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Merla doesn't really keep up with pop culture a whole lot these days.

Following up on what I just posted, En Sabah Nur appeared on some clickbait thumbnails on YouTube while Merla was watching random videos and I was all "Apocalypse, lol" and she was all "WHO?"  "Apocalypse. From X-Men.  You know who he is." "No, I don't. :mad:" She only remembered when she googled Apocalypse in XTAS but, yeah, X-Men's not on her mind these days.

I think X-Men '97 ended okay. I think my issues with the plot in the prior ep are still valid but the show handwaves it so hard that the viewer isn't stuck lingering on the non-sensical parts of it.  It redirects the viewer's attention and I liked that.  Basically the show saying "yeah, we can't explain so we won't try. We needed them all on the asteroid.  Look Sunspot and Rogue are friends with the others again.  Isn't that neat?"

I didn't care for the all of the cameos or for all of the Season 2 set-up. Like, I actually think it would've been fine if we never saw the displaced X-Men until the next season and the episode ended with Bishop telling Forge they were going through time to save the X-Men. I thought that was a strong end to the season.  But then they had to tease more.

Also the post-cred scene at the end with Gambit's card got cut off of the video I saw. I just thought that was funny. The scene's all over YouTube so whatever but I wouldn't have known to look for it if I hadn't read there was one.

Merla doesn't really keep up with pop culture a whole lot these days. She didn't know there was a new show and it's sort of my sisterly obligation to spoil something like Gambit dying so she doesn't waste her time. (Because she would see it that way.) Maybe when he actually comes back she'll care.

Wow! Did you actually get it when it came out? You only would have been 10 or 11, yeah?

I can just imagine Schmoo finding it tucked under your mattress and confronting you with it, "Why do you have this?!" :goddammit:

Nah, your mom's probably cooler than that. :laugh:

Either Merla bought it and gave it to me or I bought it as a back issue. In fact, looking at the years here, one of us had to have gotten it as a back issue. XTAS got both of us into the X-Men and that was 1992. We weren't buying before then. I got rid of most of my comics anyway so I don't have X-anything anymore.

And Merla actually collected Marvel comics first. It was never super extensive but she had a couple of boxes of stuff. She had the Scott/Jean wedding issue, she had issues of the Wolverine solo comic, and the 1993 Gambit mini. She also collected, like, X-caliber or something. One of those other x-teams. And the one with the gay Canadian? (Looked it up: Alpha Flight)

I loved Rogue so I liked to collect stuff with Rogue--like her solo run. But we never overlapped what we got so if she had it, I didn't get it and vice versa. I have no idea what she still owns if anything. I'm sure she got rid of most of them.

But as Merla's a true Gambit/Rogue shipper since 1992, she does still have that issue. It's actually hanging in her bedroom right now. It has been for years, possibly ever since she originally bought it.

And for the record, she has no interest in X-men 97 with a Rogue-less dead Gambit. You don't kill her man!


Both openings. The second opening was pretty good, too. Same group: Ambience.

I feel like this one was an easy solve: the professor comes back like he does and telepathically calls to Mags, who joins forces with them to beat Bastion's ass. And after the day is won, then Mags turns on the group all "you are naiiiive, Charles," gives some speech about how his way's the only way and then Rogue and Roberto defect. It devolves to a fight and most of the same shit happens including Wolvy and Mags effing each other up. The whole stake of the Earth, what, fucking melting/getting stuck to the fridge/blowing up or whatever... that's dumb.  Rogue and Roberto are upset and feel betrayed, they don't want their friends and family to fucking die.  I'll eat crow if I missed a plot point somewhere or misunderstood something.

I don't mind the outfit change for Rogue as long as she ends up returning to her 90's outfit once she comes back to the X-Men.  Also, the Rogue x Magneto shit needs to drop from the show and never come back again.  It was funny and weird when it happened--I had that Savage Land issue with the iconic cover at one point, I wasn't shocked--but ultimately we want her with Gambit.  No one wants to see her with old man buckethead.  :lol:

X-men '97 has me listening to this gem:

I watched some of the elf bride one.  It was fine.  That's it.  It was fine.

