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updates: 5:50 PM 3/9/2009 ~ Holy cow, has it really been over four years since I've updated? No, this little place isn't dead, despite the fact that the links have been broken for over a year. My apologies for that. All the links are fixed. I'm hoping to actually have a couple more pages on this site soon. Just finished up the Death Note anime series. Brian was frickin' awesome, though boo to the lack of Ryuk near the end of the series.

updates: 3:26 AM 10/30/2004 ~ My site is down. It got erased. I may never rebuild it but I'm looking to at least place some pieces of what I had back up for viewing. Thanks to the Internet Archive Wayback Machine, where I managed to pick up my old index and many of my old pages I no longer had on file. I'm uploading images and wav files to a couple of subdirectories so that they may be accessable, as well as the Brian Interview.

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