) with a Sun female as a second. If this shit doesn't matter then why is it even here in the story? And then there's a bunch of ditched children. Which makes no fuckin' sense when you realize women are basically a protected class because there's so few women and they are necessary to make children. But then the children are ditched in the forest?  What the fuck? Is this a riddle?

Granted, this shit wasn't even on my mind when I first watched this show. But the moment anyone (whether on their first viewing or on subsequent viewings) thinks it over, it makes no sense at all.

The ring names sound cool though. I could've seen the race angle if this was something actively enforced on the planet but it's not. Maybe this is all different in the manga or whatever.

The name makes me picture an angry Jon Arbuckle in space, shaking his fist and going "Starfield!"  >:(

Liver failure! He was only 56...

Guess it does make sense not to live for fun.

So I have to rant about something I have no business ranting on. But it's bothering me. Re: Sea of Stars.

I've been seeing a lot of buzz about this game. It's got really high ratings and a couple of streamers I really enjoy are playing this. I looked at some screenshots and the pixel art for the world looks beautiful so I decided to give it a watch from two different playthroughs.

What the fuck tho'?

Firstly, this game is supposed to be an homage or whatever to 90's era JRPGs. But there's "homage" and then "there's taking too much." I don't think they took enough to be called a "rip-off" or anything that extreme but it's to a level that makes me uncomfortable. On Chrono Trigger alone:

Fight Gato? Here's Gato at Home.
Fight Lavos? Here's a Lavos worm-thing.
The Kingdom of Zeal? Here's Zeal at Home.
Fight Flea the Magician in a magical void? Fight our guy in a magical void.
Remember Slurp Kiss? It's an enemy tech, how cheeky.
Remember the Bubble Burst? Hee hee.
Remember the kiwala on the mountain who calls you nosy and gives you a stat booster? We have him at home.
Remember how Ayla had a tech where she'd throw whole-ass enemies and make the earth shake? At home.
Remember how the last chapter is named the Fated Hour. So's ours!  Tee hee.
Remember Yasunori Mitsuda? No? That's okay, we have him at home. Literally. We paid him to be here.
Remember when Chrono died and you had to go through a stopped moment in time for you to save him? Here's the less interesting version of that same concept!
Remember Lavos again? We have a world eater!  Ooooo.

It even apes on some of the memorable scenes like encountering Magus on a promontory and at least two other boss fights. It's, like, can you stop now? I know there's nothing new under the sun so I don't want to be that person but Jesus Christ. It just feels like they took too much. And apparently there's other references and nods to other games.

Secondly, the lead characters are super bland. It's like this game thinks just because you bore me with their training montage that I'll believe they earned the outcome they got in the end. No. No they didn't. Nothing felt earned. I wanted to like them in general but they give me nothing to work with. I like the concept of them but they themselves aren't interesting. Also, their friend the cook was fucking annoying. The guy in the turban felt like someone's favored OC. He was interesting but I'd argue just make the game about him instead. He seemed to be biting into a little too much screen time. The other two are whatever, I guess.

Thirdly, the beginning part of the game is too damn long and too dull. Your game is short. More shit should be happening. Why isn't more shit happening? At one point, there's this flashback for a couple of bad guys. I liked the flashback, if only because I find those two characters way more interesting, but, again, WHY? There were multiple scenes that felt like padding.

Fourth, a lot of folks liked the music. I like a couple of the tracks but I'm not sure what anyone's talking about in regards to the rest it. Most of the tracks are kinda forgettable.

Fifth, art. The pixel art remains gorgeous. The character designs, I wasn't sold on. Some of the official art is still beautiful even with those character designs. In watching a couple of people play this game and seeing character portraits constantly, they just aren't my bag and I don't think the sprites fit the aesthetic. I don't know if I'm biased against the art style or several of the cringe characters rendered in that art style. (Pirates, I'm looking at you.)

Also, that giant memorial (for the kickstarter backers) felt ridiculous. But I guess that's also whatever.

Steve harwell lead singer of Smash Mouth is dead.

Hey now, hes a dead star.

Hey, now!  :fingershake:

It was the pig-flipping, wasn't it?