I also saw some other show, like, the reincarnated aristocat uses his appraisal skill yadda yadda.  It wasn't terrible.  I liked the idea of the appraisal skill, the dad character, and the butler-or-whatever character.  Everything else was poo water.

I finally saw the movie Maquia.  It was a good.  It was free on YouTube dubbed (and might still be free).  But I couldn't take that lead girl's voice and went and watched a Japanese language version instead.

Oh, that Margaret!

So X-Men '97, I have some questions for y'all:

So someone elucidate for me: what was the plan here?  These three fuck-off and leave the Earth and mutants that probably would've sided with Magneto to die?  Earth was going to be fucked up in 12 hours from magnetic stuff, right?  I feel like I missed something here because this doesn't make sense.  #1. That 12-hour Earth stake is stupid.  #2. Rogue loses Gambit so decides to lose her brother, too?  Huh?  I just don't believe she would leave Nightcrawler like that.  I could see her defecting after the world is safe and Bastian dead but certainly not before.

I still like the show but I'm confused.  Also, I would've preferred if the Professor didn't come back. I won't mind if he just leaves again or actually dies.  I don't hate him or anything but I find the inter-character dynamics are more interesting without the Professor trying to referee and his scenes are a bit boring tbh.

One of my co-workers the other day said she hated Star Wars.  Hated.  With, like, venom in her voice and everything.  I mean, I'm not exactly a fan of it either these days but, damn, lady, did SW kill your firstborn?  :laugh:

The fourth of what?  :wavey:   


I think the song could be adapted to sound more Broadway like 90's Disney. What makes something Vivziepop anyway? Is it the fact that it's using an animatic in order to illustrate the song?

OJ death's sparked a very strange convo between me and Merla about our dad. I'll, uh, just leave it at that.

Meanwhile, Eric Carmen died last month but got, like, no media attention since he only murdered zero people. And I laughed at his Wikipedia page. "Not to be confused with Eric Cartman." Who the fuck's confusing the guy who sang "Hungry Eyes" with Eric Cartman?

Edit: Eric Cartman's page actually has "Not to be confused with Eric Carmen." At least it also applies in reverse.

I have Adblock Plus and uBlock Origin extensions running in tandem on my browser. Not sure which catches what, but if I only run one and not the other, something inevitably gets through. Also, neither of them seem to stop YouTube ads anymore, so I've resigned myself to whitelisting the site and simply skipping ads when given the option.

I used to use ABP but I forget why I'm not anymore. I might've switched off of it when I changed computers. But I've basically waffled between ABP and AB and was using AB when I realized it was letting a pop-up constantly appear in the background.

I use Vivaldi (Neon Genesis Opera-gelion) as my main browser and Chrome's Adblocker Ultimate extension with it. It does a great job of filtering most ads but not all that would break sites. For search I use DuckDuckGo primarily, though if I'm doing specific image searching or using logical searches I still use Great Googley Moogley.

I've heard DDG is just Google search but with a fresh coat of feathers on it. So to speak. I used to use it when it first came out but I do notice a difference, same with Google, that the search results are very... curated.

The juice is loose!  To quote Schmoo "Did he go to hell tho'?" :raiseeyebrow:

I find it weird that I'll always have good memories of him from the Naked Gun movies. They're apparently making a new one with Liam Neeson as Leslie Nielson's son. Did not know this until looking up the movies just now.

I didn't even realize mine wasn't working until yesterday. I've switched to one that appears functional but I'm curious.

Also, do you guys know of an actual good search engine? Or am I stuck searching with "reddit" in my Google search query in order to find any actual answers to anything?


I love how people are latching onto the concept ideas for this flick and running with them. This would've been boss if this had been in the actual movie. We wanted villain-couple and hot star guy. It was easy money, you stupid mouse.

Oh, thank God he just spat on him. I was expecting worse. :lol:

After being pretty spoiled the last couple of seasons, I'm not really excited about this season at all. The popular continuing shows are not things I was watching and a lot of new stuff looks garbo. I watched Unnamed Memory and it wasn't bad but there was something super dull about it. The same with A Condition Called Love. That one gives a bit more in terms of flaws for the leads but it's just not that exciting. I can't go from Skip to Loafer to this nor more than I can go from 7th Time Loop Villainess to Unnamed Memory. Again, they aren't bad. They just feel watered down and not exciting.

I'm a bit surprised by Chillin' in Another World with Level 2 Super Cheat Powers. My YouTube casting is fucked up again so I just put that show on as a lark to kill some time and got invested in the thing. I jumped over to the manga and was pleasantly surprised. I poured through about 30+ chapters of it. This may very well be the only thing I watch this season. Unless one of you guys spring up a surprise recommendation.

Yeah, I wasn't jazzed about the mage exam.  I was pleasantly surprised by it in that it ends up overall well-executed even if some parts of it drag a bit. We get some good characters from it, too. But an exam arc in and of itself is about as worn-out and tired as a tourney arc. And this part of the show introduces the worst outfit in the series. This may as well be Julia Roberts' hooker outfit from Pretty Woman. And some peeps on Reddit were all "wut about Laufen tho?"  What about Laufen?  Laufen's outfit doesn't kill my immersion like this shit does.

The Banished Former Hero Lives as He Pleases is fuckin' uggo-looking with some real wonk-ass animation. Damn, that's tragic. Or funny, depending on the reason you choose to watch this. :P

Hey, it is pretty good. I almost wish I was remotely interested in anything else on Disney+. This show's also rekindled my love of Rogue that was stomped on so mercilessly by Anna Paquin and the live action slop. (For the record, I like X1 and X2, but I hated Anna Paquin Rogue. I wanted a warm, feisty Southern belle with Peggy Bundy hair.)

I wasn't completely sold on the Cyclops VA. Ray Chase is super-talented but Cyke just sounds sorta extra douchey. But I like it now. I'm so confused about Forge though. Wasn't he in the old show? I guess he didn't meet Storm in it?

Oh, God, I'm already cringing 12 seconds in. As pretty as slowed-down covers can sound, I'm over their use in movie and show trailers.

And why does Astrid Deetz look so boringly normal? Nobody wants that shit. She needed to be either gothy, punk, super fashionable or super girly. At least make her look like Wednesday, you lazy fucks. She's wearing shit off the rack from fucking Marshalls. She just looks like a normal kid. Boo! Beetlejuice was fun for the weirdos. No one wanted normies. That's why the stupid normies die at the beginning of the first movie.

Also, I think Lydia's progeny should've been a boy. A girl character threatens to repeat Lydia's role from the first movie where a boy would've been a fresher perspective.

I finally managed to watch Over the Garden Wall. I see all the potential in it but wished it could've been moodier and spookier. Instead, someone would have to quip or some shit. I get it, it's a kid's story and needs to have quips and jokes so kids don't get scared. Oh, and I hated Wirt.  :laugh:

Look, a great sleepin' book is more than the content. It can't be a shitty book and it can't have a terrible audio book presentation either. One of my favorite books is Pride and Prejudice and I've only found a couple of versions that don't ruin it by shrieking Mrs. Bennett's lines. Kenneth Branaugh's reading of Death on the Nile was also a great sleeping book. I hated it when I had to turn that one in.

Well, it's great sleepin' material!  ;D

From all of the streams I've been watching, Expert mode for difficulty is too easy. Don't know if you're a difficulty whore or not but the highest difficulty is locked behind beating the game once. I forget if that's on Expert specifically or if it'll unlock under other modes. One guy I'm semi-watching is trying to speed through all of Expert while another guy steamrolled the boss for a bad ending (I forget if he used cheats or not) and is doing his actual playthrough under the highest difficulty.

Otherwise, if you don't care, there's like three other modes under Expert to play under.

Watching people play Unicorn Overlord. The gameplay looks super-interesting and I like the art overall (except for the inflato-titties) but I can see people getting turned off by the level of micro-managing. The story is meh and the title is puke. The supports all should've been voiced.

What kind of art do you have it generate? Just curious.

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