Also, looks totally out of place for the aesthetic to have Cu-Lancer just standing there in his bright blue suit. At least put him in a period-style outfit like Gilgamesh. But at least he didn't get Tamamo's derp-face.

He'll be tellin' the dead to spay or neuter their pets in Hell. In Heaven? In Hell? (Or no where, if you're an atheist.)

I... thought he had already died.

No idea who he was but sucks to die at 36 of a heart attack helped along by 'rona of all things.

So this trailer ended up on my feed.

7th Time Loop: The Villainess Enjoys a Carefree Life Married to Her Worst Enemy!

I don't like the hair and there's something off about the faces, but I wanted to know what this was about and really liked the sixteen chapters of the manga I read.

So a few things...
-I have no idea why the fuck she's supposed to be a "villainess." She's not an isekai'd otome fan like all of the other villainess stuff I've watched. She's just a woman going through a bunch of loops and nothing had been explained in that regard. Her fiance/ex-fiance at the beginning of the story seems to imply she's a villainess but in 16 manga chapters she's a heroine figure. I guess " 7th Time Loop: The Heroine Enjoys a Carefree Life Married to Her Worst Enemy!" doesn't have the right ring to it?

-She is a Mary Sue but so far she's a Mary Sue mostly done right. Her wealth of skills come from her prior loops. I liked the more selfish aspects of her character: the young lady looking to live her own life for herself and be lazy for once. I do feel her character is tipping away from this towards the more altruistic type of female lead. This may damage my long-term prospects of enjoyment as the selfless "must save dem all" gets kinda annoying. But I can respect the big picture view since all of her loops are different and she knows she may not have another chance to get to the bottom of the war than the opportunities provided in her current loop.

-The "cool" ("cool" as in icy) male lead seems okay.  He's cynical and behaves in a cold manner that suggests trauma but also doesn't seem too edgy or vile.  Oh course he's secretly good or whatever but I feel the story isn't blowing its load too early. His brother was a little... much. 

Anyway, I look forward to more of the story. Will definitely chell this one out in 2024. I just wish the visuals (especially for the MC) were a little nicer to look at because it doesn't really do it for me.

I will never know the big fucking deal about Taylor Swift or Beyonce. At least when Madonna and Whitney were a thing back in the 80's, I understood the hype.

I was listening to more Dirty Vegas and remembered why the first album's the best one. I'm just on the second one, called "One," but so far the vocals are lacking and the songs not as catchy.

Boo! Not available in my country!? Why, Canada? I thought we were maple pals! :(

I'm watching Puss in Boots: the Last Wish and I can feel the bloat on this movie. 102 minutes? For what fucking reason? Around 80 minutes for a kids movie max. Jesus Christ. And the dog is annoying. Personally, just because people that chitter on like this end me. He was needed to make the movie work but he was still annoying. I really liked the movie more pre-beard. I even laughed at a couple of parts. And the giant fight and wolf fights were cool. Goldi and her bears were hit and miss. I know I would've enjoyed this movie much more if it were more... concise, I guess. I rate this "needed more knock-off Jiminy" out of 10.

"Days Go By" is probably every other person's favorite Dirty Vegas track but that's probably because it's the only one a lot folks know. Thanks, Mitsubishi.**

This one's mine:

**Also, will never forget Chapelle riffing on that commercial. That shit was classic.

There's a character in that movie named Milagro (Beetle's sister, I think) and that was the first time I realized Milagro was a legit Spanish first name. El Milagro is Schmoo's favorite corn tortilla brand.


April 2024 though. I was kinda into it until he became a kaiju at the end and then my interest dipped. But, fuck, April 2024.

I do not like Adam Warren art. It's the faces.  I thought the original first Gen 13 mini series was solid but after that, I immediately began slipping off the Gen 13 train and fell right off. It didn't feel like they had any solid story ideas after the first mini series. And then when J Scott Campbell left to focus on Danger Girl, my interest was done entirely.

Don't be a square, Pops!

Seriously, do people give you random shit at concerts? I was never cool enough for that. But I didn't go to a lot of concerts either.

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